Weapon second comeback: rapid test Cadillac CT6

Try to ask random people on the street what a “real Cadillac». Someone remembers Eldorado Elvis Presley who would call his friend Escalade businessman … But the model ATS and CTS unlikely heroes of this quiz, despite the excellent technical data, good sales in the US and an impressive chase scene from the movie “The Matrix. Reboot. ” How did it happen and whether the brand will be able to regain its rightful place in the automotive add? We find out in the confrontation with a brand new Cadillac CT6 a supercharged 400-horsepower three-liter V6 and all-wheel drive.

I w a nna be Americano

W e have somehow managed to forget partially, not only in the US, but in post-war Europe until the seventies of the XX century, it was Cadillac cars were a symbol of luxury and success in life. Remember the wonderful comedy “Razin” and the joy with which the hero Burvil, simpleton Marechal, agrees to the proposal gangster names Saroyan (played by Louis de Funes) ride on the Cadillac DeVille as compensation for his wrecked car. A decade earlier, Nicolas di Salerno and Renato Karotstsone created their world hit “I want to be an American» (Tu vuo ‘f l’americano?) With these words:

You want to be an American, American, American
Led by a huge “Cadillac”
Littering green money
Drink cocktails in Miami and fly only with the beauty of this ….


Then, at the turn of the 2000s, the fiery rock ‘n’ roll I wanna Be Americano wonderful quail Brian Setzer, and then Zhanna Friske … But I digress. Let us return to the history of Cadillac.

Tank capacity
74 liters

So around the world trademark acts as a symbol of luxury, success, wealth. She – the very embodiment of the American dream, the American way of life and of America itself. Perhaps on the level of status with the Cadillac could compete only Rolls-Royce and Bentl e y. But things began to change … German automakers gained momentum, new players such as Lexus and Acura. It turned out that people do not want to buy “from a truck chassis with a seating hoisted it, even with rosewood furniture and leather sofas.”

And then guide Cadillac has committed a serious mistake: they decided to fight with their competitors in the field and began to reduce their car. More precisely, they gradually ceased to work on the large ( “full-size», full-size) sedans and switched to front-wheel drive. Formally remaining in this category DeVille shrunk in all dimensions and lost its former charisma, models such as Catera (slightly perelitsovanny Opel Omega) and Simarron (c twins Chevrolet Cavalier and Buick Skyhawk) simply failed, no typing and one-third of the planned sales.

Indeed, who would buy a car, if exactly the same, but with a different name plate, can be purchased for much less money? No, a certain logic in all these decisions were: impact and fuel crisis, and maximum saving mode due to unstable financial position of GM. But … In general, does not work for General Motors «badge-engineering” and on the podium with the word “dream car” climbed very different characters who have come to America from overseas. Oh Lord, will not you buy me a Mercedes- Benz …

Cox, Vasenko, science and art

And then, at the turn of the millennium, it was decided to “invent a new Cadillac.” So a proprietary design philosophy, which received the name of Art & Science. Herald it became in 1999 the concept Evoq (not to be confused c British Evoque). Even if the authors, Kip Vasenko and Simon Cox, did not create a single car – they still would have gone down in history, because they invented a style with an aggressive front end, with something resembling a hood is not armored, not the Fighter invisibility, with sharp, as if cut by a plane with vertical sides and pyramids headlamps, and remains the hallmark of the brand has for one and a half decades.

New Styles, other names (Ceville turned into a CTS, Ceville Touring Sedan, DeVille – in a similar way in DTS), and also appeared in the line of brand SUVs and crossovers are really just kept the Cadillac afloat, but also raised sales to 235 thousand cars per year .

I tripped and exceptionally good product placement in the film “The Matrix»: CTS is the best match of the century ideas about the triumph of high technology. So many “Caddy” was sold in the heyday of the brand, in the middle of the sixties!

But the main challenge to regain the status of the automotive world of kings and take their rightful place in the great brands of the segment Premium Luxury, model-era Art & Science still failed. After a record 2005 sales rolled down. Here in Russia we are selling large SUV Escalade, but on the few owners of sedans look as the originals. “Well, yes, a good car … And the Germans did not take? The money is not enough? “In general, brand management has decided that it is time once again to” invent new Cadillac. ” So there CT6.

Only evolution

The fact that Cadillac will be the new flagship, was known long before the debut St6 at the New York salon 2015. There were leaks, spy photos, various speculations … Most experts tend to the fact that the appearance of new items will be based on the concept Elmiraj, shown in 2013.

But when the fall to hide the new flagship of the veil, it became clear: Cadillac designers have gone on the evolutionary path. That’s what I first saw in Russia brought to the certification test car did not immediately understand: what, in fact, it is different from standing in the half-forgotten already CTS and STS showrooms?

Cargo capacity
433 liters

But the difference, of course, there is. Vertical “whiskers” LED DRLs become more and united with numb wings caps headlights. Lights are very complex internal structure and clearly equipped with LED light sources, but the LEDs “whiskers” are able to change color and turn from DRL and position lamps direction indicators. Very American decision …

Appeared in the rear rack additional triangular glass eyes do not rush, but can also serve as a wholly distinctive feature. But in general turned silhouette is both solid, because of the long hood and a massive radiator grille, and very athletic, due to the small length of the rear of the third volume. Himself a trunk just completely rather big, but gives the impression of a narrow and long since out somewhere deep under a relatively small cover (the cover is provided with the servo). I think the owner is not just chertyhnetsya, pushing back the huge suitcases with clothes send him to the prestigious resort wife … Or maybe will swear his driver.

Acceleration 0-96 km / h
5 second

But back to the exterior … The Americans are known to be very fond of old chrome, and it is often a sense of proportion denies. This time it did not disappoint: chrome enough to refer to the solidity and status, but the irritation it causes and the amount to the level of “American kitsch” obviously does not hold. In short, the car is quite able to compete with his main rivals, BMW seventh series, Mercedes S-class and the Audi A8: the length of the body and the largest wheelbase St6 albeit slightly, but is superior and the Mercedes, and BMW, slightly behind the flagship Audi (again, only slightly).

However, American experts say that the main target of marketers Cadillac see “five” and the E-class, and will be designed even bigger the CT8, the appearance of which the light is expected in the near future to strike at the flagship German concerns. God, what he seems to be a giant … Well, time will tell. In the meantime, I was surprised by the lack of door closers. For a model that will compete with the prestigious German sedans, Tokay option would be not superfluous.

Laconic tech

“Caddy” is not inferior to rivals and to equip the interior: high-quality leather, soft plastics and expensive panels made of wood. And that nice, wood is not obvious and is included in the overall structure of the interior is very organically. Hard plastic (abundance which many Cadillac models suffered earlier) now has only where it is justified and inevitable.

However, for the first time even the interior seems a bit austere, especially if you focus on the cockpit of the Bavarian leader, similar to the spacecraft control station from a science fiction movie.

However, taking the place of driving St6, you know that the first impression – is deceptive. Ergonomists Cadillac really tried to make the management of devices and the most concise and comprehensible, but the saturation of high-tech car truly impressive.

And it is worth considering that in Russia came to the car in the most “unassumingly” (albeit very powerful) versions. Such packaging is likely to be chosen clients who intend to drive yourself. Hence, only a dual-zone climate control, and no entertainment system for the second row passengers. These services are only a few sources of supply: USB socket and a socket 220, and at 12V. But at the disposal of the driver and front passenger have a mass of all sorts of “goodies”.

Forget the sunbeds!

Let’s start with the steering wheel. It has a very convenient section and has a soft and pleasant to the touch. Just pay attention to the fact that it made a lot of controls, for which all four spokes were involved. Naturally, the steering column is adjusted and the angle, and on the flight, and, of course, these adjustments are provided with servos. Cover boxing-armrest opens to the side, but on either side, so that they can take advantage of both the driver and front passenger. Another characteristic detail of the interior Cadillac CT6 – very American, massive T-shaped gearshift selector.

Driver’s seat has not caused me any complaints. Long cushion, pronounced lateral support – in short, nothing like the relaxed “chairs” or “old wives ‘couches’, we subconsciously expect from an American car. Control arranged servo seat “in kadillakovski” door rather than the seating bases. Next to them – four-position key lumbar adjustment, and can adjust not only the backwater, but also the height of its location.

I do not care what your smartphone

Consumption per 100 km
City / Country Cycle
13/9 liters

Judging by the photos on the internet, many versions St6 received full numeric keypad with “painted” dials. However, in the car, with whom I became acquainted was the panel “mixed” types: analog speedometer and tachometer positioned added color display, and a large enough between them. Pages of it changing the arrows up and down on the right spokes: you can see the tire pressure, fuel consumption, setting recognition and memorizing road signs system installation distance route to the active cruise control, the setting of braking efficiency … And display between the dials reading speedometer in digital form.

Even more capacity offers a huge 10.2-inch touch screen on the central console. He was Russified – Russian have among the languages ​​specified in the setup. I liked the distinct graphical menu with large icons, which will not miss a finger.

But reach for the screen does not necessarily: in the transmission tunnel under the console has a trackpad button “back” (as it is lacking in many other models!). Among the many settings and subsystems attracted the attention of pre-installed applications and AppleCarPlay Android Auto.

Learn, gentlemen Europeans! Availability of these programs is the ability to provide full synchronization of your smartphone, and free to use your favorite navigation service with marshutizatsiey through traffic jams. Naturally, there are also voice input, as well as plenty of active safety systems: the system of pedestrian detection, hazard detection system side when reversing, control bandwidth, active cruise control (and following distance is set, as I said, using the buttons on the the steering wheel).

Lightweight but strong

In order not to get bored on the road, to the owner of the service – (!) BOSE audio system with 34 speakers, and maneuvering in confined spaces easier system circular cine mode with bird view ( «view from the bird’s eye”). But if you still proglyadish time dangerous proximity with some obstacle, the system will warn vibrations and unpleasant buzzer. Skip this signal is simply impossible. And, importantly, all this splendor not only works when reversing. And I noticed that the video review system works well, and in the dim light. Apparently, for this purpose under the boot lid conceals two objective, “day” and “night”.

Cadillac CT6 3.0 TT AWD
Brief specifications
Dimensions (L x W x H):
5184 x 1879 x 1472
gasoline, the V6 twin-turbo, 404 liters. p., 542 Nm
automatic, the eightfold
Drive unit:
Ground clearance, mm:
Maximum speed km / h:

So what gives Cadillac reason to talk about the high-tech sedan in the segment? After CTS also sports a multitude of all kinds of electronic systems and assistants? And here it is in the body. The widespread use of high-strength steel, aluminum and adhesive joints allowed to make it very easy to 122 kg lighter body Audi A8, 142 kg less than the Mercedes S-class and 62 kg lighter than the latest “Seven» BMW. In combination with the turbo engine chetyrehsotsilnym a weight simply means hurricane dynamics …

Curb weight, kg

But, alas, to evaluate the quality of driving, the steering, all wheel drive and the adaptive suspension Magnetic Ride Control I could not: who is allowed to ride on is not yet certified car without license plates and documents? While we can only say that it sounds “biturboshesterka” as it should be – predatory and rich overtones.

I hope that all is still to come. And yet, I can say that Cadillac has a chance to seriously push position “German troika” in the segment executive cars. Of course, it will have to work hard: after all, just to get away from Olympus and back – devilishly difficult. But the prerequisite for this is, as well as the grounds to assert that the first time after almost thirty years of interruption in the line of the company got a real Cadillac …


  • Have you always wanted to have a car like Elvis;
  • You are used to control the notebook by using the touchscreen;
  • To have the ability to integrate your favorite smartphone with the vehicle system redeems any flaws.

You do not like CADILLAC CT6 3.0 TT AWD, IF:

  • Are you sure that this Cadillac has to be the size of an aircraft carrier;
  • Do you think that in America there is nothing good;
  • In your view luxury car without a door closer – this is nonsense.

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