What grew: Test Drive Smart Forfour

«Engineered with Mercedes-Benz», – says the sticker on the front fender. Why is the word «with», rather than the expected «by»? Feel the difference: designed, therefore, not by Mercedes-Benz, but only if some of its participation. Label Rights! After the development for the most part engaged in the French from Renault, and the new Smart Forfour was very similar to Renault Twingo model. But Twingo in Russia do not sell. But Forfour – please. The base version costs 830 000 rubles.

We just want to

In s still here? An impressive starting price tag is not scared? Then look at the cost and richer version: Passion – from 939,810 rubles, Prime – from 999,849 rubles, Proxy – from 1,106,474 rubles… Expensive. Because «Engineered with Mercedes-Benz»! If a couple of 71-horsepower gasoline engine capacity of 999 cm? instead of the five-MCP you want a six-speed robotic gearbox DCT twinamic – but strangely not want to, because this machine robot, of course, very time – get ready to be added to each of these amounts 112 572 rubles. And if you choose the 90 gasoline-powered turbo engine capacity of 898 cm? with this robot – will have to pay extra every 160 thousand rubles.

So we think: test Smart Forfour – top performance of Proxy, 90 horsepower and RCP – worth of 1,266,474 rubles. The main contender in our market Forfour Smart representatives believe the three-door Fiat 500, which was 1.2-1.4 liter engines rated at 750 000-901 000. In my opinion, it’s diverse history! A really close competitors Forfour in Russia simply does not – but a lot of money for such a choice of the masses “not close” options in different classes. It turns out that Forfour, as they say in Buttermilk:. “Itself, its own”


The main reason for buying Forfour seen three. The first: “I want to, and that’s it!” So choose, such as accessories. Second, apart from short stack-Fortwo, the most affordable car pertaining to the Mercedes-Benz brand (for model A-class are asked to have at least 1 490 000 rub.). Luxury, therefore. Finally, the third reason: the client is a fan of Smart products, but his life does not fit in the Double Cube-Fortwo. And here we come to the inevitable comparison Fortwo and Forfour. The same “Dlyachetveryh” differs from the Fortwo, other than the number of seats?

Similarities and differences

Forfour expected for a couple of parrots longer than the Fortwo – to be precise, 800 mm. What is important: extended – well, as if someone grabbed stern Fortwo and stretched – it does not look, it looks solid, well balanced. And that’s a compliment from the car: the rear passenger door wide open at an angle of 85 degrees. But once the first minus: these doors have no windows, the windows only slightly shifted out if cope with stiff coarse latches.

Cargo capacity
185-975 liters

The second series of “slozhnosochinenny”. For rear seat passengers unpretentious two pillows offered, not in contact with the back, which is located between the case with cupholders and niches for small things. Sitting suddenly free. Pencil can be disassembled and folded cushion – are obtained under the load area. Or in other words: lower section backs – that’s still an option even ground. In contrast to the Fortwo, one-piece tailgate here. But you open it – and still, like a double baby if otschelknut subwoofer, and lift the carpet covering the engine will see the panel on the six screws. And to pour “omyvayki”, it is necessary to push the clamps from the lining and slide the front cover of the bonnet, which hangs on the belt. Priladit stubborn back cover – a little problem. Women take care of manicures!

The situation around the driver and front passenger copies per se in the Fortwo. Accordingly, and in many small Forfour “renoshnyh” elements, but the overall picture they are not knocked out. But effectively allocated other solutions: cool wheel, cute rotating on the leg “Service” under the windshield (this tachometer and clock), an amusing transparent switch on the scale of the air conditioning system, the screen easy multimedia system, is pulled out of the tunnel to the passenger tray for coins … In general, , creative and boring.

But Smart-problems that we mentioned at the Fortwo – here they are, all the same. The side mirrors are small, and the janitor completes move far away from the left post, adjustable steering column on the flight is not available, the buttons on the left of the steering wheel unit is inconvenient, and finishing materials look and feel less than we would like in the car with a price tag. And it is a particular interior decoration white – it is beautiful, no doubt, but that is not practical …

moving forward

Go? After starting the motor body catches came from the stern of vibration – as if swept by salonchik small wave surf. Looking ahead, I will say: Forfour noise produces less than expected – even he suddenly quiet! And it differently in the cabin is quieter than in his short Fortwo. But Forfour deliberately loses two-seater sibling to the briskness: if the baby turns to a circle with a record diameter of 6.95 m, the Fortfour fit only 8.65 m, however, is still very small and very comfortable.. Deftly maneuvering Parking – here it helps a camera with a lens in the logo on the tailgate – and leave on the street …

On the move Forfour little “old school”. Judging by today’s standards, is too obviously feel the car and everything that happens to him. Forgotten “natural” feeling. This is when you catch, in the depths of the mechanism of something closes and opens when the armchair during acceleration vibrate in different ways, through the steering wheel rim when literally palpable profile of the road. Sensations, of course, the “cheaper” than expected at a price of 1,266,474 rubles.

It seems to me that in the case of the top version can be easily subtracted from the impressive amount of about four or five hundred thousand for a lack of the typical fluff “mersedesovskogo” comfort (yes, we remember that at the core of Renault here, but still). But no longer, perhaps. Because the handling is very clear: when iterating Forfour first bit rate moves all the wheels outwards and then securely fills in turn tyazhelenkuyu stern. And on uneven roads suspension by the standards of small cars shows miracles of loyalty to the profile, unless the loaded motor back sometimes work out major irregularities nervously – with sharp fluctuations. But there was – sorry.

Smart Forfour
Brief specifications:
Dimensions (L x W x H x D):
3495 x 1665 x 1554 x 2494
Gasoline R3, 898 cm ?, 90 liters. p., 135 Nm
RCP, 6 steps
Acceleration from 0-100 km / h:
11.9 seconds
Maximum speed:
165 km / h
Curb weight:
1025 kg
Tank capacity
28 liters

A robot? Of course, it is more convenient than the ITUC. But if this robotic Getrag box was a page on Facebook, there is sure to be standing status: “It’s complicated.” On the choice of economical and sports modes. We try to economize. Pauses during switching, delayed reaction … turbo engine let small, not bad – not lazy, high-torque! But to go “cost” frankly boring. They are very predictable. In sport mode, unwanted delays suddenly alternate with sharp jerks switching – no reaction to guess. But under intense deceleration to a stop – which mode or choose – robot jerks. In short, you need to get used to. And, I almost forgot: it is necessary to immediately disable the «Start / Stop» system – the logic of its operations raises questions, and the slowness of motor switching annoying and even interfere in the city. Without the participation of stupid system minimum fuel consumption during the test was 6.9 l / 100 km in economy mode.

Smart Forfour robot
Consumption per 100 km

Urban cycle lExtra Urban, lCombined cycle, l5.2 3.6 4.2

Summing up

Conclusion? Personally, I have – for the Smart! Yes, dear, but unbanal interesting. Only question I’m about … Fortwo: about the “classic” small. Why was it necessary to increase the cool idea of ​​a compact 800 mm, I was not very clear after the test. For the “full” of the car did not work: controversial second-row seats, a strong vibration in the body located at the rear of the motor, an outright lack of driving comfort … In general, in fact – simplicity, which requires a decent financial sacrifices. And why are you here now because frown? Ah, you are a dedicated fan of the brand? Yes, sorry, got carried away with the categorical judgment: Forfour own way, of course, is good.

Do you like Smart Forfour, if:

  • Are you a fan of the brand Smart, Fortwo double but you have too small;
  • You is important that the origin Forfour has to Mercedes-Benz, but “mersedesovskie” model means you still lack;
  • You want to make an expensive gift.

You do not like Smart Fourfour, if:

  • You sicken essential supplement for “prestige”;
  • Do you think the format of this model undignified or impractical;
  • Thank you in advance to figure out how easy is it will then sell a used car.

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