Test drive sport sedan Mercedes-AMG C 63 S

The heat-cracking sound crackles. A hot haze rips over the stopped engine. In the midst of this heat, like a disturbed hornet’s nest, several fans groan. Closing the hood, the Mercedes-AMG C 63 S cools right in the middle of the Moscow Raceway track after the gearbox failure. We wait patiently with the operator, until our star comes to life to continue the shooting, until the next failure. Later it turns out that even in emergency mode, the engine is able to give everything within one transmission, and the rest of the shift I reach the third. Seven hundred newton meters allow!

From the passenger compartment, the supercharged V8 4.0 engine from the Mercedes GT can be identified by the barely perceptible whistle of the superchargers and the muffled hiss of the bypass valves, but the thrust of the 510-strong “eight” does not reveal its nature. Moment at once a lot, four liters dragged to all six, acceleration increases linearly, without picks. A small turboprovalchik at the very bottom and tiny delays with alternating loads are masked by a quick accelerator, which even in the cruel mode of the Race is a bit on your mind.

The voice at low speeds is not much inferior to the sound of the former “atmospheric” 6.2, but on high, where the whole difference, sort of like it’s not up to him. All attention to the box: it will switch or be blown off again. While she did not screw up a double, I buzz in power slips. Do not ride sideways on a 510-horse rear-wheel drive sportsman is silly. Then a serious Keselman will sit here and arrange a trajectory pursuit of the Nissan GT-R and “emkami” of all stripes, and for now the track is only mine, I use its full width in the most indecent manner.

Delight! You balance the rudder and the gas, keep the angle of skidding, using not too sticky Dunlop SP Sport Maxx as a permanent marker for asphalt. Not an F-type, of course, which is ready to drive sideways, but close. Unlike the Jaguar, an intelligent AMG lock does not do everything for you. Mercedes can easily be thrown into the drift by traction, but it is not difficult to lose. However, behavior is always predictable. There is no struggle: even in the most provocative attacks the machine is at one with you. The only concern – do not sweep in the fuse of the operator, but the slide is easily extinguished, the “shop” is reliably stabilized by the brakes, even when the ESP system is off.

For a motor with a monstrous temperature regime, the box plays the role of such a fusible fuse, and AMG-fans are not out of the ordinary. The problem of endurance was pursued by the transmission of the previous “shop”. And on the E 63 AMG, I got buggy with this seven-speed “automatic” AMG SpeedShift MCT. This time he gave up after about 40 minutes of shooting on the track. Appearing once, the error emerges and in the conditions of the city, for example, with a sharp acceleration in the floor. But even without this “automatic” finds, than to attract attention to itself.

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