We revel in the roadster Porsche 718 Boxster under the whistle of the turbine

The story of the updated Porsche, as a rule, can be placed on Twitter: it’s so much easier, more economical, faster – and that’s so much more expensive. Selfishness of pure water – you traveled, enjoyed and nothing, in fact, did not share. But in the case of the Porsche 718 Boxster roadster, the upgrade went so far that only the windshield, the body frame and the trunk lid remained from the previous car of the 2012 model. The rest of the body panels are new. Like the factory model index: 982 instead of 981. For Baxter a new era begins – with the supercharged “quads” 2.0 (300 hp) and 2.5 (350 hp) instead of the six-cylinder “atmospherics”. And, in my opinion, it’s fine.

Index 718 before the name Boxster – a reference to the racing spider Porsche 718 the middle of the last century: the same was equipped with a four-cylinder engine, although atmospheric. Briefly about the new sports car and personal impressions – in the video.

I raise the door handle, walk across the wide threshold – and I feel at home. From innovations – a rudder with “leaky” spokes, like the super hybrid 918 Spyder, rounded air deflectors and a responsive multimedia screen, taught to recognize smartphone gestures. I tighten the side rollers of a dense leather chair, I adjust the solid steering wheel … The landing is so enveloping-verified that you can not go anywhere – just sit and then in joy! But in the left hand – the key-machine. I drive him into the “garage”, I turn – behind the back I hear an explosion, and under the “rounded” click, I pull the PDK selector in Drive.

New air deflectors, moved above in the manner of the 911 chronograph model, a sensory multimedia system – and the former mood. Steering wheel in the style of the hybrid 918 Spyder to choose two – 375 mm in diameter (pictured) and 360. Buttons on the spokes may not be.

Turning the wheel on the handlebars selects driving modes: Normal, Sport, Sport + or Individual. In the center of the switch is the button “Sport Response”, pressing it for 20 seconds sharpens the response to the gas and ultimately lowers the transmission. Overtake now – as in Formula 1!

The first reason for the passage of the Boxster to the turbocharger is environmental: this was the only way to reduce the average fuel consumption for the entire model range in the NEDC bench cycle. But its consequence is pure speed. The weight of the roadster due to improvements in the interior, more powerful front brakes (in the usual Boxster they are from the former “eski”, and in the “esque” – from the coupe 911 Carrera) and reinforced with a transverse pipe subframe of the rear suspension increased by 5-35 kg, but in any Performance and in any exercise he is faster than his predecessor, and – strongly. For example, in the dispersal of up to a hundred, the base 718 Boxster dropped 0.7-0.8 s, and the 718 Boxster S – 0.5-0.6 s! I started with the first one.

Optional multicontour chairs – space! Hold, even if driving your crazy friend, and you do not use the door handle and only slightly rest your feet on the floor. Base seats are also good, but a little freer, and for extra charge there are also buckets.

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