The riot of the English lord: 10 years of life Range Rover Sport

Range Rover Sport, as, indeed, all Land Rover – cars are extremely bright, and they can either fall in love from the first seconds

The first thing that seems unusual when you sit down in a rather big car and drive the first few meters is a very light steering wheel.

Even easier than many modern cars with an electric booster. The feature for a large SUV is strange, but you quickly get used to it. Then pay attention to it, only once again changing into another car.

In general, Range Rover Sport, as, indeed, all Land Rover – cars are extremely bright, and they can either fall in love from the first seconds behind the wheel and never leave again, as many owners do, or hate – there are even stories when ” heatedly bought “tried to return the” objectionable “back to the auto show.

In the meantime, we will clearly see how this machine has changed over the past 10 years – from 2006 to 2016 and whether it could preserve its identity. During this time, one restyling and one generation change survived. Is the English good for innovation?

Looking at the exterior of the two cars, the conservative Englishmen just can not be named. For 10 years, RR Sport has changed almost beyond recognition, decently grew up and changed the traditional frame to an aluminum platform, one with the “older” Range Rover. This explains and a decent increase in size – the first Sport shared a “cart” with Discovery. The wheelbase as a result has stretched almost 18 centimeters, there is even a place for the third row of seats, which can be installed optionally. However, if you put two cars close, the difference is obvious.

But the salon cardinal changes were not received – the style is developing in the same direction. Yes, there was a new multimedia system that “eaten” most of the buttons from the front panel, a slightly smoother line, but the architecture remained the same. The “captain’s landing” has survived over the years – no reclining for you at the wheel.

Both the exterior and the absence of the frame cause a lot of controversy among the adherents of the old and the new. Conservative car enthusiasts call the new “glamorous” and “not an SUV”, fans of new lines and technologies call the old – “suitcase”. In any case, they have something to argue about, and we found out how the Range Rover Sport has really changed over the last 10 years. The comparative test was hit by two Supercharged, in 2006 this version was top, now there is an extreme SVR above, but he can not find an analogue among the “oldies”.

Decently changed the feeling of the car – indeed, the first, despite the “sports” manners, closer to the traditional SUV. He is heavier on the rise, more heels. The new one, however, has a more crossover behavior – the change in architecture has a positive effect on handling.


The new Land Rover Discovery declassified on the official photo

What remained unchanged is the character of the acceleration on the straight line at full throttle. Both cars behave exactly the same, and this is their “trick”, which fans like such machines. The gas pedal to the floor, a delay of a few fractions of a second, and the SUV, with its muzzle like a speedboat, roars with a roar. In sprint indicators, modernity clearly wins.

Under the hood of a modern car – a 510-hp 5-liter turbocharger AJ-V8 Gen III R from Jaguar. The same is installed on charged Jaguar XKR and XFR. On the 10-year model is its predecessor, the 4.2-liter compressor AJ-V8, which gives 390 horsepower.

In cars of two generations, a colossal difference in dynamics – 5.3 seconds to “hundreds” versus 7.6 seconds 10 years ago. As you wish, but progress does not stand still. Now this dynamics has the most low-power diesel version.

The new 510-hp motor appeared in the last generation, after restyling. But the car was still driving almost a second slower – 0-100 km / h took 6.2 seconds. A six-speed gearbox instead of the modern eight-speed and big weight do their thing. Until the architecture changed, it was impossible to receive the maximum return.

The off-road potential, with all the improvements that positively affected the handling, did not diminish. The system of symmetrical all-wheel drive with electronically controlled central differential and two-stage distribution – no matter how some people would like to call the new RR Sport useless SUV, with such data it will sound strange. The clearance rises to 278 millimeters, and for a short time, to overcome obstacles, the suspension can rise up to 335 millimeters. The possible depth of the ford is 850 millimeters. Geometric patency is also in perfect order – maximum angles of entry and exit are 33 and 31 degrees.

You can find fault as much as you like – yes, the new car has become glamorous, many do not like it. Yes, there are trifles, which are beginning to forget with the accelerating rhythm of life – so, for the sake of aerodynamics and design, the new thresholds are missing. Even optional. Climb into the old car is much more convenient. But in this case, pay attention to such trifles, when the technology goes forward by leaps and bounds, it’s the same as complaining that the iPhone does not have a comfortable phone booth.


Cars Jaguar and Land Rover withdrawn in the Russian Federation due to sensor defect

A lot of jokes about the insecurity of the Range Rover. And this really takes place, if we talk about the very first. The owner of a 10-year-old car, who all his life is in the same hands, honestly admitted that in the first years almost everything had to be replaced, except, perhaps, the motor and the automatic transmission system. Something several times, and the car broke down. Most of the serious malfunctions occurred during the warranty period. Over the cars of recent years, frank lacquer is not seen – reliability came to a new level after the first restyling in 2009.

The new Range Rover Sport Supercharged loses “grandfather” in only one. That 10 years ago was the best among its. And now he surrendered his position to second place. Forward came the new Range Rover Sport SVR. Technology does not stand still.