Water and foam: a review of the fire vehicle AC 3,5-40 / 100

What is more for the active site, ask some, if the photograph – the usual Kamaz? The fact that the fire is not very important, the car is built on a chassis which – as long as it went, and did not get up a stake in the crucial moment, so the marking is transmitted only the most important information, which is reflected in a normal person incomprehensible letters and numbers. So what do they mean? And here is what we now know.

On the first-second count!

On the chassis of course I will say a few words, but later. Oh, about that, but about the KAMAZ-43253 and without I already told everything, so I suggest looking intently at the most gusto: stuffing fire engine. And for this we need to open all the compartments PTV – fire and technical equipment. There are four, with their numbered some strange way: on the left side are the first and fourth compartments, on the right – the second and third. There is also a pump compartment on the rear, but he does not get numbered. So, open the lid and look, with the help of which we, God forbid, stewed and save.

In the first section we see the top of a packaged set of dielectric. It happens that a firefighter has to work in an environment where it becomes an additional source of danger electric current. In these cases and helps to set. Scissors with handles for pererezyvaniya dielectric cables under tension, rubber gloves and boots, insulating mats – all this can be useful, therefore, is on the shelf of the first compartment. Next – a rescue rope. There is nothing to explain: they are the rope rope, two 30-meter and 50-meter one. Rope – thing and useful in everyday life, and rescue it all the more necessary, for example, to raise the inventory to the height. Well, or pull the top something (or someone).

On the bottom shelf of the main space is occupied and chainsaw Power cutters. Second – it is something like the many famous "Bulgarian", only with a gasoline engine. Additional wheels (they are right) allows to cut not only metal but also stone. Dunno why cut stone, but the case of fire and can do it. With metal everything is clear: it is necessary and accident victims from vehicles to pull out, and do other unpleasant, but necessary things. And then often helps the contents of the second compartment. Although we have not yet finished with the first: there are two more fire extinguishers, one of which is carbon dioxide, the other – the powder. Why they are different, can be found in a school course of life safety (by the way, it was a good thing, useful. Now it is, does anyone know?).

The second compartment is located next to the first, on the concepts of fire, the fourth. Let's see what is in it.

And here it is just all what patiently waiting jammed in the wreckage of his car accident victim – a hydraulic rescue tool. It represents a set of iron stuff, without which work with warped iron is simply impossible. The list includes hydraulic jack, pliers, unclamping and stops. All this instrument is connected to the "Amkus" stations – Oil Pump, made in the USA. There had one significant drawback: while only two tools can be connected (according to the number of hoses that are visible on the coils on the right). There are also more advanced machines that allow you to use both at once four tools, but in our case for the third will have to disconnect something from the two connected. It's not very convenient, but there are …

We now turn to the other side. Here, too, two compartments with PTV. Open the first (which is actually the second), located immediately behind the cab.

Here we see a set of taps, transitions, and trunks. This is probably the most boring compartment. Let's see what is hidden in the neighboring department of the latter.

Here we (okay, okay, do not we – fire) neat roll of rolled up sleeves. And do not even try to call their hoses or else because the hoses – in the garden, and there is a sleeve. There are many, but the place is even more so managed to place more and entrenching tools (mainly – axes), net, and even a bucket with a shovel. This is the content of the last compartment (in fact – the third) conventional fire tanker. You're one more branch – pumps.

Main unit, for which, in fact, made the compartment – this is the fire pump NTSPN-40/110. Here they are, the numbers of the name of the car! They are truly characteristic of the pump installed on the machine. In this case the number 40 – flow in liters per second, and 100 – the nominal head in meters. Marking NTSPN only means "a centrifugal pump, fire, normal pressure." Indeed, a major part of a centrifugal pump NTSPN normal pressure, everything else – it's a pressure reservoir, water-filled semi-automatic vacuum system, foam mixer, spout and measuring instruments. This pump can be operated only at a positive temperature, so it is in a closed compartment, within which mounted heater, providing acceptable working conditions system. The pump is driven by the vehicle engine via a power take-off and driveline. High-pressure pump in this machine is not.

And now let's see what you are unlikely to ever see what lies on the roof of the fire engine.

"Under the blue sky …"

Climb to the roof of Kamaz is easily seen that the designers have worked on it. But there, beneath the sky, really nowhere to turn. The bulk of the space occupied by suction hoses required for water set into the tank, and a ladder. If you look back from the cabin to the left you can see the master stream nozzle – a device that allows you to pour water over a distance of up to 25 meters. With such pressure water hose in his hands can not keep, so to carry a master stream nozzle. Useful thing, not even argue.

To the right is the foam generator "Purga 5". Even the title is quite clear what it is – to form a foam. It is not to carry, and are prepared on the spot, if necessary. In principle, the methods of foam preparation (as it forms) has several, we are in the "uzkopozharnye" theme will not go, and go down to the ground and look at the cab of a fire truck. Even in both cabins.

Kamaz and all-all-all …

As I said, the chassis tanker trucks – KAMAZ-43253. Therefore, and in the driver's cab, we do not see anything unusual: all, like any serial car, only to have radio. The same applies to the vehicle units: they very typical for Kamaz. Powertrain – Cummins, inline six-cylinder diesel, a long time has found itself a warm place (I would say it is hot) under the cab of the truck. Its capacity – 210 liters. s., and it helps him to move the car on the roads of the usual five-speed manual gearbox, with even without the divider. Axle configuration – 4×2, which in the city is enough. Looking ahead, I will note that sometimes, for unknown reasons, the city's fire department can get and all-wheel drive, while somewhere along the country road on helplessly flop monoprivodnom "pozharka". But this is the strangeness of the Emergencies Ministry, rather than the car, so this topic was left open.

Thus, the driver's seat is the same as that of the conventional Kamaz. But back there, what to see. Total seven seats, including the driver, – three front and four behind. Strictly speaking, the rear seats are already in another cabin – fighting calculation. Of course, they are not separated from each other by a continuous wall, and through the window can be freely talk therebetween. combat calculation cabin is equipped with breathing apparatus PTS "Profi". The design is very clever: the fire is not necessary with this thing get into the car (they have every second counts, as seen in the movie?), And the output it can be closed on itself and has come out with the device. It is necessary to protect the eyes and respiratory organs, and bottles on the backs of the chairs are filled with compressed air. Total respiratory devices carry with them on the number of persons in the calculation, and one more in reserve.

On the wall separating the cab driver and the combat calculation, taken everything that you can quickly recover after arrival to the scene of the fire and did not want to carry on his hands: helmets, masks, lights … And maybe something else, because the same machine at the fire does not exist.

Do it yourself

Firefighters, Emergency Situations Ministry – they are all men. Though they climb to where a normal person is of sound mind and memory on their own do not finds itself, all of them – the same people who want to at least a minimum of comfort and safety. And, of course, willing to do their job as best as possible from this often depends on people's lives. Therefore I see the car something of their own, to finish at the place of the car service – not a rarity. Me and rescue tool, and hydraulic station, but in any case in the car always has everything which is necessary to be there.

Well, how the service behaves himself Kamaz? No it is not abused, they spoke well of him. But after a long intimate conversations revealed that over 50 thousand kilometers has twice had to repair the rear axle, steering knuckle falling apart, there were small, but still unpleasant breakage. The most interesting thing – the car is already beginning to peel, and the Emergency Situations Ministry of oh as do not like. Painting equipment for them – a kind of fetish, I have never seen in the firehouse is not that rusty, and even a dirty car. The only pity is that the tint has to car 2010 release. Is not it too early?

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