Test drive Ravon R2: cheaper than the “Chinese”

The most affordable car with an “automatic” in the Russian market under the new brand Ravon is from Uzbekistan. So you want to ask again – “something”? What “Ravon”? What is Uzbekistan?

But really, to offer for such money the car with an automatic gearbox can neither AvtoVAZ nor the Chinese. The cheapest Lada Granta with two pedals will come out as much as 75 thousand more, and it will not even be a traditional “automatic”, but having doubtful driving characteristics “robot”. Despite all the obvious “but”, such a price policy of the Uzbek producer, especially in times of crisis, is a good bid to win.

To bring to the Russian market a subcompact car, and even an unknown brand – the real Russian roulette. In Russia, miniature cars have not caught on. This is the peculiarity of the mentality – respect for zero, and just bad roads.

More or less sold Smart, but this is a slightly different story. Cling to the last customers of the Audi A1 and Fiat 500, a little bit better with Kia Picanto. Cars in different price categories, but the result is one – the number of copies sold can be counted on the fingers. The rest of the “kids” either left the market long ago, realizing that they did not belong here, or did not even come to Russia.

But one loophole, how to gain a foothold with a similar proposal in our market is still there – it was once discovered by Daewoo Matiz. Buy “Matiz”, not guided by the characteristics and personal preferences, but from despair. “You need to drive, but there’s no money for a normal car” – so many owners indicated their choice. But Matiz is already critically outdated, even for a very cheap option.

If you remember the pedigree, then with the well-known and previously successful Daewoo Matiz, Ravon R2 has a lot in common. The new automaker Ravon is nothing more than the rebranding of the famous UZ-Daewoo, and the R2 subcompact is the rebuilt Chevrolet Spark, produced at the plant in Uzbekistan. Chevrolet Spark, in turn, originally appeared as a rebuilt and refined Daewoo Matiz. In the third generation, Spark received a new platform GM Gamma, developed by the concern specifically for small cars.

In fact, after General Motors leaves the Russian market under the Ravon brand, Chevrolet budget models with Uzbek pedigree are returned to us.

To the quality of the assembly there are no complaints, both outside and inside. To the smooth joints of the parts do not find fault, inside – not a single knock or cricket. But the materials themselves immediately give off the super-budgetary origin of the car. The smell of cheap plastic will haunt even with an open window, and synthetic seats can be burned if you quickly hold your hand.

Virtually no sound insulation, water droplets echoed drastically through the arches as they passed through puddles, and the engine’s whine literally bursts into the interior when the pedal is depressed, drowning out all other sounds. Remember the Soviet vacuum cleaner Buran, when turned on, pets hammered into the far corners, and neighbors started to knock on batteries? It worked exactly like this motor, at the approach of five thousand turns under the hood the real 1.25-liter burr is raging. It will not save from extraneous noise and radio tape recorder – the sound is not so loud as to “outshout” the engine. In addition, the antenna is frankly weak – just behind the Moscow Ring Road the radio disappears completely.

Although the cars are similar, the engine did not migrate from the Spark – instead of the 1.0-liter and 1.2-liter ones offered on the small Chevrolet, Ravon received a single-line in-line four-cylinder unit with a capacity of 1.25 liters produced in Uzbekistan and already familiar with Chevrolet Aveo. It produces 85.5 horsepower, acceleration to 100 kilometers per hour takes 12.4 seconds. Not the most outstanding figure, but most of the time it takes a 60-100 segment, and at low speeds and at the start from the site R2, howling, accelerates very quickly and without delays, provoking even a little hooliganism on the road.

Do not spoil the impression, even not a new four-speed automatic. This ancient hydromechanical gearbox Aisin AW 80-40LE of Japanese origin was installed on many cars – old Toyota, Opel, Ford, Suzuki, and in most cases “lived its own life,” not at all pleased with adequate work. On the Ravon R2 it surprisingly well “made friends” with the motor – the switching is clear, on time and without jerks. That’s only fuel consumption is completely cosmic – R2 provokes to drive quite actively, and burns at the same time more than 10 liters per hundred “.

The overall dimensions are very compact: length – 3640 mm, height – 1522 mm, width – 1597 mm. At the same time in the cabin is quite roomy. Comfortable to sit down by itself can be an adult of medium height. The car is declared as a five-seater, the three of them can be squeezed into the back seat, but comfort will be no more speech.

But the front seats are too compact – in spite of the fact that there is no shortage of space, the cushions are short and narrow, it will be very difficult for a large driver to take a seat. Although, given that the car is designed for a female audience, this will not be the main problem. Another oddity is the seat adjustment device. The height-adjusting twister is located at a point where there is no space between the door and the chair and it is impossible to reach it with a closed door.

The luggage compartment is small – 170 liters. In its class, this is a perfectly normal indicator – packages from the store will go easy. And in case of necessity to transport more dimensional objects, there is a folding back of the rear seat, then the loading space is increased to 568 liters.

In terms of sales, the Ravon R2 is moving steadily upwards. Appearing at dealerships in early summer, by September he became the absolute leader in sales in the Class A. The next in the list is Kia Picanto, he lags more than twice. The idea, successfully implemented with the “grandfather” Daewoo Matiz – to offer for a little money what for this amount there is none of the competitors, will be successful at all times.

As already mentioned, a car, even if it is compact, can not be offered by any automaker for the same money. The cost of Ravon R2 starts at 409,000 rubles. Lada Granta with a “robot” costs 473,900 rubles, with a full-fledged hydro-automaton – already 505,000 rubles. Lifan Smily with a variator is offered for 439 900 rubles, but these are cars of the year 2014 that can not be sold, 2015 model year is offered for 484,900 rubles. Kia Picanto with two pedals starts from 654 900 rubles. The choice of the buyer is obvious?