Trying to save using the crossover Haval H2

Looking at the prices of compact crossover European, Japanese and Korean brands, I want to fall asleep and wake up in a different reality. Only for a few hundred meters of parquet, the price did not go far beyond a million rubles. As a rule, these are models with stunted engines and poor equipment. Against this backdrop, Haval H2 stands out with a 150-horsepower turbo engine 1.5 – already in the basic version with “mechanics” for 939,900 rubles it has keyless access, rear parking sensors, cruise control and electric mirrors. And our top version with a “machine” for 1,169,900 rubles – and a hatch, two-zone “climate”, electric driver’s seat, rear-view camera and six airbags.

The basic front-drive Haval H2 with “mechanics” costs 939 900 rubles, the version with the “automatic” is a priori richer and therefore at least 180 thousand more expensive. All-wheel drive can only be a top three-pedal version – for 1 099 900 rubles.

The representation says that the first batch has already been sold – and thus the H2 crossover has become the most popular model of the brand in Russia. A loud statement in dry figures is unconvincing: for half of last year only 67 “aych-second” were sold. That’s why the passers-by are pointed at the unknown animal with a finger. Attention – like to the Ferrari! Although most people see in H2 – Audi. Characteristic chrome front panel, LED liner lenticular headlamps … But the inscriptions “Haval” is enough not to confuse the car with others – on the grille, on the rear pillars, on the trunk door, on the thresholds. In addition, the name Haval is projected onto the ground by side mirrors.

The high-frequency dynamics of the audio system and the shape of the front seats again reminds Audi. Elements of door panels as if peeped at the Mercedes. Salon is built on conscience, at the wheel convenient, and the place above my head is enough even for me with an increase of 182 cm. The size of the wheelbase H2 is not at all a record, but I have a margin of five centimeters in front of my knees. The main disadvantage of the compactness of Haveil is in the trunk: there is only 300 liters of volume, although an even shorter Vitara has 375 liters. True, H2 in the cargo underground has a full-size 18-inch reserve, and Suzuki has a dock.