Test of the updated Toyota LC 200: everything you wanted to know about the big Japanese

Restyling Japanese SUV loudly declares itself at first glance – first of all, a conspicuous grille, thanks to which the novelty at all will not be confused with the car-predecessor. But what is hidden behind this eye-catching scenery?

Both the sales results and the reputation of this car indicate that the basis of the Land Cruiser 200 is an extremely successful concept. And to radically remodel a successful machine – only to spoil it. Therefore, we did not have to wait for any revolutionary changes from restyling. However, the pace of progress in the electronics industry hinted that the list of options without changes for the better will not do. Understand the changes in the example of the diesel version of the SUV, as always, helped us with the questions asked by the readers.

Radical changes in the chassis were not included in the restyling – it was limited to fine tuning. For example, the settings of the hydraulic system KDSS, which allows you to combine a reduction in buildup and rolls on flat roads with an increase in the course of suspension on the road.

4 126 000
5 635 000

In general, as a heavy car with an “omnivorous” energy-intensive suspension, the Land Cruiser 200 is ideally prepared for driving on heavy but hard surfaces, accompanied by “scoring” or “threshing” suspension on rocks and hard ground.

Not without it. Of course, the perception of an acoustic picture is a subjective thing, but in the case of the “two hundredth” there are a couple of obvious moments that prevent this sound picture from becoming harmonious in every respect. Firstly, the sound of a diesel engine – ears from him, of course, does not lay, but his quiet moan from under the hood is heard almost always and quickly bothers. Secondly, I would like to more soundproof the front doors. When the car in the next row is leveled with you, it seems that the window glass has opened itself – it is so much better that the neighbor’s engine is suddenly heard streaming or scarring about the asphalt with the spikes of its tires.

For full happiness, the pillow really did not hurt to lengthen, although ergonomists did the utmost that the occupants of the front seats forgot about this unpleasant trifle – the profile of the seatbacks is close to ideal, and even those suffering from allergies to a crossover off-road landing with a straight back surprisingly fast Get used to the situation. Behind the legroom is enough, but the grip is not enough – the sofa looks and feels flat, and you do not want to go on it to the long road. But in the car in the richest configuration, rear passengers can have their own dual-zone climate control.

As in the case with many other modern cars, the makers of the car speak about the list of new options even louder and more willingly than about changes in “iron”. The Japanese SUV on this list has systems that Toyota combines into the so-called Safety Sence safety complex. Here, and adaptive cruise control, and automatic switching from a driving light to a near, and monitoring of blind areas – in a word, is almost mandatory for machines of this price category set. Plus the system of tire pressure and the system of a circular view.

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