With dreams of a medal. Drawing the certificate for Mitsubishi Outlander

While Mitsubishi celebrates the 15th anniversary of the crossover Outlander, the Autobamp player takes the “first” exam in basic subjects from the “teenager”.

Our Outlander either slips, or already flies rapidly down the steep clay slope after the rains. And where did we just get in? You do not have time to assess the situation and regain control, as you are already down in a puddle of mud in rural houses. It is the Russian south, Taman peninsula, where the desire to see a beautiful panorama inevitably breaks down about some fence, sticks into a barrier or flops into a freshly dug moat. We must go round! And on the “donkey” roads everywhere dirt, clay with stones or sand.

The area is beautiful and at the same time wild. On the one hand fascinating waves break against the rocks. Water is emerald color. And seagulls, the ocean of seagulls. Romance? Turn your back and … – rusty barrels with the inscription “Beer”, no less rusty boat, unclear where on the high hill, the rooms for tourists in the form of sheds “Housing” and the shower disguised as a toilet. Or vice versa. In general, it looks ugly. Such a life.

And in these conditions, in places a little worse or better, lives and still lives Mitsubishi Outlander, which turned 15 this year. It’s time for the “teenager” to take the first exam in life for a certificate. Our, Russian.

“Five” with the “Quartet”

Outlander appeared when the term “crossover” had just begun to spread in the world car industry. Class vsedorozhnikov plainly not formed, frame jeeps on the market still lacked. But in Mitsubishi reacted to the trend in time and presented in 2001 a concept that quickly evolved into a serial crossover.

With generations of generations, he became more modern and benevolent to the owner, but, importantly, he did not lose off-road qualities. Since 2003, they have already sold 1.5 million. Especially Outlander fell in love in Russia and literally today crossed the threshold of 200 thousand cars sold. The flagship is not in size, but according to sales statistics, it became the main joy of the Japanese on the Russian soil during the crisis.

Therefore, in fact, the examination for the 15th anniversary of “Aut” is a pure formality. As for any diligent student who has developed correctly and mastered everything. Even if the test is tough, and others should not be in our ambiguous country, where the civilization suddenly can be replaced by “cave” amenities. To be independent here, one must know a lot.

Let’s start with “physical education” – perhaps the main discipline for any car. And Outlander stands out among his classmates abilities and several talents at once. He is equally good both on hundred-meters, and on marathons. I will explain: the advantages of the crossover depend heavily on the motors. A sharp jerk for short distances will perfectly perform a bunch of a three-liter engine with a six-speed classic automatic. Its powerful V6 Outlander generally extends the boundaries of the class – such a powerful athlete (230 forces!) In the ranks simply is no more. Appetite of a strong man, of course, appropriate – in the region of 11-12 liters, even without the urban regime. To whom it is a lot of, it is better to pay attention to the quiet motor of 2,4 liters. He, along with the variator, will take his own at long distances – smoothly, economically and moderately fast. In general, any standards of the TRO “Outlanderu” on the shoulder.

Lessons of “labor” and “nature studies” Outlander did not skip. Crossover for 15 years of life has never been gentle and did not shirk from working in the fields. And now, during the exam, we drove him to hard-to-reach places on the Black Sea coast. See the mud volcano? To marvel at the trees growing from the bottom of the lake? First you have to smear the car!

In that Outlander knows how to ride on the gullies, there was no doubt. Decent congress and entrance angles of 21 degrees, together with a clearance of 21.5 cm solve. With diagonal hanging, the all-wheel drive system S-AWC is struggling, which, however, is only available for a three-liter version. A clever and sophisticated mechanism thanks to the active differential on the front axle correctly responds to changes in the road surface and driving conditions. On the road, by the way, too, useful for a not very accurate driver.

However, the coupling, responsible for transferring the moment to the rear axle, quickly overheats quite quickly, when you crawl in the sands. But, “having had a rest”, Outlander all the same is capable to get out without the help. The driver of the prepared L200 never once played the role of a good teacher during our exam. “Pull” the student to an excellent assessment was not necessary. I deserved it myself.

Is the round “excellent”? Well, no, of course. Not higher than the “four” Outlander deserves on the OBL. Up to advanced security systems, the crossover has not yet risen. It does not even monitor blind areas.

With “anatomy” is also not all smooth. We must pay tribute to Japanese parents from Mitsubishi – their offspring has very regular forms. In Russia, practicality is especially appreciated. It can be not very wide and not very high, but most importantly – a long crossover. To keep things in place a lot and the rear passengers necessarily enough. In the class of such elongated cars there is almost no, so the “five” for “anatomy” is provided. Not surprising with a wheelbase of 26.7 cm and 591 liters in the trunk. In case someone needs an explanation of the estimate in figures.

But the comfort for 15 years, many issues can not be removed anyway. Yes, Outlander did a lot as he evolved. Over time, with new generations and restylings, it became quieter, smoother and more convenient. But even now it sometimes seems that the rear suspension on pits and bumps lives its own life. Passengers here are not that very nice … There are no separate amenities here either. Finally, the driver would like a normal range of steering wheel adjustments and a more modern multimedia system. I’m not talking about very simple finishing materials. In the end, we do not take the exam in an elite high school. “Four”, which is still far from the “five”.

A good average result. Powerful reserve for the future “training”. By the age of majority, if the parents of Mitsubishi continue in the same spirit, Outlander can and in the “medalists” get out. If only he could not be conceited. Already, the most pleasant version, with a three-liter motor, automatic and more intelligent all-wheel drive, costs almost 2.2 million. Considering some gaps in “education”, quite a lot.