The driver or master: the experience of owning the BMW 740iL E38

The departure of this model from the stage, the fans mourned a little weaker than the Beatles – the death of John Lennon. The advent of the new millennium was marked by a change of epochs in the Bavarian model series. Since then, malicious experiments have begun with design, fuel efficiency and other sad trends. We remember the true Bavarian values ​​of the 90s together with the “third” of the third generation.


My meeting with E38 was to take place last fall. But the frosts crept up unnoticed, and the German woman was ashamed to leave the parking lot, so as not to frighten the winters surrounding the summer tires on the first St. Petersburg ice. Patience is the way to satisfaction: after seven months our rendezvous still took place.

And for the better! The rays of the midday spring sun go to her more than the reflections of the frost puddles. The long, Schwarz metallic full body, full Shadow-Line, left chrome only on the family nostrils, in muscular arches – 18-inch BBS RS, they are also the “42nd style”. Classic. No Asian motifs, flames and other pop music. Clean “nemetchina” old school, not at all spoiled by the tracks of restyling in 1998. The style given by the predecessor in 1987 is recognizable for a verst and is still revered at the cult level. Sam Paul Marriage would not have drawn better.

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We can do without the allusions and citations from the well-known film about four friends from the Russian remote places. A partner of James Bond, remotely controlled from the Ericsson phone, an accomplice in the dark deeds of the carrier Frank Martin, equipped with a code-based ignition, the film career of the E38 was successful without the Czarow soundtrack. In life she was not less fortunate. Before the removal of the conveyor, the E38 sales went up sharply. Seeing the creation of Chris Bangle, connoisseurs of Bavarian classics rushed to storm dealers’ salons in time to buy the last real flagship.


Became already a classic driver-oriented cockpit envelops me with smells of expensive leather and natural wood. The feeling of a new car. Thoughts involuntarily endure me 16 years ago. And here I am the darling of fate, a successful businessman, owner of a factory, newspaper or steamer, I go to the BMW dealer to find out about the prices for the new “seven” .

A courteous manager, flooding with a nightingale, tells me about the advantages of restyling, but I resolutely stop it. I clearly know what I want. Seats – necessarily comfortable, with massage. Pulling my back on the court, I no longer recognize the standard hard chairs. Adjustments, of course, to the maximum, and that with memory, including a heated steering wheel with mirrors. The separate climate – by itself, my wife is always cold, and I love the coolness. And Webasto is useful, in the new office there is no underground parking.

The catalog of variants of furnish resolutely I move aside – to decorate with superfluous tsatskami this ideal interior – only to spoil. Therefore, only classic, black leather and walnut root. With interest I look at the parameters of the multimedia system Hi-Fi Professional DSP with a large screen and agree. Why not? TV, navigation, sound processor, DVD – will be than to brag to partners. And do not forget about the built-in phone – I without it anywhere, you know.

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Having finished with the main course, I change to the second row, noting that the manager opened the right back door in time for me. They are well drilled here. Clicking with the electric adjustments, quickly find a comfortable position and, leaning back, I put my foot on my leg. Places – as in the first class of the aircraft. The longer version, you say? And heating is? Perhaps I will pay extra. But otherwise we will do without the frills, I do not go often here, I prefer to control everything myself.

Having learned the final price, confidently bargaining and, having received a good discount, I decide to indulge myself with a couple of options from the Individual catalog. Ceiling lights and handles with wooden trim – I like stylish strokes that emphasize the status. Perhaps, everything. Where are the keys, dear? It’s time for a test drive.

In move

Front or back? A coachman or a gentleman? With E38, simple questions take on the magnitude of a global scale problem, and I venture to repeat the fate of Buridan’s ass. With the hard work of laziness, I make a choice in favor of driving pleasure.

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