Thank you, I'm better on the subway: test drive Infiniti QX60

The newcomer of 2012, changed his name, but kept seven seats, 3.5-liter V6 and looks fancy pebble beach from the US, it is still sold by us in the form in which he made his debut, missing update end of 2015. On the eve of the second update to see what continues to keep it afloat.

We are already familiar

Tantalize the reader long acquaintances here too – the car and the truth is known to all since 2012, and all the controversy over the "beautiful-ugly" has long disappeared. And to argue here is not particularly about anything: a car came out clearly fitting into the corporate style, but completely unemotional. But this is "not a bug, but a feature": bright cars in the model range of the Japanese already have a – look at least on Q QX 50 and 70, and the QX 60 – a seven-seater to a quiet family man. Not what it aggression, passion and pretentiousness, in general – quite okay and decent appearance icon on the false radiator grille. With this here a full order – put a check and move on.

Mention perhaps that is also the fact that QX 60, as mentioned above, until now we have a four-year-old appearance – either you placers LED or honeycomb lattice or Fine protivotumanok – strip yes circles everywhere. Hopefully, after the second and the renovation of us will remember and not to be served cooled down another dish on the table, giving a reason to re-think about the model.

What's inside

If looks could crossover to evaluate any noticing, here I sit in the lounge every worthy. And here, by the way, enough little niceties – both pleasant and controversial. Start, of course, it is better with a good – the good, then it more.

Not far to seek – that's seat, for example. Ahead they ingeniously easy, without delving into the concept of "lateral support" and "knee backwater": villages, drove to the steering wheel so lumbar support chosen according to the degree of his rheumatism – and scram himself with pleasure. Pleasure and contribute to heating ventilation, conveniently and logically assembled in one washer, and the heated steering wheel and armrest with a large two-section niche underneath.

On the second row – a climate control heating and cigarette lighter, and the seats and ride back and forth on a sled in favor of the third row. By the way, here, as in the department between the front seats, there is even a connector such as "tulips" – a long time I puzzled, some sacred meaning can carry these archaic holes, until he noticed the screens in the headrests of the front seats. The question appeared instantly – here it is possible to connect and put Dendy kinescopes all night until you've erased your fingers or mother does not will drive home to eat!

Cargo capacity min. / Max., N

Third row and all interested me even more than the second, and I, having left in the night to the suburbs Sergiev Posad, so that no one saw this strange event, climbed to the gallery. And was pleased – two armchairs, extractable fabric eyelets from the floor, it can offer a real transfer of medium-sized two of the passengers: in fact, they will even be your cup holders and air vents of the climate system. And let your knees hopeless than usual, then you can survive – and even leaving the owner with no place for luggage. Seven seats and trunk, all true, in general.

The multimedia system on the front panel (I do not know whether it is possible to deduce Dendy and here) I was pleased with a matte screen, a decent response and speed, but upset the depth of functionality and screen resolution. This is not a shot in the direction of Infiniti – will not tire of repeating that 90% of current automotive multimedia systems continue to purchase through the time machine straight out of 2007, when the resistive screens, and VGA resolution were a bun instead of breadcrumbs. But there is a navigation and the picture from the camera itself large touchscreen and audio system from Bose, which he manages, never ceases to please mature sound.

And now – about controversial. The steering wheel, for example, lazy to go to the "upper-deep" position when the engine is stopped, and the plastic on the bottom of its spokes improper solid and surprisingly resonant, especially when compared with the rest of the surface, completely tightened the skin. The keys on the frame of the instrument panel are made with perfect precision – you'll see them from behind the wheel accidentally, in the second year of ownership the car. Audio system, recognizing my old iPhone as iPod, flatly refused to play music through anything other than iTunes – if you wanted to listen to a new track in the browser through some Yandex music, you come upon a powerful fiasco, and listen to it will have a phone without the participation of the company Bose. Matte screen perfectly illuminates when opening the door on a sunny day – will have to choose between information and pleasure.

But the most useless element of the interior was the washer switch driving modes. No, with the puck all right: it is round, rotates and has an inscription on it Snow, Eco and Sport – all clear how az, beeches and ive. But how and why it works – not so transparent …

Going in different ways, the same result

full speed
190 km / h

Apartments in Moscow for a billion there, but the snow in the middle of July I was not able to find, and to get under way with the second transmission on the pavement – a dubious pleasure, so I put Snow mode until better times. Having joined the fragrant Moscow traffic jams, looked at the puck, indicating included Eco, and moved forward (well, not immediately, of course). in this case, the response to pressing the gas pedal expectedly been postponed until tomorrow, but there is still some "step" in its work – a sort of mechanical voice of reason. You press – and soon the foot gently rests on the "hint." It is, however, easily be prozhat on, but the mood a clear – if the voice tells you: "Stop, do not press more strongly, because it is useless, but here you'll get peace of mind, peace and consumption of 13.8 liters per 100 kilometers "… and you calm down – in fact in traffic rush really strongly nowhere.

Infiniti QX60
Brief specifications
Dimensions (L / W / H) mm
4 990/1 960/1 742
Clearance, mm
V6 3,5 liters, 262 liters. from.
SVT (Xtronic) with manual shift function
Acceleration to 100 km / h
8.4 with

But here comes the night, cholesterol plaques in blood vessels of the road network absorbed, and you can go faster. Puck in Sport, foot on the gas – we go to the neighboring village! The response becomes a little more operatively, the engine turns a little more likely … And then reveals the deception of the century: if you drive faster, and even pushing the gas pedal to the floor when overtaking, consumption grows to unimaginable 14.2 liters per hundred! The voice of reason, are you serious ?! We indulged in all for 400 grams of gasoline? Or somewhere there is a catch? The answer to this question, I have not got: on-board computer so assiduously showed consumption of 14 liters in all driving conditions, I even lost a little confidence in him. However, what's the use to worry about the expense – here and so 262 horsepower instead of 245 …

Claimed fuel consumption Infiniti QX60
100 km
City, L The track, l Mixed, l

11.2 8.7 10.7

To experience more pointless because the whole structure of metal, plastic and leather very confident moves. Sure – here is the right word, you give the signal pedal, and a big car, porykivaya begins to gain speed. The most accurate feel of this can be described by a subway car …! The size and passenger capacity are identical, and the dynamics of dispersal is absolutely the same – except that you sit facing forwards, not sideways.

With this at hand the Infiniti, I surprised a lot of people, when the offer to go somewhere big company mused, "thank you, I'm better on the subway." And really – why to think about alternatives, when the window is your personal subway car. Convenient, safe, independent of the railways. How-how many of you, you say? Three? Oh, six. Well, sit down, let's go. Tickets can be purchased from the driver.

Pleasant help the driver turned out to be active cruise control that can not only keep the speed, but watch the road ahead, keeping the distance to the car in front. A very skillful thing, I tell you – the speed, if necessary, reset up to a full stop, braking is relatively smooth, only gaining momentum QX 60 times slower than the driver ahead. However, if you are not in a hurry, and the road has more than two lanes in one direction, you are sure no one hurt. Souped machinist, however, still can not be too something to relax and forget about the weight and dimensions of your cruiser for a moment, especially given the fact that the subway is not necessary to steer the wagon, and in turn the city is still sometimes necessary.

It is better not to play in the trains and slow down well in advance to the sane. Slowly maneuver on a large crossover is very convenient and easy – huge mirrors and circular scanning system with a pack of cameras simply do not allow you to spoil the mood of the LPC and parking in the yard. But playing formular riders here just not worth it – one particularly sharp braking rebuild QX 60 tires squealed and the foresight to strangle me with a belt – say, OKS, Evlampy, you're going home or you have a subscription to paradise? While all of these simple truths clearly go past the target audience of this car – the speed and abrupt maneuvers rebuild just will not be included in the plans of these honorable people.

All this – overindulgence

In fact, all the carping and nuances carefully listed above, it is not important. Those who have bought or plan to buy a QX 60, has long been angrily frown and grumble, "well, who put the boy in a good car." And I support them. This car is not for me – it is for those who know exactly who will be busy every day of the third row seats. Those who do not notice the lack of lateral support of seats, but appreciate the screens in the headrests, which can turn the cartoons. Those who never squeeze the seat belt due to a sharp maneuver.

Recipe purchase QX 60, I have learned for myself, is very simple: it is a car for a family of people with a free wallet which would suit and packed Nissan Pathfinder, but who are too lazy to dig into the trim, and the label needs more impressive. It was then under the TK and it is suitable – for 2.5-3 million, in a beautiful deep purple color and a "premium" status. Do not you tell me where is the driver's license issue?


Dmitry Yurasov

autoND browser

QX60, he is a former JX, – the only one to date, the Infiniti model, based on the original front-drive platform with a transverse power unit arrangement (if, of course, except for compact Q30 and QX30, is not represented in Russia). This so-called platform D with independent suspension "in a circle" (front – McPherson, behind – mnogoryichazhka), almost entirely made of aluminum, which since 2007 were built as passenger cars (Nissan Teana / Altima / Maxima / Elgrand, Renault Latitude ) and crossovers. The first of those was the second generation Nissan Murano 2009 sample year, and QX60 with its technical clone of the Nissan Pathfinder inherited from him not only the "trolley", and the front part of the body with spars, engine shield, racks and doorways. Original QX60 have only exterior body panels and rear, because the wheelbase compared to the Murano has increased by 75 mm, and the roofline raised by 22 mm in order to ensure the ability to install third-row seat.

Crossover refers to the base engine VQ family of leading history since 1994: it is the V-shaped aluminum "six" with the collapse of 60-degree cylinder capacity of which ranges from two to four liters. 3.5-liter version with VQ35DE designation, in addition to all the above models installed (or installed today) to many others, including a sports car Nissan Z and minivan Renault Espace, and its capacity varied from 231 to 304 liters. from. (Note without the boost). By the way, for "nissanovskih" crossovers this engine derated to 249 liters. from. – Most likely, and only nominally Russian specification to enable owners to save on transport tax, and in fact it gives the same 262 liters. s., and that QX60. Talking about the technical details, we can note two phase shifter, a varied geometry intake manifold (injection, naturally distributed), and molybdenum coated pistons to reduce friction losses. In the hybrid modification QX60, available in Russian, instead of using V6 2.5-liter "Quartet» QR25DER with drive supercharger, capable of operating at ultra-low Atkinson cycle.

In both cases, the internal combustion engine is mounted on a box-variator CVT8, traditionally supplied concern Renault-Nissan company Jatco. Only in Hybrid version in the variator housing mounted electric motor with an additional clutch, which is, in fact, responsible for the "hybrid". The responsibility for the four-wheel drive assigned to the multi-plate friction clutch GKN electronically controlled, connect the rear wheels as needed. Forced lock it lacks, but say thank you and that is: in America Infiniti QX60 sold in pure front-wheel version.

You need Infiniti QX60, if:

  • you parents with many children;
  • you are successful parents with many children;
  • you are successful parents with many children, which is hidden on the far shelf Dendy.

You do not need the Infiniti QX60, if:

  • you do not have kids;
  • you drive quickly and sharply;
  • you enjoy a pleasant chill in the legs at the sight of his car.

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