Wait until the end of the thunderstorm: a review of mining dump truck BELAZ-75131

Compared with the world's largest dump truck BELAZ-75710 is the creation of the Belarusian holding seems little baby. And, nevertheless, it is able to take away one hundred and thirty tons of cargo, with own truck weighs a little more than seven hundred tons. Today, we not only look at BELAZ-75131 close, but even ride on it. Go!

Current from the diesel

About Distinctive feature of heavy machinery from Belarus is the use of electro-mechanical transmission. Translated into Russian, this means that for traction is not used torque of the internal combustion engine and electric motors.

But diesel power unit in BelAZ-75131 is still there. And much steeper than what is on most conventional tractors or trucks: there Cummins KTA50-C. This is a powerful V 16 turbocharged with a volume of 50 liters and liters capacity 1623. from. To start the engine is not being used electrical and air starters, created by specialists of the plant.

This monster on heavy fuel needed for the operation of the generator, which generates a current for traction motors. Thus, in the electric transmission includes a traction generator, electric motor, two-wheel drive (gearbox assembly with the traction motor), a block of dynamic braking resistors, control cabinet, ventilation equipment and the auxiliary equipment. On BelAZ-75131 uses electric transmission changeable DC own production, but some of the other products dumpers is General Electric or the St. Petersburg JSC "Electrosila". About diesel generator have said, let's move to the traction motors of the wheels.

Two of them – the number of driving wheels. Strictly speaking, the design does not share the wheel and motor directly, the whole unit is called – electric motor-wheel. It consists of a drive motor, reducer, hubs, brakes and the speed limit of the sensor. Geared wheel bolts attached to the crankcase of the rear axle, which in turn, by a central hinge, the transverse rod and suspension cylinders connected to the frame. Thus, the rear suspension BelAZ-75131 sensitive (although, I think, no one there to meet mnogoryichazhka not going).

No matter how huge the truck, walk under it not Will you come (and in fact with BELAZ-75710 did manage this trick!). But some elements of the suspension are clearly visible and the side. For example, cylinders – what we used to call the shock absorbers. They gazomaslyannye and is a piston type air spring in combination with a hydraulic shock absorber. As the working fluid used and nitrogen shock absorber fluid.

The front suspension cylinders are also there, but they are not interchangeable and vary in size. Itself too dependent suspension, steering knuckles front beams are attached to the beam by means of bolts. If you just sit down and take a closer look, you can see and track rods. Steering control BelAZ – gidroobёmnoe with two circuits. Of course, no human force is not enough to turn the wheels of the truck in the event of engine stop, so for safety reasons in the hydraulic steering system, installed just three hydropneumatic that provide the steering in an emergency.

Before you climb to the "second floor", let's say a few words about brakes: they give us more useful. All truck brake disk mechanisms. And the hydraulic drive, like, all as at people … I'm sorry, the other machines. But no, not quite everything. In order to compress the pads in a car, his legs enough effort and a little help from the vacuum amplifier (and that was a time when this device was not). BelAZ such ease is not available, so instead of the legs creates a pressure pump and a pedal effort doses. Well, the rest – all as in all. There are even two separate circuits and automatic adjustment of the gap between the discs and pads.

In addition to traditional brakes, there is also an auxiliary brake electrodynamic. As it is carried out by the same braking wheels, motors, with them when braking start work as a generator.

What a dump – and these figures

As much as I tried to be eloquent figures tell about the BelAZ-75131 much better than me. So, we turn on the imagination and look.

To fill a full tank, the required 1 900 liters of diesel fuel. Fuel to the engine is almost ten times smaller, but still more than in the worst US maslkare: 195 liters. Do not bring the Lord to pour his own expense antifreeze – it should be 410 liters. The volume of the hydraulic system – 510 liters.

The dimension of tires – 33.00 R51. By the way, if the 450-ton BelAZ-75710 produces only the Bridgestone tires, something on our BelAZ-75131 can stand and production of "Belshina". If you suddenly want to change the wheels for BelAZ vehicles, in addition to the tap and bring a good compressor, pump will have a minimum of 7 atmospheres. Interestingly, the load is divided between the axles 33h67. It would seem, why not equally? And all because that is much more important to share the weight just between the tire and not the axes, which are behind the four (there are twin wheels), and ahead of only two wheels.

Well, if you want to pass BELAZ 75131 for scrap, the first is to dig out of it all the silver, it is as much as 325 grams. More there is a little more than one gram of gold, but this is a mere trifle.

And yet, what I can not remain silent: for the washing of some electrical parts factory recommends the use of ethyl alcohol. Irrigate immediately have a lot, but here's the problem: "Recommended alcohol is produced from non-food plant materials. In terms of the impact on the human body belongs to the fourth class of hazard according to GOST 12.1.007. " So it is said in the instruction manual truck. No comments.

Speaking seriously, what did not seem impressive to filling volumes of dump truck, exploit it still profitable, and those wishing to buy a lot of BELAZ always.

stairway to Heaven

As you already know from the test drive of the largest truck in the world, a platform on which the driver's cabin, on deck called BelAZ. To go up, do not have to climb two flights of stairs, as the largest of all BELAZ. There is a common staircase, on which you just have to climb up. True, climb high, almost four meters. And the first thing we see in the sky at this control cabinet. It focused electromechanical transmission control mechanisms. For BELAZ different modifications are possible and different manufacturers of this sophisticated equipment, but in this case, the control cabinet is Belarusian. "Pinnacle" in front of it – just the tip of the expansion tank. Behind it one can see the elements of the hydraulic system. Incidentally, the hydraulic system not only helps to steer and brake, but also tilting platform (ie the body). And it does it fast: 20 seconds raises and lowers it down 18.

It's monumental, serious and interesting, but we are interested in the cabin.

There is a European safety standard ROPS. According to him, the car must have special equipment safety cage. In general, the standard is quite complicated, contains a lot of requirements, but BELAZ it performs. It is not surprising: in addition to Russia, the products are exported to many countries, which can not do without this certification.

Open the door (in the opposite direction) and sit on the chair. The driving position pneumatically, passenger – a little easier, but it has a nice feature: if needed it can be folded, and then next to the driver get a table. For example, for a meal. Specifically, our car is not intended for sale, but rather a vehicle for "pokatushek" journalists and tourists. Therefore, the instrument panel there is not that what is now tied for BelAZ, without display in the central part. At first glance, everything is normal: the speedometer, tachometer, three pedals, gearshift lever. But I give you my word: it works it is not so, as we used to.

Let's start with the fact that the gas and brake pedals true here, but the third pedal – it does not grip, and another brake, electrodynamic. Transmissions in BelAZ is also there, so here, too, gearshift can not be, but the selector to select the transmission mode is, and it's called reverser switch.

It is a pity that I can not be behind the wheel. Education on the dump truck operator – a very important point, without which control this monster no permit. Well, let's not cry (though it would be desirable), giving way to the driver from the factory. Go.

You can not like this and not take a ride on the deck BELAZ on the test track! Oh well, the rain, the wind, that under the feet yelling diesel … Emotions, some emotions. But to hell with them. It is better to pay attention to how BELAZ rides.

Fuel tank capacity
1900 liters

Strange, but in cross-dump truck still very bad. The greatest longitudinal slope, accessible giant, only 6-8%. If the section of road length of more than 5.3 meters, there are five holes deeper than 10 cm, the operation of BELAZ altogether banned. Yes, it's not an SUV, truck problem in completely different.

Surprisingly, this monster accelerates very quickly, with no pauses during acceleration no thanks transmission. For a few seconds, and we're going at maximum speed. However, it is 48 km / h. The main source of noise (no, not the noise – the roar or howl) when braking is becoming part of the electric drivetrain. During her lingering melancholy "yyyuyyuu" almost unheard of when you reset the speed of sound of a diesel engine. But the slowdown is also impressive.

Not so easy to drag at "over the hump" 130 tons of cargo. This car does not pull out of a skid on ice, do not stop quickly in an emergency. It is no accident, even with 12% slope during the descent is allowed to go no faster than 24 km / h. Subtleties much – too much to just sit down and go to this dump truck.

Even in a storm it must be handled differently than with other cars: in no case does not stand on the deck, not to go down and up the stairs, and sit in the cockpit and simply wait for the complete closure thunderstorms. After all, such a mass of metal, but still at a decent height, can be an excellent lightning rod.


Meanwhile, the trip to the landfill ends. BELAZ pulls into the parking lot, and it's time to go down to the ground. A little break instructions: keep in the hands of the camera, although the ascent and descent of the ladder hands must be free.

Well, I'm sorry. Since the camera is not as noticeable as they are shaking.

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