Test drive of the four most popular crossovers

Let’s be honest: at the end of this test we did without insidious schemes of how not to return cars to the representative offices and leave them to ourselves. No wonder – it’s about mass compact crossover, and even with not the most powerful engines. On such do not get sick. However, one of the participants excelled at the background of the rest – both in ours and in your voting. But more on this later – for now, let’s hear another opinion from the editors of “Motor”.

Just in case, we’ll repeat the opening for those who tuned the receiver to our wave just now. In the next quadruple cycle the most popular crossovers of Russia came together: Toyota RAV4, Mazda CX-5, Nissan Qashqai and Kia Sportage. Everything is universal – all-wheel drive, dual-pedal and with atmospheric petrol engines of two liters volume exactly. By the way, in order not to get up twice, we will give answers to frequently asked questions in the comments.

Where is Hyundai Tucson? For him the soplatform and more popular Sportage is being blown away. Why Qashqai, not X-Trail? Because we like it more, the salons and equipment at the cars are almost identical, and the loss in the dimensions of “Kashkay” can be compensated by an attractive price tag. And also because X-Trail 2.0 is a four-wheeled snail.

Why are all cars in high-end top-end trim levels, which nobody buys anyway? Because we were given such and others in the press parks there. What else? Oh yeah, here are the links to the previous parts of the test: one, two and three. We proceed to the finale.

Kia Sportage

1999 cm³, R4, 150 hp, 192 Nm
8.3 liters / 100 km, 0-100 km / h in 11.6 seconds, 180 km / h
1496 kg

Kia Sportage is a good, competitive product. It is the product, but not the car. It has everything you can want, and even a little more. But to manage Sportage – how to drink distilled water: you can, but why? It is clear that the generation has already grown up, which does not care about controllability. Here’s to this Kia just like it. But in fact those who like to drive cars are still capable. And I did not appreciate this approach to design. Even if it is a necessary compromise.

Salon – excellent. This literally reduced copy of the Sorento interior is well-assembled, from pleasant materials, with all the attendant premium options such as a sunroof and seat ventilation. For Kia – a huge step forward. But, unfortunately, the price of all these options, like some not very positive driving impressions, does not allow you to unequivocally answer whether to buy a Sportage or not.

It seems that everything is good and sound? It was not there. And where is the character, Sportage, why is everything so colorless? At first he scared the exterior, then calmed the interior – the contrast shower, they say, is a useful thing, but what’s next? Next, I want to continue the banquet, but the “checkers” remain, and it’s fun to “go”. You get out of the car and do not remember how it goes.

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