The first test drive of the new crossover Skoda VisionS

Skoda VisionS is a colleague of the Tiguana, which has not yet been published, 4700 mm in length, 1910 mm in width and 1680 mm in height with a wheelbase of 2,790 mm. Similar sizes have Kia Sorento Prime and Hyundai Grand Santa Fe . True, Koreans offer buyers at least 200 hp, mandatory automatic and all-wheel drive, and Skoda certainly will have options easier and more accessible.

VisionS looks very pretty. There is no Shkod in the dullness of the past! Particularly good are the headlights in two tiers and the grille with double crosspieces. Some details on the road to the conveyor will disappear, but the overall appearance of the car is 80-90% final.

What not to do with the car

Motor range will cost no surprises: gasoline turbo engines 1.4, 1.8 and 2.0, as well as 1.6 and 2.0 turbodiesels (power spread – from 125 to 280 hp). On the classic machine do not trust: only a robot with two clutches DSG in different versions. Full drive, as usual, will not be offered for all executions. In short, a typical “designer” of the MQB platform.

Super test 10 “rascals”

For the first time VisionS was shown at the Geneva Motor Show, which we talked about in the April issue of “Behind the wheel.” And almost immediately after Geneva, the car had to be sent to Beijing, on a motor show. The Czechs had only a few days to deliver the car to the plant for glossing – and just at that moment I was among the lucky ones in Mladá Boleslav.

In the eyes of the local people it was clear that they were afraid of the car, like a child’s own. But there was no point in lighting up.

I thought that the concept car was built on a serial chassis, as the preparation of production had already reached the final stage – we should see live commodity vehicles closer to the autumn. But it turned out that VisionS is only an exhibition exhibit, which can slowly move around. The whole test drive – a few laps on a closed hangar. Feelings are comparable to driving a children’s electric car or a computer simulator. The wheels turn to the same angle as the steering wheel, the work of the suspension on perfectly smooth concrete is not felt, the brakes at a low speed grasp dead. So it’s not so easy to talk about driving experiences, it’s very, very early. And yet there are some observations.

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