Vandal’s notes: we mutilate Citroen C4 Cactus

And what else to do if you need to quickly check the protective functions of the new crossover Citroen C4 Cactus?

When you watch traditional TV stories about vandalism of marginal elements in the outskirts of Paris, you do not even think that one day you will suddenly have to cynically mock at someone else’s cars. And about the same places. And what else to do if you need to quickly check the protective functions of the new crossover Citroen C4 Cactus?

It’s time to make a minor accident! To strike the bump? Or tear down the decorative arch by the cafe? Hooligan scenarios are born in my head one after another while riding in the suburbs of Paris. And here’s a good goal – a concrete pillar of impressive diameter. I throw the car sideways directly at him. A light blow.

Pedestrians who observed the accident, in slight perplexity. Yes, I behaved like a blonde who bought rights yesterday. And what? It was about this category of customers that Citroën engineers thought when developing the “Cactus”. Do not worry, Parisians, I did everything on purpose – I check the protective functions of Airbumps plastic linings with air capsules inside, which the body is protected almost along the entire perimeter. Citroenovtsy consider polymeric skirt to be an effective way to protect the machine from minor damages. Is it frank marketing, or is it true?

Together with the passer-by we inspect the car. If you hit the post on an ordinary car, then the door would have to be straightened and repainted, and Cactus has scratches that are hard to notice. Composite overlays worked like shock absorbers during the impact. However, at the time of the “accident” the speed did not exceed 15 km / h. But still, the result is not bad. Especially for Paris, where the mutilated bumpers you see almost on every car. Here, such protection is very welcome. Although in Moscow will be the same very soon.

To continue “vandalism” I go to the supermarket. Now I needed an ordinary metal shopping cart. It is these “suitcases” in parking lots often scratch cars. I imitate the typical behavior of an egoist, who, after unloading with an elegant movement, pushes his cart to a foreign car. As expected, the main blows are again in the plastic belt “Cactus”. However, after repeated rams, the trolley finds several hardened areas in the front and rear parts of the body. It seems that the protection from the lining had to be made solid, in a circle.

It is not necessary to doubt: Cactus is best suited for novice drivers. Especially to those who get the right from the third, fifth, tenth time. Scratch the car they will often, but the service can not be handled – plastic pads are ready to suffer a lot of bullying, are inexpensive and change in a few minutes. The best car for a blonde?

Brake in advance!

There is another advantage for Airbumps. Thanks to the overlays, engineers were able to reduce the weight of “Cactus”. As a result, the front-wheel crossover is noticeably lighter than most classmates. Therefore, the French decided to equip the car with very low-power motors. I got the version with a 75-horsepower engine. Few? And why more beginner driver?

The “Cactus” typical for most French cars soft suspension, able to painlessly digest even paving stones. But the brakes shamelessly saved – they are behind the drum. And even quite light crossover brakes too smoothly. However, and to this feature of the machine you can get used to. And do not worry: because small accidents are not terrible.

But on this car and do not want to drive. On the contrary, sometimes you want to stop, throw your foot on your leg, read a book or do nothing. Huge front seats in size outperform the seats in many large SUVs. And in general, the interior looks avant-garde thanks to a flat monitor that replaces the dashboard, and a touchscreen that answers not only for multimedia, but also for the operation of the air conditioner. The solution, which at first glance seems modern, is not always convenient in everyday operation – for example, to change the temperature in the cabin, you have to dig for a long time in the menu.

However, do not rush to criticize. Cactus – car-experiment. Consider that this is a concept that was not scared to quickly launch into the series.

Technical specifications
Citroen C4 Cactus

Overall dimensions, cm 415,7х172,9х149
Wheelbase, cm 259,5
The equipped weight, kg 1.353
The engine is 3-cyl., 1.199 cu. cm turbo
Power 75 hp at 5.750 rpm
Torque 205 Nm at 1,500 rpm
Gearbox 5-p., Mechanical.
Drive type front
Maximum speed, km / h 166
Acceleration from 0-100 km / h, from 12,9
Average fuel consumption, l / 100 km 4,6
Fuel capacity, l 50