Test drive Volkswagen Golf GTE: with electricity – play!

Volkswagen Golf for more than 3 million rubles? Perhaps you will say that this is a joke …

No, this is a progressive hybrid hatchback from the Volkswagen concern, completely inapplicable in Russian realities, indecently expensive for the golf class and not officially sold in Russia. And this is even more desirable for fans of car exotics.

What can I get for such money: a car, which for full-fledged use must first be refueled with gasoline at a regular gas station, and then charged at the station for electric cars. Or from the outlet.

The power plant consists of a 150-horsepower turbo engine with a capacity of 1.4 liters and an electric motor. The total power is 204 horsepower. At the same time, the motors can work either together or separately.

With unhurried acceleration, charged batteries and the availability of gasoline, the Golf GTE goes up to 130 kilometers per hour on an electric motor, and only then the petrol engine starts working. When you need maximum power, both engines are laid out at once, and the acceleration from 0 to 100 kilometers per hour takes 7.6 seconds.

In GTE mode, which means the maximum return from the engines, the hybrid Golf turns into a full-fledged, if not the best member of the GT family. Dynamics is almost at the level of their petrol and diesel “charged” counterparts, and controllability due to batteries on the floor and accordingly a low center of gravity has significantly changed for the better. “Superfluous” 200 kilograms, added by batteries, played only on advantage.

In the absence of available and convenient charging stations, the hybrid becomes only a cool “chip”, giving the owner an opportunity to have fun on the topic: how and where to charge. This “quest” is interesting as an experiment, but in a regular format, “entertainment” will get tired of the order.

Power stations even in Moscow are a rare bird, but they can not be found at all from the Moscow Ring Road. “The most developed” network is MOESK, but this only if compared to others. Somewhere, for example, at the fifth kilometer of the New Riga, the electric station is listed on the site, but does not actually exist. Actually, like the dealer center, to which it should be attached. Somewhere there are bars, but in a non-operating state.

For such situations, the Golf GTE has a self-charging mode, it is stated that it can charge batteries in a 1: 1 ratio, that is, for one kilometer of movement on the ICE, a kilometer of power reserve is added to the electric traction. In fact – almost. That is, for 10 “gasoline” kilometers 8-9 “electric” accumulate. That only pulls the 1.4-liter engine at once two tasks with great difficulty, dramatically decreases the dynamic characteristics, the flow exceeds 10 liters per 100 km, and it is worth at least a second to release the gas pedal – it should be a sharp nod and a slowdown.

In this case, energy is recuperated due to “engine braking”. An interesting fact – even when the brake pedal is depressed, the brake mechanisms come into operation only if a sudden stop is necessary. The smooth deceleration is recuperative. Not a bad saving on the pads.

There is also a so-called “charge maintenance” mode for the batteries – the car simply does not allow them to discharge completely, in order to avoid becoming unusable. In this case, if the batteries are exhausted, we are left alone with the usual turbocharged 150-horsepower engine and the car turns into a standard Golf.

You can go and do at all on one electric motor, though, in this case the claimed power reserve is 50 kilometers, but in fact even less.

The most optimal mode is the use of the battery charge, in this case the system decides which motor to connect. In this case, there is a consumption of both gasoline and battery charge. True, the “batteries” will still end much earlier than gasoline.

For today in Russia electromobiles and rechargeable hybrids are more likely toys for fun than practical machines. About the latter, with the existing infrastructure, there can be no question. It is not possible to fully use a car in everyday life. More or less, only if you have a garage in which you can be charged at night from the outlet. Another disadvantage, if you suddenly decide to go on a long trip – a complete lack of spare wheel. Its place is occupied by batteries.

But, due to the very small spread in Russia, such machines are definitely a good way to attract attention. From questions and wanting to consider the car closer, there is simply no release. You say 3 million – expensive for the Golf? For the ordinary – yes. And for a stylish toy that demonstrates the status and “advancement” of the owner, even in the body of the usual “Golf”, it may be quite acceptable.