Why so cheap? Looking for a dirty trick in the new Chery Tiggo 3

The search for a crossover to a million rubles, no, no, but they make us pay attention to the “Chinese.” Chery Tiggo 3 tried to prove that there was no trick in it. Happened?

In the current Russian reality, the price tag around 800-900 thousand rubles for a compact crossover looks very tempting. Yes, there is so much shabby Toyota RAV4 at a respectable age of 5-7 years! Not for nothing, I just mentioned the “Japanese”. 12 years ago the first Tiggo was nothing more than a Chinese copy of the “raffia”. But that earlier – now between cars nothing in common, and Chery really has a face.


Have you ever managed to burn the clutch? When you press on the floor, but you can not wait for overclocking? No, in Chery everything is fine, but the forgotten sensations surfaced in my memory when I tried to check how much the claimed 15-second acceleration to 100 km / h corresponds to the real one.

And what just did not listen to these seemingly eternal moments. The noise of the 1.6-liter 126-horsepower engine reflected literally all of his suffering. A deafening howl at medium rpm fell to the falsetto closer to the red zone. And noise insulation to Chinese cars has never been enough, including Chery.

Having stumbled into a wagon, I begin to develop a detailed plan of attack almost with the jeweler’s calculation of the distance. But I would not call overtaking on Tiggo 3 too complicated procedure. Of course, we must take into account the inherent weakness of the engine, although all available SUVs are not pleased with the dynamics. In this situation, the operation of the variator pleased. The infinitely variable transmission works smoothly, without jerks, optimally selects virtual transmissions for maximum efficiency.

And the figures speak for themselves – is it often in the budget segment that a car with an automatic and mechanical transmission has the same performance in terms of dynamics? That’s it!

No matter how the box works, Tiggo 3 can and should be perceived as a quiet crossover without claims. You leave on the road for “hundred” – and the car starts to float on the road, to go off course from the slightest side wind, and the steering wheel already seems frighteningly easy.

On the expressway the chassis was not particularly pleased. I remembered the statement at the presentation that the tuning of the suspension was done by Lotus engineers. What did they do? It became clear when I managed to move to the killed road. Well, you know, with which the whole of Russia is wrapped. And here Tiggo 3 revealed itself in full. Joints and pits on the “floated” asphalt – it does not matter, you can simply ignore them. The primer is a pleasure, you feel comfortable even at a very decent speed. Sometimes you are already waiting for an imminent strike, but nothing happens at all. Only the monotonous clatter of wheels jumping from a hummock to a hummock. The suspension is simply impenetrable! A good indicator for our province, where Tiggo 3 especially marks.

Chinese oddities

Well, on the move, I found nothing criminal. But early to make a verdict. To Chinese cars there are always a lot of complaints about the quality of the assembly. Including the machines from the factory “Derways”. But surprisingly immediately monstrous blunders I did not notice. All joints are even, doors close easily and equally, creaks and crickets are not moving. And all of the test samples were on the same level.

But there is enough room for finishing the salon and organizing the space of questions. Materials are not just cheap, but, I would say, defiantly cheap. In sunny weather, a characteristic phenolic “spirit” appears here. Savings are felt in everything, not only in the decoration – for example, for the rear passengers there is not even lighting.

There were strangenesses, which were completely unrelated to the budget model. Here in the list of equipment I find heating the seats. But how to turn it on, I confess, at first I did not see it. The buttons later accidentally showed up … in the glove compartment of the armrest! And this is not the only “removal of the brain” – for example, the adjustment of the volume of audio for an unclear reason zatesalas in the climate control unit.

Chinese eccentricities, of course, do not add Tiggo 3 glasses. But those who are eager to buy a new crossover will most likely be able to reconcile with them. As well as with mediocre driving habits and lack of full drive. Because Chery has an undeniable advantage. It is bigger and more spacious than the similar ones for the price of Hyundai Creta and Renault Kaptur, and there are simply no other competitors. It turned out cheap, adapted to the shattered life of the Russian outback and a rather large crossover. Without tricks, but … let’s call it compromises.

Sofya Kleimenova, photo Chery

Specifications of Chery Tiggo 3:

Overall dimensions: length / width / height, mm


Wheelbase, mm


The equipped weight, kg



1 598 cc


126 hp at 6150 rpm


160 N ∙ m at 3900 rpm


Variable speed drive

type of drive


Maximum speed, km / h


Acceleration from 0-100 km / h, from


Fuel capacity, l