Test drive of the updated Nissan GT-R: another car

“Sit closer to the steering wheel.” Even closer. No, do not pull the steering wheel, move the seat forward! – a dark-skinned instructor of a racing school based on the Spa-Francorchamps circuit, obviously does not expect anything good from me. Although he seems to be right about the steering column: as before, the massive structure moves with the instrument panel, for the longitudinal and vertical adjustments, different levers meet, and they snap very tightly, it’s better not to touch them again.

– Remove the left foot from the brake pedal, – the instructor is still tense. – Put the stop on the platform: both the gas and the brake will be pressed only on the right. Why? For the car it is harmful to go to two pedals. First time in the Spa? Ok, let’s go quietly.

While we are waiting for our turn when we leave for the track, I recall the first sensations from the “gaiters” that we tested on the “Smolensk Ring” five years ago. Then, too, there were restrictions on the part of people from Nissan, although they were reluctant to disable the stabilization system. Provided that we will use the supercar for its intended purpose, rather than twist the pyatka on the site at the supermarket: several such annealing on dry asphalt – and a box for replacement.

At the Smolensk Ring, the GT-R proved to be a brave man: neither the engine nor the transmission overheated complained, and the timekeeping recorded a lap time of 1: 41.8 – the best result at that time in the history of our measurements, which no one could beat Long four years!

That was the second version of the GT-R – with the bodywork of the R35. The first, published in 2007, developed 485 hp. And hit the world with a complex all-wheel drive scheme: the box was located at the rear axle and connected to the engine propeller shaft, in addition to the box, there was another shaft to the gearbox of the front axle. The transmission scheme became the hallmark of all subsequent versions, however, at the “gaiters”, which became the record holder of our tests, the 3.8 liter “turbo” was forced to 530 hp.

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