The Great provocateur: test drive Lexus LX450d

Once each of us must be lucky, I’m just sure of it. That’s my one night given the keys and documents from the Lexus and said, “Blow in Moscow a couple of days go for a drive and drive back.” “Well, if good fortune?” – I thought about the office, climbing into the Lexus and connecting your phone to car multimedia system. And then began the trip to Moscow. Luck is it?

Large frame machine

I’m not going to breed controversy about whether to purchase the frame SUV for urban trips. Who knows, everyone has different tastes. Someone buys a car for trips to the theater, someone is spending ten thousand rubles for the tackle to catch a dozen perch. In my opinion, this is the same thing, well, God bless him. Let’s see what kind of a beast – Lexus LX450d.

I will not be the hundredth time to talk about the close relationship Toyota Land Cruiser 200 and Lexus LX450d – a well-known fact, and the result – that’s it. The result was mixed. In profile, it’s the same sad hippo, but the look in his eyes scared Lexus: aggression in him more than in the Impreza WRX. The front part of the car is good to fear, but it is unlikely she looked harmoniously with the rest of the exterior ponderous SUV. But the combination of sharp straight lines and overall unhealthy puffiness will have to get used to: in it even more.

On the parking machine is in the lower position: gidropnevmopodveska allows you to change the height of within 15 centimeters. Honestly, I like the way this looks like a Lexus in the down position. A sort of airship parked, from which emanates strength and power. However, in the upper position Lexus is good, but in this case it would be desirable not to fly on the left row, driving right vperediiduschie cars flashing high beams and climb somewhere on the roads, and see how this car will behave in difficult conditions.

Yes, exterior LX450d ambiguous. As is the case when a person wants to cover pillow, if you know what I mean. But inside it’s different.

Leather, wood, soft plastic – indispensable attributes of the premium segment. Combine them in different ways, as anyone prompt experience, imagination and theoretical knowledge in the field of design. First a brief idea born Lexus interior, simple to outrageous, “Ah!” It seems that this car will be in playing football. No, it will not work.

Plenty of room in the front is slightly smaller than it seems, but the driving position is very cozy. It is a cozy and not some other. And the strange thing: if you try to put all the items on the shelves finishing salon, get some incredible mess of completely different materials, textures and colors. But the assembly out very nicely.

The only drawback that I could find in the interior, so it is a complicated form of the handles of the door panels. They “drain” on the side mirrors off into the door, not butted with armrests. Handles have turned some alien, and travel, noticing this detail peripheral vision, I involuntarily shuddered: what is this on my door? But then I got used.

And this is why the handle on the front desk – I did not understand. Grasp the handle of me did not occur to any landing, let alone move. But they do not interfere with the review, therefore, to think about their existence ceases almost immediately.

And one more question provoked screen multimedia system. It seemed to me that someone is there because the developers had planned that when the ignition is off, he should “go” inside the panel, but then forgot about it. And now he sticks around permanently.

800 kilometers in eight hours

Any more or less long journey begins with the fact that I fill up in the trunk of a travel bag. Under the malevolent chuckle neighbors to focus and Solaris I drove a Lexus from the old UAZ: to open the back door SUV is required oh how much space. Raskoryachishsya “Japanese” in the poldvora, and I was able to open the back door, and the driver.

cost of
from 5.434 million rubles

Keyless access – that’s fine, but the impressive dimensions sometimes go in harm. The tailgate is in two parts, and if you open more and lower, the trunk will have to crawl on their bellies. And nothing is better not to put deep into luggage – get torment. Although, of course, a trunk – a definite plus, but not too easily accessible – just flip side, called “Big Black Jeep” (although our Lexus and black). We sat down in the seat, start the engine, sit back.

Almost immediately, I wished I had not bothered to read a manual. Well, let us understand in order to start and drive out of the yard. It’s amazing, but the problems with the size, I did not feel. Yes, in the yard or close the store to find a place is not always possible. But there is another solution to the problem!

Before going on the road I stopped to shop. Even very late at night to get up just anywhere. The local mafia, squatting, with interest watched my attempts to find a free parking lot at the hectare. And then I realized why we need an SUV in the city.

Breezing through the curb, asphalt’s welcome across the track and get up right next to the storefront. Wow, how many violations of the rules at the same time! But Lexus has just provoked. It is foolish to buy a car and take advantage of all these benefits for six with a small million rubles. But the guys in caps watched with respect. Here it is! Thank you for Lexus.

We leave in reverse. Of course, in the back can not see a damn thing. But there is a camera, provides excellent all-round visibility. So, where to include them? It is not, it is also not that … Hmm … Oh, that’s where this button: the wheel is completely closed. In the dark even illumination not see it. Okay, remember (decision very optimistic: remember had too much).

It’s not going quietly to the exit from the city. If in the yard zigzag among the parked cars easy enough, then go to the stream and play the “checkered” (ha ha, Lexus, come on!) Is already slightly heavier: the SUV is too heavy, and no matter how great may be the steering and brakes, the weight machine felt at any selected suspension mode. It seems that every time a sharp maneuver the car leans to the right or to the left heel slightly delayed. Not critical, but perceptibly.

We leave the track.

Take the first digression. We have under the hood – turbodiesel 1VD-FTV. V8, 272 hp. s, and most importantly -. 650 Nm … and the classic “machine”. Not to say that something beyond, but to drive this SUV can.

We occupy the left lane, and we press on the gas pedal. On the face – a very smug smile like you to speak at KVN and just received the highest score from Julius Guzman.
(If you know what I mean).

And absolutely do not care what overboard night – Head Light is simply amazing. The quality of the road surface? Well, who knows what’s down there, under the hydropneumatic suspension. Wheels for something slap there, which means that we still touch the asphalt. Doing a little louder music (standard audio system also triggers) and finally rush into nirvana. More precisely, in the Led Zeppelin, but essentially it does not change. A desire to delve into the equalizer settings. And for this we have to stand on the sidelines: not all so simple here.

Let’s start with the fact that the multimedia system has a joystick control. It is worth it for the selector lever, but for me, it is quite convenient. But they bring the cursor to the desired menu item is not used to very hard. For three days I have not used, despite the fact that the joystick has a fixed position.

The interface itself has a strange architecture. It is clear, there you can find everything. But not at once. For example, I got an equalizer and once more there was not able to get there, no matter how hard he tried. Change the direction of airflow? Please, but also a joystick, and the devil knows where. In addition, a button that something is duplicated on the console, do not have the backlight when activated. And every time you turn on something, we have to look at the screen to see you included something or not. In short, to manage this device on the go – employment for talented, capable, bright and creative personalities.

On the paid part of the track a little more hamim, driving the car to the fullest. Coil ends at two hundred kilometers per hour, with a very unpleasant way: simply disappears reaction to the gas pedal. Disappointment, if your surgeon has mixed operation to remove appendicitis with castration. Like deceived, with permanently. Moreover, how would I clocked the car, diesel sound is heard only at the moment of sharp pressing the gas pedal, then the sound (very nice, by the way), and quietly ceases on the track does not molested in any way. The combination of acoustic comfort and a delightful drive, but this limit is 200 km / h … It is, of course, is clear: much more, then? But do not buy a Lexus to go by the rules.

Lexus LX 450d
Consumption per 100 km

Urban cycle lExtra Urban, lCombined cycle, l11.2 8.5 9.5

Acceleration to 100 km / h
8.6 with

It would be a crime not to move out of the way and not try SUV in its native element. Unfortunately, the possibility of the mud puddle I was not: it was treacherously dry. But geometric flotation test failed, and it has shown itself much better than you can imagine. To hang diagonally car I could not do (not much sought, maybe?), And turn the washer into position «Crawl» allowed to relax and be dragged to a reduced number without the slightest participation in governance (except taxiing, of course). It was, however, a swamp, but I have not reached there: something tells me that UAZ sat down on the LX bridge of dirt not vydernesh.

From St. Petersburg to Moscow, I drove eight hours – very well. However, even then almost two hours jostled by the metropolis, because in the capital over the spit, Lexus at you or not. And navigation is a bit strange, is convenient to use, but no errors with it, you can only drive a couple of laps on the Ring Road, in the city, it sometimes builds strange routes, drive on which it is simply impossible.

What else?

After the first three hours of driving, I entered into an unequal battle with the chair. The chair won. The rest of the way had to sacrifice something: that the lumbar back, the shoulder girdle. Most neck ached, and it all seems very strange, because I like you sit comfortably and flows into everything. And the adjustment ranges are not very large, but I found sufficient. The back does not share my opinion, but it is her problem.

It is foolish to sing the praises of a good car. And so it is clear that LX450d can not please the average owner, especially one who knows why he needs such a car. There are, however, some unpleasant moments: the joystick, not the most successful chair gidropnevmopodveski strange work, which for some reason, sometimes in traffic was beginning to lift up the car on their own. Not everywhere you can find a parking spot, can not always be sharply maneuver … I’d like to ride this car often? Perhaps if it is given as a service. I would have bought themselves subject to availability of funds? Hardly: no matter how beautiful was this SUV, I just do not need this, especially in the city.

Finally, about the fuel consumption. It turned out not too big: I burned 190 liters of diesel fuel for the trip to Moscow and back (about 1 600 kilometers, taking into account urban trips), the average consumption was about 12 liters per “hundred”. If I do not go crazy on the highway, it is likely that it could meet and in 10. But do not go crazy on the LX? Sorry, it’s beyond me.

Special opinion

Chepelev Andrew, editor of

If we draw the musical analogy, it is most reminiscent of Lexus LX techno remix of the Viennese waltz. DJs will not lie: neither dimmed with danceable beats with fashionable samples to the original track, and triplex for music “dyts-dyts” is not necessary, though burst. Get something original and even threatening, but it is hardly harmonious.

But in the cabin resting. Noise is perfectly balanced: a soft musical accompaniment by street noise subsides and you swim in this river icebreaker on city streets in blissful isolation. I remember how I was disappointed the first generation Lexus IS250: V6 under the bonnet was so strangled exhaust system and “Shumka” that sounded muffled, like some hair. Here everything is different: eight-cylinder sound with all due nobility, and the roar of the diesel adds spicy notes of bubbling fat dub-step.

The choice of car
Chief of Staff teaches tёrtltrot: test Toyota Land Cruiser 200 Executive

And indeed the equipment, as we are assured in the representation of Toyota, was created in execution of the wishes of the Russian fans of the model. And they wanted “more Land Cruiser»: greater solidity, more comfort on the road …

6096 1 3

During the day on the street you are a dictator. You pass “away from sin”, and the time is enough to set the pepper at the traffic lights and dancing all around it. Banks? It’s even fun. But everything changes with the onset of darkness. The roads are empty, are the most daring. And then I realize that this Lexus can be issued only after the presentation of certificates by the buyer from the therapist about the full balance and life satisfaction.

That is because bad luck. Each owner tinted Lancer feels obliged to compete with “hippopotamus.” But the power of the mighty V8, which sufficed for dominance in the “vegetable” stream, is often prohibitively little! You begin to feel unfortunate hitch at the start, while the electronics thinks, as if not to break the automatic transmission torque, suffer from a complete lack of traction from the diesel engine at high speeds … Each victory gives it a puffy veteran with difficulty, and your movements at the wheel become nervous and sharp . And when one day you ahead of any Skoda Octavia 1.8 TSI, conveniently fit into a turn, you already hate rolls suspension and despair.

But how? Indeed, such an awesome view! This triumph of the noble fury in the sound of the V8! And so hard to compete with street racers. And it is impossible not to compete – will not be the same in front of him to let each plebeian … Apparently, I for such machines are still too young and hot. I’ll see you again when I grew up for 10 years and stop paying so much attention to the challenges of others.


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