We reduce crossovers Nissan Qashqai, Skoda Yeti and Suzuki Vitara

When luxury cars get to us, sometimes we jokingly measure their prices with apartments, but this time it’s not to laugh: five-odd million rubles are just Nissan Qashqai , Skoda Yeti and Suzuki Vitara . Calms only that all the “new buildings” are already finished, in the sense – in the top versions. Of course, for the same plus or minus one and a half million rubles there are crossovers more spacious – say, Toyota RAV4 , Kia Sportage , Mazda CX-5 . But it happens that Lenin’s “less is better” is also relevant when choosing a car: “I come home when all the parking spaces are already occupied, – every centimeter of length and width of the car is counted.”

Suzuki’s strength lies in its uncomplicated appearance and its wide possibilities for personalization: the body painting options are 14, including eight two-color versions (for an additional 29,950 rubles), three radiator grilles, and two bumper sets.

The dipped headlamps of the top-Vitar are diode, the edging of the searchlights is in the color of the body. Panoramic roof with a sliding hatch – only in the maximum configuration of the GLX.

The most compact crossover in the trio is Suzuki . In size – almost Nissan Juke – 4175 mm in length against 4135, but at a price rather Qashqai. Appearance to an amateur, but in the originality it can not be denied, especially given that most of the possible variations are two-color. Doors, opening up, seize (the feature of cars from the first parties), to the inner handle-groove you have to drag on. The salon is simple, the plastic is thin and sonorous, but everything is done with taste: you can choose the color of the insert on the front panel and even the design of the analog clock. The central display is touchscreen, and in the panoramic roof there is a sliding hatch.

The successful shape of the front panel obscures the materials from which it is made. The gray cross member can also be painted in the body color. The analog clock in the center has a choice of two more design options.

Front seats with good lateral support spoil the pushing top of the back. On the second row is not easy to get, but inside the embarrassment are experienced only by people above average height: the ceiling is close, the knees rest against the wavy springs inside the front back.

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