The principle of “all the same.” Test drive Mitsubishi Pajero Sport

Mitsubishi Pajero Sport did not escape from the brotherhood of frame SUVs. But did he become friendlier to his master?

He tried to domesticate, but he still rushes to freedom. Mitsubishi Pajero Sport did not escape from the brotherhood of frame SUVs. But did he become friendlier to his master?

Someone in the grocery store chooses socks, in a fashionable fish restaurant the burger orders, goes to sleep in the cinema, and dines before a roller coaster. Then he says – did not like it. I’m sure the situation is familiar to everyone. Perhaps you do it yourself. But some things have a strict, very narrow purpose. In other situations, they simply lose their meaning. Cars, too, can be pleasant when viewed from one angle and completely incomprehensible under another. Such as Mitsubishi Pajero Sport.

It seems to be elementary things, but look how much in Moscow every day languishing in jams of huge frame off-road cars. For most of their owners, the trip to the city ends in the parking lot of “Ashan”, and the longest autotravel in life is from Podolsk to Zelenograd with a break for lunch. During which they complain that the car badly steers and eats a lot. Well, I would … I became just such a motorist for three days and at first looked at Pajero Sport in a new way, on the wrong side. That is, I ordered a burger in a fish restaurant. And then I already appreciated the SUV in the usual wild element, as it should be.

Disgrace in the past

In fact, Pajero Sport literally looked at everything in a new way. The stink without any claims suddenly turned into a chic fashion adorned with chrome. What’s got on him is “worn out”, still you can understand in this abundance of corners and intricate lines. Once glancing at the back of the SUV, one immediately gives birth to one of the feelings – either dislike or sympathy. Distemper hanging down like icicles. I will call them a non-standard stylistic decision. And it will be true, because there are no analogues on the road.

Obviously, in the new generation Pajero Sport really wants to please those who do not care about its off-road qualities. When you mostly go from work to home, you mostly look for comfort in the car. Mitsubishi has done a lot for pleasant sensations, although obviously not all.

Previously it was like? Three hours vskorjaku – and you in the elements. In another way, it’s hard to describe the trip on the previous Pajero Sport. Knees struggled against the steering wheel, then on the door, until the steering wheel stretched, like up to a million dollars, the length of the pillow was devilishly lacking, and about modern options only dreamed.

Disgrace in the past. At least, at the wheel of the new “Sport” you no longer feel like becoming a hobbit due to the normal ranges of all adjustments and the proper organization of space. The steering wheel, which can finally be moved, is now heated. Another would have been to prop up the lower back, more compartments for things and the unlock button for the central lock. That’s a little bit to refine the interior – and it will be quite comfortable.

In the environment of Moscow traffic Pajero Sport is no longer so foreign. Although this is still not his place. Imagine you are trailing in a traffic jam – longing for depression. On-board computer, whether time, or consumption: 17, 18 … Three-liter petrol V6 on a two-ton SUV is absolutely inappropriate for the city. But there is nothing to do while, until the next year in Russia, the diesel will not be exactly.

Oh, what is this? The brake pedal vibrated violently, an obstacle in front. Pajero Sport now warns of the danger of a collision. True, he will start to slow down only when it is too late. As they say, to mitigate the consequences. And before that – signals and vibrations.

Again, plunging into the corky half-deadness, the joints on the overpass interfere. Thanks to the steering damper, the “steering wheel” no longer tends to independent life after the first roughness, but it still has to be fought.