Two in one. Crisis Management at the wheel of VW Caddy

Many representatives of small businesses are increasingly forced to tighten their belts. Will they save a new mini-merchant from Volkswagen?

Two or three cars in the family? This issue becomes irrelevant, even in large cities. Rising prices for insurance and parking, the inevitable increase in taxes and penalties. In such conditions, owners of personal fleets are beginning to think about optimization. For example, about one machine that can become a universal alternative to several. Moreover – plow and “working horse” in small business, which is rapidly disappearing into the shadows, and just serve as a family car. The new Caddy in passenger modification seems to be suitable for this role – after changing the generation the van became respectable without losing a working skill. At the same time, it is significantly more expensive than its competitors. Especially in almost the maximum configuration, which we got for the test – with a two-liter diesel, DSG robot and all-wheel drive. So is it worth it to overpay?

Laborer in smart casual

And in fact, Caddy has the appearance of a real clerk against the background of most classmates, more like hard workers. Styled in strict corporate tones, the style will allow the car to be used “for oneself” by those who do not want associations with the “delivery service”. Inside and at all some “smart cache” – here and a large screen of modern multimedia, and a colored glossy insert on the central panel. For the first time the worker received a rear-view camera. In a word, you feel at the wheel like most Volkswagen cars – good-looking and thoughtful to the smallest detail. Without hints at the semi-working purpose of the car.

Although most of the target buyers are more important than the other – the cargo capabilities. They are no worse than before. The volume of the luggage compartment is 560 liters. And when the rear seats are folded, an even area is formed. Want more? You remove the passenger seats altogether and get a hangar with a volume of 3020 (in the extended version – 4200) liters. That is, in terms of the volume of useful space, the clerk Caddy confidently knocked out the micro-enamels and many so-called universal crossovers. In the “bins” it’s easy to get five pieces of washing machines. The main thing is not to overdo with the weight. In short, the machine will suit both the owner of the Internet store, and an outdoor enthusiast who needs to take out half the sports store to the nature – from a tent to several bicycles. It turns out two in one – and a working van, and a car for trips to the country and out of town. And maybe he is also a good family car?

Only without policemen!

On the highway “Moscow-Don” can raskochegarit van to 150. Without fear of losing grip even on slippery roads from the abundance of reagents. The systems of all-wheel-drive and road-holding stability in a bundle work not only very smoothly and delicately, but pre-empt the development of dangerous situations. Well, if the driver suddenly thought about or was distracted, another assistant will come to the rescue – the Rest Assist driver fatigue system.

The front seats are quite comfortable, and even have a little lateral support – do not get tired with long trips. Seats of the second row could also be called comfortable … If not for the lack of adjustment of the slope. And so you sit “like in a tram.” That is, the family or friends who are sent to the back row, should be brought up in Spartan traditions. Otherwise, constant murmur and demand for private rest stops will become the norm. And in the case of the “Spartans” it’s not just a trained back. Hardening too does not hurt. In severe frost in the lateral sliding door noticeable skvozit – another “feature” of many models with the pedigree of the comtrans. Here and for Caddy have not thought up while, how to make door condensers more effectively. It seems to be not a difficult task at all. Or is it not a priority?

The architecture of the suspension is built taking into account the large workloads: in front of the traditional McPherson, and behind the springs, the attachment points of which have been changed so that the passengers do not feel like a “cargo”. It turned out, but not until the end. Without a heavy load, Caddy still can not completely digest uneven asphalt. Even more difficult is the relationship with traffic policemen. Even at a very modest speed the car discontentedly “kicks” the rear of the body. You have to adjust and almost completely stop, then slowly overcome the obstacle so as to avoid the breakdown of the suspension. You feel like a jeweler.

It turns out, in spite of the external gloss and almost passenger style in the front part of the cabin, Caddy, even in the expensive version, sometimes roughly reminds one of its proletarian origin. So, the formula “two in one” in this case works with reservations … However, many minuses cross out the ridiculous consumption of fuel. About six liters in a mixed cycle. In addition to saving on solar oil, it turns out, even the power reserve along the highway exceeds one thousand kilometers. And this is already saving time. For many, by the way, is also an important argument.

Dmitry Barinov,

Photo by the author and Volkswagen