Test drive of micro SUV Suzuki Jimny

“Yes, our generation is leaving, a rudiment in future worlds, like semi-rigid fastenings or radios in yards …” – wrote Yuri Vizbor. One by one, classic off-road cars leave, both direct and remote descendants of the military laborer Willys MB. Some models are gone forever, becoming legends, some have grown and changed beyond recognition. But some are still confidently sticking their braided wheels and for life on the conveyor, and at the same time for the road. Among them – a small Samurai Suzuki Jimny.

The impression is deceptive

When you come to Jimny, it seems to you to be frivolous, like a children’s toy. But the first impression is very deceptive … I did not in vain mention the ancestor of all jeeps – Willys MB, who fought in many armies, including the Red Army, and carried the brunt of the most monstrous war of the twentieth century. It was this car that was taken as a basis for the creators of the first generation Jimny.

True, the very name appeared a little later: at first the child of Suzuki was named LJ (Light Jeep, “light jeep”) with a digital index. Well and then there were a lot of names that the car got in different markets: Drover, Santana, Jypsy, Carribean, Sierra … For example, the second generation of the car is known to us under the name Samurai. But at home, in Japan, he was always Jimny. There is a version that the name itself appeared as a combination of two words, Jeep and Mini …

But back to the comparison with the founder of the genre. Pay attention, no one ever calls Willys “warrior”, “baby”, or “toy”, sung by military journalists, but you can hear these words with Jimny all the time. Modern Jimny is really close to jeeps of the Second World in many respects: dimensions, power-building, internal volumes …

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At the same time, Jimny is a little bigger, and slightly heavier than the old soldier, yielding only to him in the amount of ground clearance. But it’s not about the design, but about the chosen dimension of the wheels. In this case, all the main technical solutions they have in common: frame construction, dependent suspension, rigidly connected front axle, downshift in the transfer case. So despite all its cartoony look, Jimny was, is and will be a serious SUV.

Yin or yang?

When the company Suzuki just started official sales of this model in Russia, Jimny immediately gained immense popularity among the fair sex: “My husband has a” kruzak “, and I bought a smaller jeep in Japan” … But in order to understand that for Daily trips around the city there are more suitable cars, it takes not much time.

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However, in the city Jimny has certain advantages, for example, tremendous maneuverability: the radius of its turn is only 4.9 meters, so that you can turn in one step where most require two or three. Again, the parking place is much easier to find. In the rest everything is more complicated.

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