Test drive Suzuki Vitara

Suzuki Vitara 1.6 AT. Price: 1 435 000 rub. On sale: from 2015

Going for “Vita” in the capital’s press park Suzuki, I already knew what was waiting for me. This model attracted me even in comparison with the “Duster”, being better than the latter in everything except the ground clearance, the size of the trunk and the price. By the way, I took the “Vitaire” just to replace the “Daster”, so willy-nilly, both cars had to be compared again.

When changing from Renault’s crossover to Suzuki , I felt like I had changed my heavy boots to comfortable sneakers. The difference in feeling is enormous! After a tiresome transfer of the Duster from St. Petersburg to Moscow, I got a second wind at the wheel of Vitara : I even called it “a small Range Rover Evoque “. And what? In the two-color coloring and on the beautiful 17-inch “casting” it looks no worse than the thoroughbred “Briton”. So my advice: do not take the base Vitara – on “stamping” and in monophonic color, it looks an order of magnitude worse.

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In addition to color and wheels, the Vitara on the “full forcemeat” pleases the pleasant “suede” upholstery of the seats and doors, as well as the huge (largest in the class) sliding glass roof. Another reason why it is better to overpay for the top version is LED lights. First, it’s exclusive – there is no such option for any of the competitors. Secondly, they shine no worse than xenon, and serve much longer – the life of the LEDs is equal to the resource of the car itself. And thirdly, such lights are economical, although the amount of gasoline that they will save over an overcast day, it is easy to burn at one sharp start from a traffic light.

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