Without vaccination against rabies. Taming the Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat

Such machines are almost never produced. Even Ferrari and Lambo are now as silk, with a whole horde of electronic assistant assistants

Such machines are almost never produced. Even Ferrari and Lambo are now as silk, with a whole horde of electronic assistant assistants. Ready to fix any driver error. All Sporcars seemed to have been vaccinated against rabies. And only in the Challenger SRT Hellcat no one will help. On the contrary, the monstrous compartment is trying to punish you. For the slightest miscalculation. Or inaccuracy. Therefore, I do not even doubt: the days of this dinosaur sport car are almost numbered. An excellent occasion for a fight with a wild beast. So far there is such an opportunity.

Wake up Hollywood

Our date will be short. Too much. I only have a couple of hours. To try and tame the most powerful Challenger. Therefore, without hesitation, I press the engine start button. A roaring roar is deafening. Birushi definitely will not interfere. At least for the first time, until you get used to it. This roar speaks about the difficult nature of Hellcat better than any numbers and technical data. The body already trembles with an overabundance of engine power. Still – 707 forces!

On the electronic seven-inch instrument panel, a bloody glow flashes the virtual wells of the tachometer and speedometer. The marking is over 200 miles per hour. In the central section, you can display the on-board computer data, the machine settings menu, or the acceleration indicator. Although all this is superfluous. The main thing on the dashboard will always be a tachometer. Yes, and for him, as it later became clear, there is almost no time to watch.


And the owner of SRT Hellcat does not have to do sports. Go to the gym, for example. Switching gears of the six-speed mechanics with the approximate gear ratios easily compensates for the loads on the simulators.

To simply squeeze the clutch, you need to apply a decent effort. Consider this an exercise for the feet. Then you apply physical strength, including transfer, pushing the lever hard and rough. Here’s to you and charging for biceps. I immediately recall my feelings from a trip to another wild sport car – the Dodge Viper. There was the same “fitness” …

Whether you want it or not, SRT Hellcat breaks with a slip and a cloud of smoke from under the wheels … Even if you work as a goldsmith, the accelerations are still harsh. No matter how hard you try, you just can not go smoothly, like on some Porsche or Ferrari.


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Created SRT Hellcat engineers taught their beast jerked forward. On the other she does not know how. It turns out a nervous and torn motion. A real savage! With a roar and clouds of smoke from under the wheels. Here, in the villages on the hills next to Hollywood, I will definitely wake everyone up. Owners of noiseless Tesla probably already managed to complain to the police. So can stop my test drive ahead of time. But Hellcat changes the dislocation so quickly. Here’s just a collection of fines not to score – the camera and here literally on every corner.

But the main thing is not to gape. Always keep a decent distance to the car in front of you. After all, the brakes here are also special. Too tough. When I brake for the first time abruptly, I hardly hit my head against the steering wheel with unaccustomed use. So you can send a driver to the knockout! But what’s surprising: the front axle uses the largest wheels in the history of SRT – a diameter of 390 mm, and six-piston calipers Brembo. This “team” together acts so efficiently and lightning-fast, as if by pressing the brake pedal under the wheels throw a concrete block. On the frieze on such a monster ride is just dangerous. Or you will enter someone, or the driver from behind will not calculate the braking distance.

Created from provocations

Faster out of the cramped Al-Hey! In this car, the city seems like a close apartment. After 15 minutes, I’m already on a semi-desert road. The key on the front panel translates the Driver Modes selector to the sport mode. Suspension, already hard, becomes even more sensitive to the smallest defects of asphalt. And acceleration-shots push me into the fiery Alcantara armchair so that I start to feel every vertebra. But with what madness you go through turns in this mode. It seems that uncontrollable slip begins, and at the last moment rough “trainers” are connected. Adjustments are extremely tough and even unsafe.

In the second gear for an instant I reach the authorized speed limit – the first hundred brutal beats in 3.7 seconds. The roar of the motor grows, pierces the body and, it seems, already and myself is roaring with him. This sports car is created from provocations. Even with the anti-vehicle system activated, the coupé also strives to fly beyond the limits of its lane. Electronics, which does not know the sense of tact, now and then rudely upset the Maschel, trying to level the demolitions. The steering wheel has to constantly and accurately adjust the trajectory of motion. Wrong adjustment – and the car throws in the opposite direction. Here and in fact you will not relax. And this is in normal mode, with basic settings!

Side mirrors like miniature women’s cosmetic bags – they have almost a decorative function, a limited viewing area does not give an idea of ​​the situation behind you.

A similarity of serpentine begins. And I’m with a beast – one on one. A heavy nose, seven hundred-plus horses and a rear-wheel drive. A decisive battle begins. With smoke screens at start and braking. At the first turn, the car unfolds – I get the first hard lesson. And the understanding that the balance at the compartment is ugly, and the center of gravity for such a power is high. Too. The slightest irregularities on the asphalt lead to loss of adhesion by one of the wheels. The second turn goes to the brink, the third – too. It seems I’m starting to get used to this monster. Although every moment I expect a new provocation.


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The familiar phone call returns to the familiar reality – it’s time to return the monster. Maybe this is for the best? After all, every minute at the wheel of this uncompromising sporcara, you involuntarily risk. Movement is always on the edge. Without any guarantees.

Brief specification

Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat

Overall dimensions, cm 478,4х189,3х139,4

Engine V8 6.166 with turbocharged cc

Power 717 hp

The twisting moment of 880 Nanometers

Gearbox 6-st. mechanical.

Drive type rear

The maximum speed, km / h 320

Acceleration from 0-100 km / h, from 3,7

Fuel capacity, l 60