Turbo for the “Lada”. Is there any sense in the fastest Subaru Forester?

The two-liter “turbo crossover” asks for 350 thousand rubles more than the top one with an atmospheric 2.5. Is it worth paying extra for the power of the price of “Lada Grants”?

Forester – all the same in the first place Subaru. Even in the current generation, which is closer than ever to the “masses”. Its highest value is still not in comfort or wealth. Here, to the recognized leaders, no matter how the Japanese tried, far away. Sensations at the wheel – that’s what makes the rest of the rest. Therefore, the choice of a suitable “heart” for a crossover is especially relevant.

All one

What money are we talking about? In the maximum for the basic two-liter motor, the “Foric” kit is worth a little more than two million – consider that it fits the psychological mark for many buyers. With a 2.5-liter, also atmospheric engine crossover in the “top” will cost 2 250 000. Finally, the “turboforika” bundle one – the best. And the price of the issue is already 2 600 000. That is, for “fun with a whistle,” you will have to pay on top of 350,000 rubles. AvtoVAZ now sells “Lada Grant” for the same amount.


By and large, all the money goes to the engine. Although glued in bills from a solid pack, this turbocharged unit with direct injection. “Pluses” from the top almost do not get. Basically, in the spirit of “buy an apartment – get a panama”. Of the differences in the configuration of 2,0XT – 18-inch wheels, sporty bumpers, electric hatch … In general, nothing critically useful, which is not in the top version with a 2.5 engine.

If you do not take into account the impact of engines, the rest of the “Forester” behavior is the same. Everywhere is a perfect all-wheel drive with a multi-disc clutch and an equally beautiful electronic system X-Mode. The latter is very skillfully “played” with thrust and upset the transmission, so you can not deny yourself the pleasure of increasing the distance of jogging behind the tractor. Honestly, the system is so well tuned that almost nothing depends on the motor. Experience shows that the weakest “Forik” is able to cross the dirt light. Well, respectively, with the geometry of the same complete order for all versions. The excellent cross-country ability of the city is provided by good entry and exit angles (23 and 25 cm), as well as a 22-centimeter ground clearance. Looking at it, other owners of crossover can develop an inferiority complex.

Maybe on a normal road something different from an expensive “Forester”? Also no. A small difference will be felt only because of the tires. And then we must try. He is a great ruler and keeps the road with any motor. In the end, all the complete sets with opposed engines and low for the crossover center of gravity.

Suspension is ready without suffering and shuffling for the driver to meet the hardships of Russian life. Although a trifle on relatively flat roads, on the contrary, “collects”. In a weak “Forester” this assembly, maybe, will be a bit tiring for the owner. And in the most powerfully, it makes at least some sense.

In the salon of the same sense, overpaying 350 thousand is not worth looking for. Yes, you must in any case be ready for a “finishing” compromise – inexpensive materials and simple decoration. Not to the poor, but not yet rich. Turbo-chef does not apply to the feeling of the interior.

In the role of superpower

Some figures in the specifications are enough to understand the difference between the motors. Opposite atmospherics in volumes of 2 and 2.5 liters yield 150 and 171 hp. respectively. Two-liter turbocharged – already 241 hp As a superpower and a third world country – it is pointless to compare.

In the dispersal of up to a hundred between 2.5i-L and 2.0XT, an abyss literally opened in 2.5 seconds, and you will feel it anyway. From place to point on the horizon – no questions asked. In other cases, not everything is so unambiguous. Everyday city driving under relax-music can give an imaginary feeling that all “Forester” are equally fast. Because of the fairly rapid response to the accelerator pedal and the 150-horsepower crossover also seems to be sharp. But it’s worth ruthlessly start to equip “tapkom” – you get a foolish pick up that at 60, which is 100 km / h. Together with the classy handling and stability of the feeling that it is necessary.

Under the pressure of sharp and audacious drivers, the variator is also delivered. The transmission is specially tuned so that in extreme loads “pretend” automatically and as if to switch gears. It turns out quite well. But if you do not “take off” and at each traffic light do not measure the dispersal of the stopwatch, the stepless essence gets out. And, whatever you say, and the variator still “eats” the share of buzz from a powerful turbo. Especially in the sport mode, the variator holds the revs necessary for more or less driver’s sensations in the car with any engine.

So I do not see huge advantages on 350 thousand “from above” for a typical inhabitant, given the family orientation of the crossover. Meaning to pay for 2.0XT a lot of money will find, most likely, only in a good way otvyaznye guys. In the garage, they may have waited for the weather “verse”, and family members, even on the back couch “Forik” used to ride on a slippery leatherette, as on the ice. And for a slow motion, 2.5 liters is enough. The main thing is that you can not think of saving money and really buy “Grant”.