Test Subaru Outback: what you need to know about the universal with a large engine

Passenger car body and a true SUV’s clearance, four-wheel drive and class dynamics: yes, with such possibilities, the all-rounder wagon Subaru Outback simply mocks the classic crossovers. But do you really need a Japanese cross-car large atmospheric volume of 3.6 liters?

The fifth generation Subaru Outback was registered in Russia last summer, but at the time of the launch of the new model, individual “subaristas” erupted in righteous anger. The Japanese all-terrain vehicle came to us with a single 2.5-liter FB25 opposing power of 175 hp, which hardly meets the demands of a gambling driver. You think, with the recent appearance in the price lists of the flagship modification for 260 hp. Subaru fans have calmed down? No matter how it is! Evaluating Russian price tags, the audience is predictably split into those who are hot, and those who are blowing – the figure of 3,399,900 rubles was understood and not forgiven by everyone.

2.399 million rubles.
3,399 million rubles

And if you go with another from the other side? Suppose, the new Outback no longer gives up cheapness, so that Subaru would arrange Christmas sales, and in general this universal has absolutely different speed capabilities than the base version. Impossible resolution to the Japanese car immediately does not work out, and we gave the Outback 3,6R-S a chance to excel – ripping it from Moscow on a light tour of the North Caucasus.

The structure of the old body of the IV generation in some places is still looking, but do not believe your eyes: the torsion stiffness has grown by 67%, and the body itself is slightly higher and wider than the predecessor.

For 4,446 kilometers covered we hovered over the smooth asphalt of the federal highway M-4 and shook along the regional roads of Stavropol, Kabardino-Balkaria and Karachaevo-Cherkessia. It’s time to summarize the impressions and answer the actual questions of readers.

How did the Outback show itself at long distances?

The driver’s seat of the cross-car Subaru with good lateral support takes me as a native, and in general a light interior with leather trim is very well disposed to a long trip. The main thing here is to try to get along with a short seat cushion, adjusting its inclination so that your hips for long kilometers do not hang without support. If everything turned out, then, consider, you fly a business class, there is not enough unless the stewardess of Aeroflot. So “to fly” to the destination was literally “in one wheel”, with short coffee breaks and refueling, and this is almost 1,600 km.

The flagship Outback has a three-mode SI-Drive system with three variants of the variator, power steering and fuel response: Intelligent, Sport and Sport Sharp. The latter seemed to us excessively harsh, “intelligent” tired by the sluggishness of the reactions. Sport is the most golden mean.
But the front passenger obviously got a place in the passage of the “economist” – the pronounced lumbar support of the seatback has a noticeable pushing effect, causing the rider to get nervous and to ask for the back row after a couple of hundred kilometers. I am glad that the spacious interior and the optimal area of ​​glazing Subaru Outback give – and not without reason – the feeling of a big car.

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