Try wine, cheese and updated Kia Ceed

The KIA did not risk dramatically change the appearance of a successful model on the market. When upgrading Ceed focused on new engines

At this time, the company did not risk dramatically change the appearance of a fairly successful model on the market. Therefore, with a deep upgrade Ceed focused on new engines and transmission.

  • Cheese or wine? Where do we start the tasting? – very quietly, in a low voice the head of the Russian office of KIA.

We loop first on the hatchback, and then the universal Ceed on the serpentines somewhere in the wilderness of Umbria, an Italian province known to connoisseurs by its wineries and cheese shops, but not as untwisted as Tuscany. On what to stop? Than to donate? In the first case, cheese will be an addition, in the second – wine …

  • Maybe first all the same … cheese. Only, please, not the banal Parmesan, – not confidently, almost in a whisper I answer after reflection. – The grapes here are so good that white varieties can not be spoiled …

The road is disgusting, with a lot of pits and potholes, it can be seen that the local budget is far from in the best shape. Not enough money even for routine repairs. But the modified suspension, in which some of the rubber parts of the shock absorbers were modified and the thickness of the rear anti-roll bar increased, eagerly digested all this leapfrog. And even in the bends does not bother the banks. Yes, and the noise from the lousy asphalt, and the engine does not prevent us from communicating, without raising the voice – additional sound-absorbing mats on the underside do a good job of their task.

In the former Ceed, we would almost certainly have had to scream – because there isolation of the cabin from the outside world, you can say, was almost nonexistent. I can imagine how, in a full voice, I would have told my fellow traveler: “To the winery!” And there, by the way, we arrived. Local white Brezza Bianco features a delicate floral berry flavor.

Testing with a barrel

Volumes of local production can be measured in liters, or can be in “barrels” – 200-liter barrels. French, by the way, production. After a short tasting I’m drawn to exploits – I offer the manager of the winery – a brisk Italian – help. Take one of the barrels to a restaurant nearby. Usually she uses a truck for this, and we load the “barrel” into the baggage compartment of our station wagon. No, he did not become bigger than before. Helping the Italian, I decided at the same time to check how the new 135-horsepower gasoline engine will behave with direct injection at maximum loading of the car.

While we were traveling alone, the capacity and traction were sufficient with a large margin. And the six-step robot DCT with two clutches, first appeared on cars of this class, acted so smoothly and delicately that I sometimes thought it was a car with a decent machine. Of course, fans of sports style of driving, he, probably, will disappoint with too phlegmatic settings. But the fans of comfort, on the contrary, will please uncharacteristic for most robots by the absence of jerks when switching. Even in manual mode, when you manipulate underwheel petals. The main feature is a continuous and even transmission of traction, without any hints of failure.

And now Ceed is loaded to the eyeballs. And the road winds between the hills – but on the ups there is absolutely no discomfort. The bunch – motor and DCT – still work without signs of fatigue. Although the stock of traction is no longer felt. And the desire to overtake half-dead “Fiats”, which played in me on the way to the winery, somewhere disappeared. And not entirely pleasantly surprises the expense of the economical, as the company claims, the motor. In a mixed cycle with a barrel in the trunk, it exceeds nine liters per hundred, without it – a liter less. And this is with the declared six liters.

The next item was the cheese factory. Tasted semi-solid varieties.

  • Do not you think they are a bit rude, and they lack spiciness? – I’m interested in the fellow traveler’s opinion.
  • And what prevents us from waving to Tuscany? I hear in response. – Tastings so tighten and do not want to let go. And the point here, it seems, is not in the shades of taste …

Brief specification
Kia Ceed

“1.6” “1.6SW”
Overall dimensions, cm 431х178х147
Wheelbase, cm 265,0
The equipped weight, kg 1.300 1.300
Engine 4-cylinder, 1.591 cu. cm
Power 135 hp at 6.300 rpm
The torque is 165 Nm at 4.850 rpm
6-speed transmission, robot
Drive type front
Maximum speed, km / h 197
Acceleration from 0-100 km / h, from 10.8 11.1
Average fuel consumption, l / 100 km 6.4 6.4
Fuel capacity, l 53