The killer of garage tuning: test drive Volkswagen Polo GT

The Russian Volkswagen Polo was added power, but without external styling it was not.

At the sight of the Volkswagen Polo with red-black vinyl strips all over the body, you are extremely perplexed. Is it a car from the salon, and not the creation of an 18-year-old street racing? “Thirty minutes of shame and you’re at home” is the most loyal “joke” that sounded at the time of loading things into the car.

But these stripes seem to be proud – they were awarded the first 300 Polo GT, descended from the assembly line. The limited version. Yes, for a long time people from the southern republics on the tinted “Lada” without a silencer tried to start me from the traffic light …

But, if you close your eyes to vinyl decorations in the style of night racing “402 meters from the traffic lights to that garbage can”, it becomes obvious that Polo has grown prettier. The stickers begin to fall off after the first wash, and in addition to the ridiculous strips, the GT version received a number of elements that pleasantly revived the look of the earlier boring machine.

Like trifles – slightly changed bumpers, the trunk lid is decorated with a small spoilerochkom-“ski”, the tail lights are darkened, the wheels are placed larger, and the car gets a completely different look. There are fewer changes in the cabin, but they are all positive. The main thing is the sports steering wheel, like on all “charged” Volkswagen, plump, comfortable and cut off on the bottom. The seats received a signature checkered finish, though, the profile remained as inarticulate as in the usual Polo.

Under the hood – turbo engine in volume of 1.4 liters, issuing 125 horsepower. Although the capacity relative to the 1.6-liter atmospheric was not increased much – only 15 horsepower, the turbocharged car is more interesting. With a traditional 110-horsepower engine, even in tandem with the mechanics Polo was completely “retired”.

And it’s not even in the figures to “hundreds” – the turbo Polo dispersal to 100 kilometers per hour takes 9 seconds, like the version with a six-speed mechanics, and with a seven-speed DSG. In the 1.6-liter version with the MCP – there it is 5-step – acceleration takes 10.4 seconds, but there is more than 1.4 seconds difference, and “ease on the rise”. Where the atmospheric strains roars, trying to show all the power, the turbocharged 1.4 easily gives out the put, providing a stable acceleration and a quick response to the gas pedal.

The fuel consumption, as well as on all turbomotors, very much depends on the manner of driving. With a dynamic ride, Polo’s appetite is completely childless – over 10 liters per 100 km. But if you drive economically, you can keep within 5 liters.

The combination of this 1.4-liter turbo engine with DSG is no longer new – with the same “kit” sold by Skoda Rapid. But coupled with a six-speed mechanics – exclusively for Polo. Such engines are now available on conventional Polo in the high-end configuration, but then the appearance of the car will be quite ordinary.

Despite the fact that in our car DSG did not cause any complaints, and does not lose “mechanics” in the dispersal, it is better to choose the version with a manual box. Not all versions of DSG are bad, but Polo has received a notorious unit with the DQ200 index. Several years ago, it was being finalized, critical shortcomings were removed, but complaints of car owners with such a transmission still exist. Six-step “mechanics” fits into the image of a car with a sporting style more organic – why should we “Skoda Rapid” in another body? Another vote in favor of “mechanics” – it is cheaper by 70 thousand rubles.

Suspension differs from the atmospheric version, but not strikingly – for this part the mood is unambiguously in the direction of comfort, the subjective sensations have made the car even softer, you imperceptibly pass unevenness, you can practically not brake before lying policemen. And of course, this is not a special setting for the GT version, this suspension goes to all turboed Polo.

Gathering Polo GT at the plant in Kaluga, in the same place where all Volkswagen Polo for Russia. We got one of the first cars that came off the assembly line, which will not go on sale, so we do not focus on the “dancing” buttons on the dashboard and other flaws in the assembly. On pre-series non-commodity copies of such little things just did not pay attention to the customers will go to the normally assembled cars. This is proven by the previously tested serial Polo c from the same plant.

Of course, no matter how we were trying to portray this in advertising and emphasize vinyl stickers, no sports car Polo GT did. This is a version exclusively for the Russian market, a little bit lively with styling. The surcharge for the whole set of “street-racing” tricks is 33 thousand rubles. But really sports Polo will not be offered to us. In Europe, there is a hatchback Polo GTI with a 1.8-liter turbo engine, giving out under 200 horsepower. But we would have cost him exorbitant money – closer to two million rubles, so it’s pointless to get such a car on the market.