Violated the subordination. Explain the unprecedented impudence of Volkswagen Tiguan

He finally broke away from the “state employees” and without knocking, flew into the office to the “bosses”. Will they send you back or they’ll take it for you?

You know, and Tiguan in the second generation in an amiable way is impudent. He escaped from the shackles of a strict hierarchy, felt freedom, swung at the senior in rank, felt himself an elite. I also bought myself a price! But will not this unprecedented audacity come out of the way?

I’ll say it outright and I’m ready to repeat it at least once under oath: if you still understand the incomprehensible sense in compact crossovers, then here it is – the best representative of the segment so beloved in Russia. With respect to ride quality, that in terms of comfort and equipment – Tiguan questioned even the need for a premium. And there are two options after this trick: either “pot-bellied wallets” recognize it as a “higher power”, or he will become an unrecognized genius and renegade. I tend to the first, and that’s why.

All because of the crisis. A surprising time – yesterday’s buyers of premium cars in recent years, as they say, “postponed demand.” Gradually, the desire to change the car still ripens. On the one hand, habits do not allow you to give up a certain level of benefits and comfort. On the other hand, well, you can drop the status. Therefore, Tiguan of the new generation was registered at the Kaluga plant very timely.

And here I am in Moscow crowd with all rounds and examines the driver of the old BMW X6, and the owners of X3 and Audi Q5 are actively asking about the “details” in anticipation of the start of sales. I will try to explain briefly whether there is any sense for yesterday’s followers of “premiumism” to regard Tiguan as an alternate aerodrome.

Nothing, what is Kaluga?

And thank God. Besides, today it is not an indicator at all. Kaliningrad BMW, Kaluga Audi, and soon and the Moscow region “Mercedes” – the realities of Russian industry. You are not embarrassed by “Avtotor” in the “BEAM” PTS? That’s the same. Disadvantages in the assembly of “Tiguana” not found – and the point.

I’m afraid to even imagine what the price would be for a German crossover, he did not apply for it in Kaluga. From two million, no less. But it’s better not to think about sad things. So, today the new Tiguan is offered at a price of 1,459,000 rubles for a front-drive car with six-speed mechanics and a 1.4-liter engine for 125 forces. Phew, I agree. A two-liter 220-hp crossover in top with a seven-step DSG robot and, naturally, a full drive – 2,139,000 rubles. Expensive? Any premium is more expensive, and classmates almost all play in the same field. So 1: 0 in favor of the “Tiguana”.

He’s small and impractical!

Aldeady no. Tiguan still leaves the impression of a compact, knocked-down, sturdy, though, judging by the numbers, it’s grown. In the Volkswagen, criticism about practicality was heard and all corrected. The wheelbase of the crossover received an increase of 7.7 cm, and almost all got to the rear passengers. At the feet of average passengers, a decent stock of space appeared at 180 cm. And in the backs of the front seats are integrated tables with fixing of glasses – almost “in-Sodovsky” convenient! The younger ones also have something to learn, right?

In the spirit of a related Czech brand in “Tiguan” it has become much more pleasant to deal with things. The trunk that has grown to 615 liters, the fully folding middle section of the sofa for carrying long-lengths and a lower loading height than before. Not enough? We fold the seats from the trunk with one movement for the lever, and the fifth door is closed by the electric drive. Talk about impracticality can end – 2: 0.

Is it really all the rich?

Obviously, in the “Tiguan” is felt, as they say, the breed. The higher status of the crossover emphasizes primarily the expanded list of functions that are not (or almost not) in classmates. Even premium. For example, three-zone climate control. At the same Audi Q3 in the base – air conditioning, almost no auxiliary systems and – up to a pile – a monochrome information display. VW in the database is no longer as empty as before. There is, for example, a cruise and a distance control system. In the “Tiguan”, including the most affordable, the temperature is adjusted to itself by all passengers. Yes, he even resigned from the premium Q3.

In the Highline configuration everything is rich: automatic parking, a camera and a stunning 12.3-inch digital set. It has moved from the senior on concern Audi TT and Q7. It seems that there is too much information on the screen? Customize the image as you see fit, that’s all. Another “goal” in the performance of “Tiguan”.

Still a “sestrick”?

By numbers – yes. I have something in the test – the Tiguan, even in the top equipment, but with a two-liter 180-horsepower turbo engine, which accelerates the compact crossover to a hundred in 7.7 seconds. A non-alternative all-wheel drive and a seven-stage “wet” DSG rely on the engine. I do not know how many generations of WAGs should be replaced, so that our people will stop shying away from this box. In this “Tiguan” is already a more advanced robot DQ500 (in contrast to the 1.4-liter with DQ250), which is easy to digest all this “turbodory.”

But the habits of the smallest crossover Volkswagen not know. He still is not the same “Shustrik”, on the roads moving where more imposing. And this is actually for the best. Clamped in the last generation, the suspension was noticeably relaxed for the sake of a completely unexpected course for the segment. Approximately the same is struck by noise insulation. As long as you have not reached the limit of the speed permitted in Russia, neither from the arches, nor around the mirrors, nor even from under the hood, can you hear unnecessary sounds. I believe that additional seals appeared in the doors. You really feel the high status in the car, in which nothing like it should not feel. Subordination is like that. But her laws did not obey Tiguan.

4: 0? Perhaps. Although reoriented to the comfort of Tiguan slightly, but lost its enthusiasm. DSG always strives to increase the transfer, if not go into the sport mode. Sharply maneuver on the crossover is not so acute and without hesitation flawlessly. But I at all desire though in something to reproach the car I can not write down it in “a minus”. Those who want to find a worthy alternative to the premium sports in the segment of crossovers will not be sought.

And on the off-road, nothing new Tiguan said. Easy, of course. The all-wheel drive with the Haldex clutch of the fifth generation instantly copes with the hanging. “Kaluga” 20-centimeter clearance allows you to fall into a small track. A washer with off-road driving regimes should not generate deceptive feelings. It changes the algorithm ESP, allows a small slip in the case of something, but does not do SUV. Dig, do not bury.

Will there be a “goal of prestige”?

Required. To all that said, add that Tiguan with all the desire is still not a premium. The dealer will not offer three hundred and eighty variants of fragrant skin or an expensive, almost red-listed tree. In a woman’s pleasantly enveloping seats in the “Tiguan” also do not look. A soft plastic only where it catches your eye. It’s just a very high-quality car, but not “majeure”. All right, 4: 1.