The cure for insanity. Or eight arguments in favor of Skoda Superb Combi

Mass craving for crossovers is a real insanity. And, it seems, we found a medicine from him

It is strange that many motorists consider universal misunderstanding to be something normal. However, why call things allegorically? The mass craving for crossovers is no longer a mistake at all, but a real insanity. And, it seems, we found a cure for him.

So why do so many in our country go crazy, trying to invariably change seats for crossovers? Yes, there are those to whom they may be suitable. But those who do not need such machines are much more. But the herd instinct works so clearly, as if all the already not quite normal citizens got a love for crossovers at the genetic level.

And now they are looking lustily at the stupid models on them. Absolutely not realizing itself: the real patency of crossover is not better than that of sedans or hatchbacks, and for comfort they in most cases are much inferior to the usual “cars”. At the same time they are much more expensive. So it turns out that the buyer of the crossover “to deceive is happy.” But if someone suddenly hints about practicality, it’s also easy for him to shut up his mouth. After all, in such a discipline there are certainly no equal to universalists. And Skoda Superb Combi here pretends to be a standard.

However, it is time for universalists to enter the Russian market in the Red Book. They almost died out as a class. Destroyed by us often unscrupulous marketing aggression from the sellers of crossovers, they, nonetheless, thrive in Europe. Do they still have any chances in Russia? Perhaps, if the buyers again start to think a little bit.

As we have reflected, having rasprobovav on winter test Skoda Superb Combi. This representative of the family of universals for almost all indicators does not leave a chance for crossovers, if we compare them at a price parity. Not one …

So it is really rare: for all the time of the test the car brought only positive emotions. However, the only reason for criticism still appeared. If the internal air circulation mode is activated, the glasses start to fog quickly. And even with the air conditioner turned on. And what do you want me to do if the truck or the bus is not the first freshness ahead? But blame here should not Shodovtsev, and the developers of climate systems in the concern Volkswagen. After all, I already encountered a similar problem on another, in a whole very good car, the new Passat. So let the problem engineers look for the engineers of the concern.

We will enumerate the reasons for the acquisition of the Superb universal. They were at least eight. And owners of crossovers still have to bite their elbows. Lose so much because of the usual mental laziness and inability to compare the obvious facts …

The first thing you pay attention to when traveling on Russian routes is the excellent smoothness of the course. Constantly and always. Without qualification for the quality of the coating. Even with a package for bad roads, such a station wagon is not perceived as a car-hard worker, but as a very comfortable car.

Noise isolation now as in a decent business car. Checked on the Russian routes at a speed of about 170 km / h. It hardly makes sense to overclock. And nowhere, if not violate the rules.

Possibility to select “your” motor. 220 or 280-strong petrol versions, of course, are good. In any situation, you feel a decent supply of traction and power. And sometimes, especially in winter, there is even an overabundance. And here 140 sylenok 1.4-liter engine is clearly not enough for a large station wagon. Therefore, a reasonable solution – a well-known, and now even slightly upgraded 180-strong turbo engine in volume of 1.8 liters in conjunction with DSG.

More than 150 combinations of color trim and decorative inserts. Yes, premium British brands can offer a palette richer. But, nevertheless, Superb has more opportunities to create its own interior, than in crossovers “for two million.”

660-liter trunk is fully claimed for the right to be called “bins of the Motherland.” Indeed, in terms of useful volume, it outperforms the luggage compartments of many crossovers that cost more than the Superb. With the rear seats folded, we get 1950 liters. And if you lower the back of the front, in the cabin you can place objects up to three meters long!

Attention to detail. They Skoda imperceptibly buys your loyalty. Various “hooks” and mesh allow you to attach in the trunk even a very small load. And he will not jump in the corners of the car, but will obediently “sit in his place.”

As in the elevator, the Superb wagon simply amazes with space on the second row. To throw a leg or foot on a leg or foot? Yes easily. There are so many places that the ottoman would not be in the way. To relax already in full. By the way, thanks to the portable holders for the tablet or smartphone, the rest place instantly turns into a working area.

Well, finally, outwardly this universal looks not only harmoniously, but also more expensive than some classmates. Although in fact everything is exactly the opposite. And inside there are similar sensations. Solid contour lighting, high-quality materials without any exceptions, well thought-out ergonomics. When you want to find fault, but not what …