We shake passengers from the new hatchback Mini Clubman

The Mini cars are the most understandable ideology. Regardless of the name of the model, the number of doors, the type of engine, its impact or …

The Mini cars are the most understandable ideology. Regardless of the name of the model, the number of doors, the type of engine, its impact or the saturation of the equipment, any Mini is a driver’s car, and only. Those who do not hold onto the wheel, but behind the door handrails, are superfluous. In this I was again convinced by the example of the new hatcha Clubman. He became more spacious, especially on the second row, his trunk is now more roomy, but it does not change the essence of the matter. In a six-door hatchback, as the creators themselves call it, only one lives happy – at least if the car is shod with optional Run Flat tires, like all the experimental hatchcies at the presentation in Kaliningrad.

For the first two months of 2016, we have implemented nine New Generation Clabs – against eight “asymmetric” hatch-predecessors for the whole of last year. In total, since 2010, Russians have bought 395 cars of the past generation.

We’re riding a Cooper version with a 136-horsepower three-cylinder turbo 1.5, an adaptive suspension and 17-inch wheels. I’m a passenger. Shaking th-th! On the pavement, which is so rich in Kaliningrad, I do not get a tooth on the tooth. And on the asphalt roads of roughness “to the touch” is much more than the eye – then a pit with sharp edges, then a big step from the patch. After clubbing Clubman on a new platform, the British promised greater comfort. But under our conditions this increase is barely noticeable – in no mode electronically controlled shock absorbers have any hints of smoothness.

Hardly suffered my passenger watch, I finally found myself behind the wheel. The dense embossed seat, made as if under me, is located low. The side rollers perfectly hold the body, the adjustable pillow does not restrain the legs, the rudder, which is optimal for the thickness of the rim, is mounted almost vertically. I would have considered this ideal landing, except for the door armrest, which I rest on with my elbow, turning the steering wheel to the left.

Baranku top, almost without ceasing, – not only because the pits on Klabmena better to go around, but also because this car is simply nice to steer. He is so sympathetic! Even a small deviation of the handle perceives as a command “fac” – and immediately rushes into a turn, eating it without choking. It is a pity, you can not “untie” the operating mode of the electric power steering from shock absorbers: in “Sport” the steering wheel is too viscous. But even in such an “overloaded” form management is reckless, accurate and understandable. This same praise I address effective brakes.

The range of adaptive suspension settings for 37 200 rubles – from hard to zubodrobitelnoy, but in the fast corners of the Mini in sportskarovski monolithic. Behind the front bumper – active shutters, playing on streamlining of the hatch, cooling and warming up the engine.

A 1.5-liter star engine from the sky is not enough, but in the city there are 136 forces and 220 N • m more than enough. Peak thrust – just above 1000 rpm. And its life-giving flow does not subside up to 4300 rpm. And if you put the power unit into Sport mode, greatly aggravating the reaction to the accelerator, the movement will become dynamic without any discounts. In addition, you can use the sport mode of the six-speed “automatic” Aisin – it will quickly switch to lower gears and longer keep the arrow of the tachometer in the high-speed zone.