Test drive Polish Fiat 126p: for all złoty

An interesting thing is time. It would seem that some thirty or forty years have passed, and the most massive car of socialist Poland has become a real exclusivity, which turns the public heads on the street. And if you make friends with him, then from all your two-cylinder heart he will give you not even Polish, but real Italian sensations from riding “for all money”. Zloty, lyres or grivnas, according to the place of his current residence permit.

In the historical review of the Polish socialist automotive industry, we recalled that the Fiat 126r for millions of Poles was the first machine in the life, which also made it possible to survive difficult times. Yes, in the late eighties for many Polish people a tiny machine with a fun buzzing air became not just a vehicle, but a tool for making money – in short, survival.

Today – everything is different. Poland has long been in the European Union, and the 126th has become a glorious page in the history of the socialist auto industry in Eastern Europe. But … here it stands in front of us – not in history, but on the Ukrainian street, firmly leaning on the centuries-old cobblestone with unexpectedly wide and large wheels.


What kind of wind brought it to the west of Ukraine? The history of a particular specimen is rather intricate. Sergei, his current owner, at one time bought a “fiatik” in neighboring Hungary for an elderly father and drove him to Transcarpathia.

The car was almost in an authentic state – not counting the violet color of the body, in which the Hungarians for some reason repainted the car. Surprisingly, the Fiat 126p was cleared “honestly” and registered according to all the rules, which from an economic point of view was not a very profitable undertaking. Fiat in the end was generally a very expensive project for Sergei, because it spent at least 5,000 dollars …

Nevertheless, the decision to buy a car was made. So Fiat appeared in the family and his new driver used it for several more years.

Alas, no one is eternal. After his father was gone, Sergei decided to restore the machine – in addition, this asked for and a little daughter, which Fiatik really liked.

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