White on white: test drive Nissan Murano

What should I do if I get fed up with the Moscow parody for the winter with reagent streams? Of course, go on a trip to the north, and at the same time, and test the new Nissan Murano.

In fact, the third-generation crossover is far from new, it’s just up to the Russian market that it got almost 2.5 years after the premiere, and immediately registered at the plant in St. Petersburg. The more interesting – was not it for nothing?

For a three-day trip was chosen Arkhangelsk, the ultimate goal – Severodvinsk and the beach on the White Sea. But, if you do not like spending whole days driving, it’s better to plan for five days or even seven days.

I liked the spacious salon. Engineers did not take into consideration the recent tendency to shove the third row of seats even where it is completely out of place. While other automakers are banished in an effort to make seven-seat small crossovers, from Nissan we get a normal full-size car without any attempts to turn it into a minibus. And with it – the sea of ​​space for passengers of the second row.

In order not to go along the same boring road there and back, an alternative route was found – to Vologda the road is in any case one, but you can go further from M8 to the left, on a small road through Sokol, Konosh, Nyandomoma, Kargopol and Plesetsk. The path is longer and more difficult, but much more interesting, especially for those who want to look at the life of small northern towns.

And life there is very specific – going to such a road you need to understand that “civilization” will not be up to Arkhangelsk itself, there are hotels in the towns, but they do not really like adventurous travelers. At your own peril and risk will have to leave the car on the street – guarded parking lots can not be found. To tell the truth, it was not possible to sleep peacefully, especially when it was discovered that beautiful 20-inch wheels are not protected even by the simplest secrets.

In Murano, an uncomfortable landing was unpleasantly surprised. In ordinary life, you do not feel it, but fatigue is coming on in a long journey. Despite the new high-tech Zero Gravity seats, after a day in the car you do not know how to get a job on the driver’s seat. The problem lies in the position of the steering wheel and the pedal assembly. The rudder is very high, it lacks a range of adjustments – it is necessary either to excessively bully and push the seat – then the legs are in the wrong position, or to put up with the fact that you have to reach behind the wheel – then your hands get tired. And, this problem overtook two drivers of completely different height and complexity. On the one hand, this is slightly offset by a very comfortable rear sofa where you can relax, on the other – well, who will buy Murano to drive from behind?

There are some minor problems with ergonomics. For example, it is very inconvenient to operate the heated seats, which is regulated by the torsions, when the gear lever is in the parking position. And still this heating is uneven and in some parts of the seat fry so that you can get burned. But there is a ventilation of the seats, which definitely would be appreciated in the summer. In our hybrid version there is practically no compartment for things under the armrest, you can put only a thin purse – the whole place is occupied by a battery.

A little technique:

Hybrid power plant of parallel type, it is similar to the Nissan Patfinder and Infiniti QX 60, consists of a 2.5-liter engine with a compressor and a 20-horsepower (15 kilowatts) attached to the variator of an electric motor, connected via a double dry clutch. Acceleration is vigorous – 8.3 seconds to “hundreds”, only 0.1 seconds slower than the 3.5-liter version. The consumption of gasoline is also cheerful – more than 12 liters per 100 kilometers along the highway. In the city, with some drivers, he reached and reached 17. With this gluttony, he starts to irritate a little the frequency of refueling with a 70-liter tank.

A small electric motor is in one housing with a variator, the traction is controlled by two clutch-controlled clutches: one connects the internal combustion engine to an electric motor, the other – an electric motor with a variator. During acceleration, both clutches are closed so that both motors transmit power to the wheels. Theoretically, the Murano can move or even ride on one electric motor, having opened it with the ICE, in practice, it almost does not do it, and the battery with the capacity of 0.63 kW is almost all the time recharged from the engine. So in essence, the electric motor is only a small help for the main engine, which rests only when coasting.

And a little trick:

The main idea of ​​buying a hybrid version in Russia may not be saving gasoline, in this case also controversial, or concern for the environment, and a tax loophole – who does not like to “move” the law a little? In fact, the power plant produces a total of 254 horsepower, and in the PTA in this case does not take into account the electric motor. “Murans” are registered as 234-strong.

The difference in tax calculation for Moscow is decent, you will have to pay only 17,550 rubles against possible for a real number of “horses” 38,100. Well, you can brag to the friends with a picture with energy flows that is displayed on a multimedia screen. To tell the truth, in a passenger seat on a long trip, she can replace a good film. Moreover, as elsewhere, the movie on the central screen in motion can not be withdrawn, only to be transplanted back and be satisfied with the screens in the headrests.

Three days spent in the company Murano bad just do not call. The interior is absolutely pacifying, a new center console, smooth lines, inlining the salon. Separately, I want to say thanks for the fact that despite the futuristic design of all the management of the multimedia system is not hidden in the touch screen. We were left with simple and understandable basic buttons, so getting a “space” interior, you do not have to learn the instructions to the spacecraft to include your favorite music track.

And the music sounds good, noise insulation does not reach the “Germans”, but also does not let in the salon obsessing unnecessary sounds. The suspension has shown itself very well on the shattered roads – it is moderately tough, so much so that you feel comfortable at the wheel while working out the pits and joints so that passengers do not risk biting their tongue. The previous Murano was too American-American soft and wavy, which had a bad effect on handling, and on the passenger seat, I, to tell the truth, was rocking.

For traveling on roads, even poor quality, “Murano” definitely suits, but it’s not worth to drive off the road. This is a 100% SUV, even despite the full drive, which is only needed here for better handling. Ground clearance of 184 millimeters and a very long front overhang will allow you to climb not even to each curb, and to reach the ultimate goal – to meet the sunrise on the beach by the white sea, it was necessary to run a lot in the frost, looking to see if the bumper remains after the next bump.

By the way, another interesting feature of the northern provinces – the problem was to wash the car. There are many car washes, even in small towns there are two, three, or even five. But all work exclusively on the record. Wanted to wash the car? The next recording is in five days, at a strictly certain time. Before – everything is painted. On the first sink we decided that we were joking. But no. This situation is perfectly normal. To wash it was possible literally illegally, at 5.30 am past the cash register, and then, having agreed with the washer from the evening.

The result did not disappoint, well, the new Murano looks good, and when it’s clean, white at dawn on the shore of the northern sea – especially. Traveling by car is probably the best option for recreation.

Sofya Kleimenova