The first Russian test of the cheapest car in the world

Indians brought to Russia a “bomb”: the cheapest car in the world, which will cost 300,000 rubles, or even less! And theoretically Bajaj Qute should become a bestseller in our country by pushing into the far corner not only Ravon Matiz and other Lifan Smily , but also a number of AVTOVAZ models. But that’s just the point, that only theoretically, because in actual fact it’s not a car at all …

The amusing and unusual tarantas has already passed certification and by type of vehicle it is listed as … a heavy quadricycle! Yes, the Indian kid is not quite a car: rather, a quadric with a body. But this does not mean that you will have to register it in the Gostehnadzor and require “tractor” “rights” of the corresponding category. Bajaj Qute has a PTS and is registered in the traffic police, and to manage this miracle of technology it is enough to possess a driver’s license of category “B”. So what is before us – a car or a quadricycle?

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The curious vehicle with which the AvtoVzglyad portal got acquainted with one of the first Russian media did not even have time to register the registration marks, so our pokachki limited ourselves to the test range of the distributor of the brand – the company East West Motors. However, this was enough to understand whether the Indian “cart” has chances to become a mass product in Russia.

A merry clunker weighing 400 kg has a steel monocoque and a fully plastic body. Here – the real steering wheel, a speedometer, three pedals and a sequential five-speed transmission: yes, yes, like sports cars. You will be surprised, but in this boxy four people comfortably fit, and without any discomfort for the feet, heads and shoulders. Moreover, if you want, you can remove the roof and save the doors from the window frames – how do you like such a miracle-cabriolet?

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Inside, everything is laconic, without any frills, but “Bajaju” (which is exactly how to pronounce his name in vain) is not needed. All the most basic here is: a stove, huge pockets in the doorway, where a dozen gadgets and all sorts of small things get in; Two glove box (under one fit a full reserve), both on keys; And even an audio system. Yes, not anyhow, but with a remote and able to digest USB flash drives and microSD.

In general, in a good company for your favorite music and with the breeze – the very thing for those who love hard, loud and unsafe. Yes, it’s better not to crash on the Qute: crash tests EuroNCAP showed that the belts that are in the salon will not be saved. Of course, because they are without pre-tensioners, and the cushions in the car are missing in principle. What will happen to the plastic body after a kiss on the road with a real car, it’s better not to talk. And if it’s KAMAZ, the riders will be immediately buried in the asphalt.

But let’s not talk about sad things. It’s clear that this car is not for fucking, but for unhurried transportation-delivery of pizza, sushimi or shish kebab from point “A” to point “B” in the city. It is not necessary to drive like a madman to bring a hot order to the client (especially since the electronics will not allow to accelerate over 70 km / h) – a brisk kid can climb literally into any hole, so you can forget about traffic jams.

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