Why and yes: test drive Jaguar F-Pace

Automobile companies without crossovers in the lineup will soon be like dinosaurs – they will be remembered on long winter evenings with a glass of Burgundy automotive aesthetes. And everyone realized this, from AvtoVAZ to Bentley . Some realized it was openly late, and now they hurry to drop into the departing train. From the rush, some cars turn out to be a little strange.

Well, for example, Bentley Bentayga – obviously not Alain Delon, but the customer demanded, the market waited. However, the first-born of the segment of “ultra-luxe” crossovers was able to immediately get on its feet due to lack of competition. Well, what else to choose a poor oligarch who was bored with Porsche Cayenne, and the notorious Mercedes cube?

In the case of the Jaguar F-Pace , the situation is fundamentally different. The British pulled for a long time – apparently hoping to meet the demand for SUV products Land Rover, but at some point still realized that all of these locks with ponies are not especially needed by anybody, and the market needs something more polite.

Test drive Lexus LX450d. Apartment on wheels

But the warm places in the luxury saloon of luxury SUV sellers have long been occupied. At the table sit and divide the market pie, boring each other with a hateful look, representatives of the “big five”: Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Audi, Lexus and Infiniti. Between them, the ambitious Swede Volvo has already squeezed, pushed by Chinese investors. Some slices from the table manage to snatch less lucky – here and Acura, and Cadillac, and Jeep, which actually should have been sitting at the head of the table, but overslept the most interesting and now in vain tries to restore the former glory.

From what and for what

First of all, let’s say this: this car is not technically unified with Land Rovers. When creating the F-Pace did not take as a basis for existing crossovers. But the temptation to pull a streamlined body on a cart of some Range Rover Evoque with a simplified transmission certainly was so great!

To produce the novelty was taken modular platform iQ [Al], which underlies the new sedans XE and XF. In a press release, Jaguar especially emphasizes the curb weight of 1,775 kg off the starting diesel version. The result is not bad, but honestly, the classmates are not much worse – the BMW X3 xDrive20d weighs 1,820 kg, the Mercedes-Benz GLC 220d – 1,845 kg, and the Audi Q5 – and at all 1,720 kg: although the latter did not find low-cost Diesel variants (moreover, there is no diesel in the Russian range at all), but with a gasoline engine the car is usually much easier. But the main thing we realized: on the part of the ratio of power to the mass of Jaguar – in the leaders, although with reservations.

And surprisingly – even at an impressive height (1,652 mm) and a road clearance of 213 mm, the “cat’s” crossover manages to look graceful. Moreover, the live machine looks much better than the branded photos – I guarantee it. Someone may think that F-Pace is not enough personality and expressiveness. Yes, this is not the Infiniti QX70, from the threatening appearance of which young children cry and howl in the gateways of the dog, but this English unobtrusiveness also has its own chip. Conservatives will definitely appreciate.


The interior is expected to be classical, with obvious traces of unification, not only with younger models, but also with Land Rovers. In particular, the buttons of the window regulators are placed on the top of the cards with wide sills. You can sit down in a lordly manner, stretching out your elbows – and you will only regret that the central armrest is not regulated. And it is also noteworthy that if you drop a comfortable chair with a pop-up popliteal pillow as far as possible, then there will be no “crossover” sensations at all – a deep landing, “sporting.” You can sit down, of course, but you will not get commander’s landing on the Discovery site under any circumstances.

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