With face water – to drink: a test drive Infiniti QX50

In America, the main thing – look. No matter who you are and who you work for, but if you are presentable, your life becomes simpler once. Realizing this feature of American thinking, nissanovskie marketers created specifically for the US market Infiniti brand. And with each new model on a step did not depart from this universal principle. Infiniti QX50 looks great!

With tremitelnye flowing lines, long bonnet, complex lighting, nice low rumble nissanovskogo atmospheric gasoline the V6, 222 horsepower, coupled with a 7-speed automatic, light leather interior, visual elation over the road, aggressive black color and an abundance of chrome … the merits of listing a mesmerizing, both fascinating and a premium brand positioning.

And people like it. In the capital, Infiniti QX50 much, even too much. And all of them will be black, and chrome wheels with the same … I myself, coming out of the shop a couple of times before tupil a foreign car, wondering: why she does not want to open, despite the fact that I press the button on the key?

Triumph design

Practicality – is clearly not skate this machine. The ground clearance of 165 mm in combination with a long wheelbase and overhangs can cause difficulty even in the cottage in winter. We go around the car from behind, open the trunk … And a trunk or not.


No, technically it is, and it even has claimed 309 liters of volume … But you can put there only a couple of packages of the same supermarket. However, you can fold the back seats, and this is done from the trunk button, and you can not just lay down, but to lift them back – which is already a rarity even on machines of higher class.

In the subfield with such prioritization expect to see repair kit, but there is quite Useful “dokatka” tools. In general, the presence of roads on this machine is theoretically possible to go too far from the city, without thinking about the cost of calling a tow truck for 150-200 km.

We have already met somewhere

Open the passenger door … And here it is – another argument in favor of buying: the door is opened at a large angle, and it is not necessary to climb into – just go. Sit – and you takes your light leather sofa hugs the back, where the two places is more than enough. When planting for a driver of average height clearance for knees – more than 10 cm.

Transplanted behind the wheel, experiencing persistent déjà vu from the similarity of the situation with a congenial, though not akin to the previous generation Nissan Murano, and marvel assorted finishes. There already are three types of plastic: soft, hard, and “under the tree”, the A-pillars and door cards – fabric, leather armchairs in the light, and on the steering wheel and selector lever handle – black. The wheel of the buttons of a smooth hard plastic part – obrezinena. Eclecticism!

But what no complaints, it’s a device – white and blue scales read in any light and in the dark does not hurt the eyes.

Medal for marketers

Infiniti driver dictates impressively landing recline. If you try to sit “in sports”, with a vertical back and highly battened down the wheel, the headrest will be unpleasant massive pressure on the back of the head and neck will inevitably zatechet. A high driver presses more and the ceiling, causing sometimes bend down to see traffic lights. Well, littered with massive racks leave too much blind spots.

But girls like! To create a comprehensive impression of the car, I talked to several proprietors (9 out of 10 respondents were comely creature is handsome and gentle disposition). Girls car all forgive! Her love, her give diminutive names, and many simply do not notice the shortcomings.

about sound

cost of
price from:
2,194,600 rubles

A couple more words that are near and dear lovely ladies. Women love the ears, and the Infiniti QX50, you can listen to. Best of all car sounds at medium speed, and acceleration from flowing into the flow of the city. A soft low-frequency rumble accompanies her in the city … But it is outside – and inside at city speeds quietly.

Pretty high-quality Bose sound system even lets you listen to classical music. The argument I have heard from the secured men who accompanied his companion from a huge supermarket. He shared with me that when buying a car this was the main advantage, for two-liter turbocharged the Lexus, which was planned to buy initially, was too noisy.

Infiniti QX50
Brief specifications
Dimensions, mm (L / W / H):
4 745/1 800/1 615
2.5 liters, 222 liters. from.
seven-speed automatic transmission
Maximum speed km / h:
Acceleration to 100 km / h, with:
Fuel tank capacity, l:

About iron, drive and save

Now it will be boring. Now we will focus on those things that long-legged creatures with huge eyes do not have a clue – the engine, chassis, fuel consumption and driving pleasure.

The city QX50 feels best – on it you can normally go, not from tumbling stream can be even quicker and smarter and feel that life is good. Especially because the buyers of cars for 2.5 million rubles are usually not accepted to think about fuel consumption – and it is far from the figures declared by the manufacturer. In the city, a quiet move from point A to point B, did not get to spend less than 14 l / 100 km. It is necessary to go a little faster flow or vstryat in traffic as consumption grows up to 17 l / 100 km.

Infiniti QX50
Consumption per 100 km

Urban cycle lExtra Urban, lCombined cycle, l14.6 8.5 10.7

As already mentioned, the move down from asphalt is not necessary, so we leave the track. If you go without breaking the traffic rules (90-130 km / h), it is possible to keep within 10-12 l / 100 km, but if you exceed the cherished 150 km / h, fuel consumption of fast breaks in the heavens. In any case, about 10.6 l / 100 km, optimistic burning on the display board computer, can only dream of.

It is also possible to track to understand what sound insulation wheel arches saved: the growth rate of the acoustic pattern in the interior changes, prevails over all the hum of tires, which is especially noticeable on concrete and asphalt krupnofriktsionnom.

Suspension nice tight machine rulitsya great, and felt that the chassis is designed for a much larger load – 2.5 liters and 222 atmospheric forces him just a little.

No, if you start in the two pedals, Infiniti QX50 fit into the stated 9.5 seconds acceleration to 100 km / h, but it was felt that the chassis and the brakes may no longer. This is not surprising, since initially the entire structure was designed in the calculation of a 3.5-liter engine with 333 hp But to us in Russia such cars are not driven due to high transport tax.

What is the result?

At the exit we have a beautiful car, not very adapted for a large family and racing around the city and highway, as well as trips to the mud. However, for the first in Infiniti is a “good hippo» QX60, for the second – “crossover High Definition» QX70, and the third with a strong desire to cope flagship QX80. The “youngest” remains a niche “ladies’ man”, he with great success and takes.

Infiniti QX50, he is a former EX – representative of a numerous family, based on the platform FM (Front Midship): it is the basis of the four models of the Japanese premium brand of the six, represented in Russia. In addition to the QX50, this sedan Q50 and Q70, and a large crossover QX70, which, however, is not so large compared with the updated ‘fifties’, which is shorter than the wheelbase of only 5 millimeters. In comparison with the version dorestaylingovoy she stretched by 8 centimeters, and it clearly illustrates the features of the notorious platform. The power unit, offset within the framework for the optimal distribution of weight between the front and rear axles, “ate” part of the interior space, which is why the rear seats initially turned too tight for a premium crossover, and therefore required a “work on the bugs.”

However, practicality and was not a top priority for the FM platform developers, the first carrier which at the beginning of the twenty-first century, have become iconic sports cars Nissan Z-series and Skyline (by the way, and he QX50 sold in Japan with the right wheel and the Nissan Skyline Crossover designation). Chassis Architecture appropriate: a classic layout with longitudinal arrangement of the power unit and the base rear-wheel drive, aluminum double wishbones in front, mnogoryichazhka steel subframe (again, for better weight distribution) at the rear. “Round and Round” installed shock absorbers adjustable stiffness Dual Flow Path with bypass valves, control electronics. Not without her and in the original system ATTESA E-TS all-wheel drive: transfer box multilayer circuit and magnetic coupling transmits the front wheels to half the torque, providing a small “preload” by default. And here again there is reason to think about sports, for almost as implemented in four-wheel drive supercar Nissan GT-R.

Unfortunately, the topic does not get a decent continuation in terms of installed power: Russian specification includes only one engine, the most modest of those that are installed on the QX50. This 2.5-liter naturally aspirated “six” VQ25HR, the same as that of the sedan Q70, which, in essence, is “sandwiched” by the diameter of the cylinder and the piston stroke version of the 3.5-liter and 3.7-liter V6 . All engines are of the same family of the VQ, the lead story in 1994, they have an aluminum block and head with a 60-degree angle of the collapse, the timing chain drive, all different korotkohodnaya and “torsional” character. Features of the “small” unit – the camshafts with mirror polished surface and dual variable valve timing system with hydraulic drive on the inlet and on the electromagnetic release. In various versions, this engine produces from 218 to 235 liters. from.

Automatic transmissions “Nissan” is traditionally supplied by Jatco, and in 2009 she released a seven-speed transmission RE7R01 series (aka JR710 / 711), adapted to the longitudinal arrangement. This is the classic seven-step “automatic machine”, it is based on the previous five-speed design RE5R05 box, to which is added the “extra” planetary gear group. Transmission equipped with multi-plate torque converter lock, managed well proven in terms of reliability, and paired with the 2.5-liter engine, having a relatively modest torque, it has a particularly high safety margin, as calculated on a greater return.

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