Test drive smart ForTwo Coupe new

Smart first two generations forced to wonder whether evolving funny “tadpoles” to the car. Doubts on this account dispelled the microcar of a new generation. That’s still an individual!

Do not find the important buttons in the hatchback Smart Forfour


I do not recognize you in makeup, smart! More precisely, I recognize and do not recognize. From prikolist you turned into an impeccably stylish small. Yes there is – the brightest star! Denis, our editor-editor even complained that the usually trouble-free filter “polarizer” of his camera was powerless to extinguish glare on smart-glasses. And how obviously the lady admired you, who opened the back window of the black “bimmer” with the Duma numbers! So the children looked at the ET ET almightily. From blockbuster Steven Spielberg. Actually, in the crammed with motorized predators of the street jungles of the capital, you really look like a newcomer from other worlds, but not a monster with a hydrochloric acid dripping from the mouth of a perforated radiator grate, and a disarmingly attractive subject. Even the usual bull characters feel: pressing, pruning is not worth it. Priceless property in the metropolis!

Video: Off-road Smart proves its proficiency

Smart-coordinate system

However, unlike the movie ET. You, brother, are not a blockhead at all. By the age of majority (the year of birth of smartI-1998), not only did the rounded face turn into a strong-willed cheekbone, but the backbone of the steel capsule Tridion grew muscled. You are so heard in the shoulders (+104 mm vssmartII) that the full face you can take for a sitikar of the usual dimensions. Although any of the usual, if smart during the change of generations “frozen” at around 2695 mm! The microcomputer of the Daimler Group fits inside the Mercedes-Benz A-Class / GLA base and is shorter than the three-door MINI more than a meter! So do not take in head at perpendicular parking to press smart to the rear restrictive line of the parking lot, otherwise behind a dense line of ordinary cars someone will not see the baby and dive right into the desired “free” cell … Is the parking lot clogged? Smart will get into such “holes”, from where his eyelids do not hatch the bloodthirsty “green crocodiles.” And it is unlikely that these orderlies of the streets of the capital will be flattered by the “bug”. They give prey more! Owners of large sedans and SUV knowingly nod their heads … And all the owners of the “iron” cars, periodically “kissing” each other and with pillars-curbstones that bred in the streets and in the courtyards, will envy the smart bought, because most of the exterior panels of the micro- Still plastic.

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