Toyota Land Cruiser 200. Gravity

Having tested the updated “two hundred” in the conditions of the city and off-road, we found out why, despite a number of shortcomings, this model is so successful in Russia.

Having rejected the issue of status, I confess, until recently, did not understand the buyers of Land Cruiser in Russia: why should a heavy, ramp and frame SUV be used in hothouse, in fact, conditions of asphalt roads? But a long test of the updated “two hundred” made adjustments to my beliefs

Land Cruiser 200 4.5 TD. The price: from 2 999 000 r. On sale: from 2015

The fact that many serious SUVs are rarely used for their intended purpose has been known for a long time – actually, that’s why they are getting smaller and smaller. However, individual brands in this system still stand single brands, including Toyota: the time goes by, and the structure of the 150th and 200th “kruzakov” essentially does not change. Approximately the same design of frame bodies, suspension, transmission and motors … And, according to some rumors, the situation with the technical component in the coming years will not change much. And this does not prevent one that the second SUV to occupy the first lines of sales: for the past year, though it was sold at 14% less Prado (14 901 units) and 22% less LC 200 (11 351 units), but the palm tree they still saved, with a colossal break from competitors. What is the paradox of the Russian market – the outdated moral values ​​of the Russian buyer or the banal lack of desire to experiment?

Toyota can bring Land Cruiser 70 to Russia .

This time the car managed to be fully tested both within the metropolis, and beyond its borders, including field routes. And to move around the city on the LC 200, believe me, it’s still hard, especially at first. Not in the sense that it’s “hard” – to the finesse of the suspension, to the thoughtful machine gun, the large dimensions and slightly cargo landing you get used pretty quickly. And that is uncomfortable. The saying “from the cannon on the sparrows” in this case to the Land Cruiser is right. “Toyota” who raises his nose after stopping at the next traffic light, and again and again I ask myself the same question: does this car deserve to be held in urban fetters? Kohl needs a huge rascal, so there are cars and swifter competitors: Mercedes GLS-class, Audi Q7, Range Rover in the end … Yes, the same Patrol, which has lost the frame, is now more civilized!

Toyota Land Cruiser 200 against the “Megacruzer” .

Although in terms of civilization, the Land Cruiser has changed: more electronic options and assistants have changed, finishing materials have changed, the design of the front panel has freshened, and with it many of the blunders in ergonomics have disappeared. So, for example, the controls of the off-road arsenal finally got lost in one pile next to the lever of the machine, and the keys and levers themselves became better and more pleasant to the touch. However, with the central console, the Japanese have a little too much control, setting an 8-inch touchscreen, which replaced the necessary control keys. The display itself has no complaints: the sensitivity is optimal, and the interface is moderately understandable and up-to-date. But to turn on the windshield heating, you need to go into the sub-menu of the climate control, where the functions of changing the direction of the stove flows, the intensity of blowing and switching off the air conditioner are also hidden. Fans of “cruisers” such changes are clearly not happy.

Survival lessons from Toyota Land Cruiser 200 .

And this is not all the wisdom of Toyotov electronics. If such an anachronism as the absence of a triple “click” of turn signals after a single touch can be attributed to “conservatism” or simply “not followed”, then modern electronic assistants Toyota Safety Sense, introduced after the upgrade, also port. I confess that the front-collision warning system with automatic braking and the driver’s fatigue control could not be tested … But the road sign recognition system, like the adaptive cruise control, evaluated: they work worse than competitors. The signs are not readable, but the cruise does not slow the car to a full stop …