The Polaris General will crush stereotypes

If you are engaged in one specific topic for a long time, it is not difficult to predict the result. You look at the first picture of a motorcycle on the net and you realize that it’s easy and fast to turn. You come to the premiere test and only find out the limits of speed and maneuverability. Or you carefully study the ATV at the exhibition and almost feel how it will behave on the roads. The task in the field is to grasp the nuances, to compare your impressions of management with the knowledge that has already been learned from competitors. However, this time my old and proven mechanism of internal predictions misfired.

In my defense, I can only quote photographs: scrap metal. Corporate style Polaris “from thousands of design options we choose the most boring” fully maintained. As if there’s a poster hanging over the entrance to the design studio: “Do not let yourself be superfluous!” Really?! Five stars on board under the inscription “General” can be, although only one rank is placed on the rank, and a daring appearance is impossible? Although … who cares what a ATV looks like, if most of its customers wear jeans of the same model all their lives, a checked shirt, a hat and boots? Severe cowboys do not like change. However, the new model broke these stereotypes.

Let’s start with the fact that before in the line of Polaris vehicles there were two poles: fast and impractical on the one hand, and very practical, but just as depressingly on the other. The buyer constantly had to make a choice, because not many can afford two side-by-side (one for work on weekdays, the second for Sunday trips). It was then that General was coined. Under the appearance of a hard worker, a sports guy hides himself. The seats are borrowed from the RZR, but slightly upgraded, the angle of the backrest has been changed to make it more comfortable to stay behind the wheel for a long time. The steering wheel with a light touch of sporty style (does not affect the handling, but improves visual perception) is integrated with the dashboard into a single unit, which completely eliminates the problems with visual perception of the readings of the instruments when adjusting the rudder. New dials are informative, and on the LCD display the main parameters are reflected in the center when driving. Finally, the designers recalled the convenience and introduced an automotive algorithm for selecting a mode for the variator transmission: the selector forward – parking, one click on itself – the reverse, another on itself – the neutral, then the lowered range of the transmission and the end to itself – the usual forward movement ( Mode H). Any motorist at once will understand, besides modes of operation of transmission have received distinct display on the instrument panel.

The power unit and the transmission were borrowed from the sports model RZR 1000. The two-cylinder in-line engine decided not to deprive the horse population, leaving an impressive hundred, but the variator was redesigned to get rid of sporting sharpness for the sake of practicality and comfort. Without this adaptation, General could not drag a trailer in 680 kg or carry 500 kg in a body. It is difficult to say with certainty whether the ATV will be able to keep the dynamics if you attach a full trailer to it and choose a load limit on the bodywork. But the fact that he will cope with this task is unquestionable, because without load the four-wheeler only loses a little in the dynamics of the sports model-donor.

Nevertheless, driving is more pleasant. The fact is that the new transmission completely deprived General nervousness. The acceleration is pushy and comfortable, and the rate of speed dialing does not correspond to the angular appearance of the hard worker: it is unexpectedly fast. And thanks to the clogged tires, there is no special problem even with overclocking the fluffy snow lying on the frozen ground. Accurate and precise strokes of a picture of comfort is added by the suspension. Front and rear double A-shaped levers with strokes 311 and 335 mm. FOX Podium X QS3 shock absorbers swallow irregularities without any problems, tactfully taking on the weight of the device after small jumps. And only occasionally they respond by breakdown when you cross deep transverse tracks at high speed.

And even in difficult modes of movement on the “intersection” of the cabin does not fly out, the seat does not shake and convulsively behind the wheel do not hold. The electric booster dampens all parasitic jerks, while not depriving the driver of acceptable feedback. The systems work so clearly and smoothly that every turn on this utilitarian wants to pass in a drift. Moreover, thanks to the large monolithic plastic doors, the snow practically does not fall into the cabin.

That’s for sure: meet on clothes, see off emotions from driving, and they are very positive. We have a real universal apparatus. Do not infringe on yourself either in the utilitarian component, or in the pleasure of leisure. Moreover – rest is now easy to make more saturated, because without losing the dynamics in the body of the General 1000, you can take with you on the way all those nice additions that used to be left in the garage.

A. Boyko

Photo by A. Boyko