Verified on the top. Exam for updates to Mitsubishi Outlander

The Japanese crossover learned the fashionable techniques of safe driving to keep up with progress. Is there any real benefit? Let’s check

Last year, taking on the 15th anniversary of the release of a kind of exam from Mitsubishi Outlander, we noticed that the crossover, with all its obvious merits, lagged behind in development. Progress is on, and there are few electronic systems in the car and there are almost no hints at high technologies. Now it is not enough to be an honest and reliable car to please the customers. Let us pamper the sophisticated audience!

And here he was renewed. Outlander 2017 model year got modern attributes and functions already tested in the new Pajero Sport. We took just a crossover for sale and decided to disassemble the points that are behind these improvements: just extra lines in the brochure or real convenience?

Control of “blind” zones

Let’s start with the simplest, that soon will appear almost on bicycles. Finally, and up to Outlander reached the monitoring system for blind areas. For a long time I asked for it! On a crossover, albeit not the largest, such an assistant will come in very handy. What could possibly be wrong with him? Many manufacturers manage to make such a helper especially “sensitive.” Somewhere the warning is triggered in vain, reinsured, and somewhere the alarm does not fade at all, reacting even to the posts along the road. Fortunately, this is not about the “Outlander”. “Clippers” begin to flash in the side mirrors only in cases where the obstacle can really be in the “dead” zone. Also does not disturb once again.

Heated steering wheel

When the heated steering appears in the Solaris, the crossover for two million is a shame not to offer such a function. And he is now in the updated “Outlander”. The steering wheel is filled with heat without delays, but quickly – literally in 2-3 minutes – it will be possible to feel it only in places of correct grasp. Always cold remains the bottom of the rim with a glossy insert, which at the time you begin to curse. Annoying? But in especially cold days you will quickly learn to steer correctly.

Panoramic Cameras

It is logical to use the younger models with the technologies worked out for the older ones. Actually, we already saw the round-robin camera in the new Pajero Sport. All the same four “pupils” around the perimeter of Mitsubishi installed on the updated Outlander.

The quality of the picture is not standard and to a level, say, “Mercedes” or BMW does not hold out, but high enough so that the cool “chip” does not turn into useless. It will be useful to someone who wants to pull Outlander off-road. Or insecure drivers who need to “keep on a fly” a curb or a snowdrift. Images from cameras are conveniently switched by a button on the handlebars. Of the pluses, I also note that the dynamic markup is the most that neither is complete – the screen with a view from above shows the trajectory including the front wheels. But we have to constantly wipe the camera, otherwise they, of course, get dirty very quickly in our unwashed Russia.

Parking Aid Assistance

But this is useful for any driver, regardless of experience. No matter how many years you drive, you can not see through the matter. Depart from the parking pockets on the “Outlander” has become noticeably more convenient. You turn on the back – and the system, based on the data from the camera, signals the signal about the approaching machines. She sees – you hear.

Collision avoidance system

Another security assistant works in the parking lot and is useful in the first place to scattered drivers and, do not consider chauvinist, women. Yes, I’m talking about those who confuse the pedals. According to the idea, the system tracks obstacles within four meters and, if you suddenly plan to hit him, limits the traction. But, as practice shows, in addition the assistant also warns about moving objects. I slowly creep in the traffic jam, barely making headway, and in front of me – the usual thing! – the pedestrian passes the road. A clear multiple signal just in case informs me of this.

Mitsubishi Connect

Finally, in the salon, I pay attention to a new multimedia system with a touch screen. With good quality and speed, with the ability to connect your smartphone via Apple CarPlay or Android Auto, but – without navigation. Many in our country do not use regular maps, especially if they do not show traffic jams. Manufacturers solve the problem in different ways. Someone, for example, puts the “left” head with the most famous in Russia “mirror” service. In “Mitsu” the same limited information with GPS-coordinates on the screen. Sometimes nothing is better than bad. And this applies to the current flagship – Pajero Sport.

Finally, I add that Outlander received an emergency response system “ERA-GLONASS”, and now in all trim levels there are sensors of rain and light. Well it is, nice little things.

Useful updates? In general, yes. There is no outright ballast among them. But keep in mind that all new safety systems for a car with a 2.4-liter motor are only in our top-end equipment Ultimate. And the price for it a little over 2.1 million … Pay for a comfortable modern life! By the way, for the version with V6, Mitsubishi promises some new version …