Very nice king: Test Drive Bentley Bentayga

Weighty big key in my hand draws exactly 18,714,616 rubles. Fully postponing the Russian average monthly salary – and this year is about thirty thousand, depending on the region – it is possible to accumulate the same amount just something for fifty-two years. But a test version of Bentley Bentayga far the most expensive of the possible. The package does not include an experimental specimen, for example, an off-road package, the system circular view, the function of remote opening of the fifth door “air kick” under the rear bumper, the parking assistant … Kolesischi – 21-inch, although it can be in the order of 22 inches and a size. But at the same time even basic Bentley Bentayga of 15,948,700 rubles for now – until the competition from Aston Martin, Lamborghini and Rolls-Royce – is still “the most-most crossover” modernity. With this exciting and even a little unnerving realization I click on the key “Open” button.


As soon thereafter as the world was revealed the first photo teaser Bentley Bentayga – the image is strictly en face, the machine there broke through the sands and in the dusty veil well could be seen only facing and lights – I had the opportunity to talk to renowned designer Luc Donkervolke, which called for adjusted frilly and the controversial appearance of the concept EXP 9 F. The author of the conceptual version of Dirk van Breukelen was removed from the project: comments to the address Bentley upcoming crossover were frighteningly inconsistent, struck up too much criticism. “What exactly do you have corrected in the guise of EXP 9 F?» «Absolutely nothing – cut Donkervolke – I painted the car from scratch. Strictly in the spirit of Bentley ».


Now personally I observe this rigor. Or, rather, the stylistic stinginess? Donkervolke clearly be safe and to avoid bit of negativity on the part of customers. Yes, this is Bentley. But a bit of bright solutions: cladding, slozhnosochinennogo front lighting (headlamp washers – Sliding core of kruglyashey direction indicators), inflated “hip” over the rear arches, beauty locomotive wheels.

Maximum speed km / h

Seal up all right. A heart for some reason not ekaet; Rear view strictly and completely insipid. Or is it the color test machine? The really interesting would look bronze, dark red, deep blue. “You were going to book the blue car – casually drops filling the paper manager. – But her system started to give a lot of mistakes. ” Ahem! Prelaunch nervousness increased.


When you sit behind the steering wheel and door pulls closer – just calm down. You’re definitely in the best of all worlds. This world – and there is no vsefolksvagenovskogo secret – derived from the Audi Q7: the native platform MLB, the elements of the chassis, the power structure of the body, 8-speed automatic transmission the ZF, the fragments in the cabin.

But Audi-elements in the interior of nothing at all: the light switch, paddle levers, dashboard configuration (except that the devices have Q7 «virtual», and then design the reception for the sake of natural dials left). They blend in with the overall “very English” picture.

Britannia! On the back of “Union” attached little flags. Inside, everywhere Bentley logos and letters B. From flags and logos may be waived when ordering, but the British did not lose anything either per ounce. These perfektsionnye neat stitches, adjusted to a fraction of a millimeter joints … Elegant decoration, meticulous detailing and a real treat for those who appreciate the tactile sensations.

How rich? Very comfortable driver’s seat – the seat and do not call, this is the furniture – with a mass elektroregulirovok (including cushion extender), heating, ventilation and massager. Electric drives and change the height of the flight with a heated steering wheel. To the left of the steering wheel – jamming tracking system power button in the “blind” zones (potential hazards ahead flashing lights on the housings of the side mirrors), night vision system (a picture is displayed on the dashboard) and the headlight data projected on the windshield.

As described above, the test Bentayga – not the equipment provided in the plan. But only by the standards of Bentley. Any navigation system with traffic jams tracking function, Bluetooth, access point Wi-Fi 4G, rear view camera in the front center storage compartment – AUX-socket and two USB-connector.

To the right of the ACP lever attached graceful removable eyeglass case, it covers holders. Eyeglass case with a hint: elegant glasses with a thin rim to fit, but the pathos and massive reperskie not vlezut. Ashtrays not, but extra charge is offered the same unhealthy “smoker’s package.”

And if the seats back? second row area is not so spacious. On the whole the seat would be “air”, but there is an optional double version, separated by a massive chair armrest. Like the front seats, each of the rear sections – electric drives, memory on two positions, heating, ventilation and massagers. On the arm as eyeglass case, covering the holders, in the tray for coins – two USB-connector and socket.

The most interesting thing for the rear seat – Removable pultik with touch-screen on the center in the legs. With his change of station, you can separate climate control for the rear passengers, advanced massager functions for the right rear section ( “wave”, “Impulse”, “stretching”), it is possible to move the front passenger seat, to display the speedometer. It would be even more interesting to live with optional screen on the backside of the front seats and wireless headphones, but this is not in the test machine. But there is a panoramic roof. Transparent sector is so large that the curtain with electric opening his long 18 seconds.

The cargo door actuator raises much faster – in seven seconds. The compartment is not a record – 431 l. And the four-seater versions, of course, does not increase, there is only hatch for long-length. By guiding the floor moves locking luggage strap. On the inner side of the two buttons for easy loading feed can priopustit (which recalls Audi, like underground luggage compartment with a “prosthesis” spare wheel-dokatki). The etui here are additional fastening loops and charge the battery. The surcharge is available amusing flip “bench-bar”, which spreads outward through the opening threshold. This is a picnic case.

In move

The main wealth of Bentley Bentayga – petrol biturbomotor W12 TSI 6.0, power of 608 hp and time of 900 Nm at 1350 rev / min. And also – the permanent four-wheel drive, where the default Torsen differential sends 60% of torque to the rear wheels. I press the start button on the center console. In the depths of the crossover muffled Burkan, twitch instrument arrows … And there is silence. Fantastic sound insulation I admire all the way in all modes.

The cost of this Bentley Bentayga
18,714,616 rubles

Immediately after the start of the ride goes wrong: Bentayga bogged down in dense sluggish flow in the narrow streets. Disconnection of the cylinders at low loads, it is necessary to think, is triggered – the feelings do not understand, and there is no indication. Dimensions body felt unimportant, I Shugan each including front turn signals and brakes. But more often in vain. Today I am surrounded arhivezhlivye drivers. No cuts are not trying to drive a wedge and especially not zooms back. It’s even sad. Because Bentley we do not have as much respect as feared. Before crossover built a brand-new S-class and – wow! – Thanks to the “emergency gang”.

Feed finally dissipated, and for the sake of interest I sharper press on the gas pedal. Landscape outside the window gently smeared in solid gold autumn, Bentayga peel with a traffic light with such enthusiasm that stroke slips away until the next red. If, however, sharply drown pedal to the floor in the static, the effect is even stronger: the second-half of confusion – make war ESP, then seizes the planet crossover tires Pirelli P Zero 285/45 R21 with the same fluidity is natural to take off. It seems that he and the world is not enough. You will not smears and presses, simply shifting the world. Later, I get the same energetic acceleration and with speeds over 100 km / h. As if there are two and a half tons of curb weight … Very impressive! A fuel consumption after all the experiments on board computer is only a 18 l / 100 km.

Bentley Bentayga
Fuel consumption per 100 km

Urban cycle lExtra Urban, lCombined cycle, l19.0 9.6 13.1

On the central tunnel – key “parking brake” to the auto mode. Near – ESP disable button (hold for five seconds response) and help system button when driving downhill. Between them – Switch driving modes: Sport, Bentley, Comfort and Custom. Bentley mode is the default setting, and in the Custom mode can be set individually configure the powertrain, steering and air suspension with adaptive shock absorbers through the main menu.

Which of driving modes is better? Suddenly, a complex issue. Suspension even in “Comfort” is a fairly dense, road irregularities fulfills noble, but not a “smoothing” them. Switches to the Sport, and “short” steering wheel (about 2.2 turns) heavier at near-zero area, but retains an almost “comfortable” ease at high angles. Sporting the same reaction of the power unit away from the Nürburgring and German autobahns is simply redundant. The most optimal in the end turns out to be a “normal» Bentley mode. However, do not choose a mode, and in the city and its environs was a car closely. I do not regret that the maximum 301 km / h were untested – I believe it can. It is a pity that no tried-speed turns, which had come back to haunt the work for the first time installed on Bentley active stabilizers electromechanical locks.


Please entire paragraph. For example, do not like tracking system for marking. He pressed the button on the left-hand steering column lever, Bentayga begins persistently to taxi to the center of the strip in areas with clear markings. Not a panacea: in the corners – even if they are accompanied by colorful marking line – the system loses its orientation.

Night vision camera, located at the scope of the license plate, sprinkles at the moment and is vulnerable to the stones. And why is there such a primitive graphic navigation?

The left side of the dashboard glare, including heating and ventilation of the front seat through the menu too tricky, poorly opens and closes a lid rear center storage compartment. Recommended gasoline – 98th.

There is no perfection in the world

But the fact that there are Bentley Bentayga in the world – is good. Very bright landmark for the modern automotive industry. Very, very expensive? Users of Bentley claimed that Bentayga competes not with other models, classmates, and with yachts and real estate … There are, of course, the share of guile, because the new machine, especially the luxury, bought new, after 5 years will become cheaper three times since it is unlikely that will fit the role of the investment.

Bentley Bentayga
Brief specifications:
Dimensions (L / W / H / D)
5 140/2 224/1 742/2 995
Curb weight, kg
the W12 petrol, 5950 cm3, 608 liters. p., 900 Nm
AKP, 8 steps
Drive unit
Acceleration from 0-100 km / h,

It remains to add that the main positive, which gave me a “most-most crossover” – not with the incomparable pleasure to bring it back after the test unscathed and lose multimillion-dollar burden of responsibility.

You will enjoy a Bentley Bentayga, if:

  • You are targeting only “thing-thing”;
  • You ordered it;
  • You epochal collector cars.

You do not like the Bentley Bentayga, if:

  • You are dismissed from the project designer Dirk van Breukelen;
  • It seems non-ideal or fails though any trifle;
  • You hit him with my car.

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