Test drive Lexus LX450d. Apartment on wheels

Each premium brand should justify its status by the presence on the market of a truly luxury model that embodies all the company’s achievements in providing comfort to its customers and in the development of technologies.

Each premium brand should justify its status by the presence on the market of a truly luxury model that embodies all the company’s achievements in providing comfort to its customers and in the development of technologies.

In the class of SUVs, the Lexus model is LX, which in combination is included in the shortlist of the most expensive full-size “rascals” presented in our market. His luxury does not run counter to the practicality and versatility, his legends go about his reliability, and only the figures of the cost of insurance are capable of plunging the owners of a mass golf class into terror.

In 2015, the LX has undergone a major upgrade, but it should be noted that this is not a new generation of the flagship SUV, but only the second restyling of the model, produced since 2007 on the basis of the Toyota Land Cruiser 200. Deep restyling. Judge for yourself: in addition to the new bumpers, the car received a completely revised LED optics, a more embossed hood and a modified stern with a different form of the rear pillar and boot lid. Changes in appearance turned out so significant that any other automaker would gladly give them out for a new generation. Thanks to all the metamorphoses, the silhouette of the LX has become more elegant, while the car has retained its inherent impressiveness, which causes a courtesy attack by neighbors in the stream. Of course, this Lexus is a full-fledged “odnushka” in Moscow!

The very same design of the frame chassis with the front “multi-lever” and the continuous rear axle has not undergone any changes. But! Now, finally, the Russian buyer LX has a choice between the previous gasoline 5.7-liter engine (by the way, now it is equipped with an 8-speed “automatic”) and a “new” 4.5-liter diesel from the Land Cruiser 200 with slightly modified settings, in resulting in its return to 272 hp. The price of this Lexus starts from 5.3 million rubles, the initial petrol version will cost only a little more expensive – at 5.4 million rubles.

But, with the exception of the general Standard starting kit, each version has its own unique set of complete sets, while the LX 450d is slightly lower in rank. For example, even in the “top” he will have options such as a hatch or monitors for the rear passengers, and the maximum diameter of the drive is limited to only 18 inches. Do not rely on “diesel” and the third row of seats. However, if you open the door of the giant trunk, then in the back of it you can see rudiments in the form of armrests with pozakannikami and ceiling pens. What is it: a banal unification of the upholstery or a hint of the possibility of retrofitting with an exceptional desire?

Salon of the updated “Elix” in general is drawn from scratch. With the pre-style model, there is not a single general detail, everything has changed in the interior – from the steering wheel to the center armrest. The front panel became more laconic and elegant, the decor of silver-plated plastic was reduced, the display grew in size. Everything is done in the best traditions of the brand: comfortable armchairs, soft leather and a bunch of all kinds of electronics. That’s just in this placer of buttons around the cabin with unaccustomed and you can get confused, as well as get lost in the wilds of the menu of the central display, trying to curb the proprietary “mouse” Remote Touch.

But to the convenience of landing and visibility there are no complaints. I remember, with my 190 cm height I was uncomfortable with the pre-reform Land Cruiser 200 due to the lack of adjustment range of the chair in height – even with the cushion lowered I was almost propping the ceiling with my head, and part of the roof with sun visors loomed before my eyes, limiting vertical viewing angle. Surprisingly, the LX did not have anything like this, “found” its settings in two counts. Perhaps the role played by the absence of the hatch and, as a consequence, a higher ceiling. Magnificent visibility, supplemented by huge mugs of mirrors and cameras around the perimeter, as well as good maneuverability will not make you feel like an elephant in a china shop, even when maneuvering in dense urban traffic. And in comfortable ventilated armchairs for acoustic sound Mark Levinson can stay for hours without signs of fatigue.

For the passengers of the rear row there are conveniences in the form of the possibility of adjusting the parts of the sofa both in the longitudinal direction and in the angle of inclination of the backs, and in the top models the ventilation of the seats and individual climate control with the controls in the armrest are added. But, despite this, the second series of “ElIksa” does not pretend to the comfort of the representative class: the space in the legs is not to say that with a large margin (in the RX it was more), the profile of the seats is not the most successful, and the absence of a luggage compartment cover not relying diesel versions, opens a view of all its contents. By the way, the volume can reach 700 liters.

Equipped with turbodiesel LX inferior gasoline fellow less than a second in the acceleration to “hundreds”, doing this exercise in 8.6 seconds. One can not say unequivocally whether this is a lot or not, but there is no exact lack of speech dynamics. Diesel dashingly dispels almost three-ton carcass from the very bottom, nicely pressing the body to the back of the chair, and on the road problems with overtaking does not arise. And, if the lag in the dynamics of the petrol version is not so noticeable, then the difference in fuel consumption is very significant. The diesel LX consumes 13-14 liters of solar oil in the city with accurate handling of the accelerator, and in the case of the 570th, these figures can be multiplied by 1.5. On the highway, the average flow rate is kept at 11 l / 100 km in the “I’m in no hurry” mode.

Washer Drive Mode Select you can choose one of five modes of operation of the power unit, coupled with the rigidity of the suspension (from Eco to Sport S +), so complain about the thoughtfulness of the “machine” or damped accelerator is not necessary – the character of the LX is changed by one turn of the wheel. Of course, no sports mode is able to turn a heavy-duty frame SUV into a passenger car and even more so in a sports car. Active driving with sharp movements of a wheel to him is categorically counter-indicative. In the turns at first, too, you enter with apprehension and uncertainty. But, the more you get used to the car, the less you lose speed before the next turn. The hydropneumatic suspension with adaptive stiffness adjustment system (4 Wheel-AHC) resists the heels quite well, without leading them to frightening values. By the way, if necessary, this “hippopotamus” slows down very tolerably – pedal information at an altitude, the efficiency of braking is sufficient in any driving conditions. The increased front brake discs enlarged in diameter are also contributing to the renewed SUV. That’s only in the sharp turns with the brake pedal should be more careful, otherwise the Lexus can clumsily slip the muzzle outward. In general, on this car it is better to do something one at a given time: either accelerate, or rotate, or brake. Combinations of these actions “Elix” are not welcome.

Nevertheless, this Lexus is more fond of the straight line, where it floats like a cruiser, demonstrating excellent course stability at any speed and the highest smoothness of the course. Hydropneumatics in combination with a huge profile of tires amazes with its omnivorousness and equanimity. In addition, the broken asphalt will remind of itself only muffled slaps of the wheels and small shaking of the frame somewhere deep, which on the way to the body dissolve as much as possible in the elastic elements of its fastening. And on the LX primer, with calmness, the boa swallows all the hummocks and pits, even those that you involuntarily shake your head in the shoulders in anticipation of a hard “bang-bang,” but there is not even a hint of a breakdown – the energy intensity of the suspension is simply enormous! And, which is noteworthy, this Lexus does not annoy excessive buildup, which generates sea sickness – again, the merit of active shock absorbers. By the way, looking into the arches, you will find the usual coil springs in their places – they serve as a supplement to the hydropneumatic racks.

In addition to the possibility of adjusting the rigidity, hydropneumatics allows you to change the height of the body above the ground in a fairly respectable range. I intend to mention the height of the body, not the ground clearance, because the distance from the ground to the rear axle gearbox is a constant of 225 mm. But, nevertheless, geometric patency in the maximum raised position is impressive, and the moves of the pendants are so huge that I have not managed to achieve a diagonal hanging! Such characteristics in combination with other off-road arsenal, including ponizhayku, blocking of the interaxle differential and the proprietary system Crawl Control, promise if not outstanding, then close to them the ability of the car outside the asphalt. The last system, which is essentially an off-road cruise control with the choice of driving modes, caused me a special interest. Finally, there was an opportunity to test it in action.

Far away in search of dirt, I did not have to go – having found a small puddle in the meter from the rolled up primer, he boldly guided the Lexus into it. Not seeing in this obstacle no serious threat, deliberately slowed down the course before it passed. But everything went not according to plan: LX began to lose speed and soon stopped altogether, helplessly rotating wheels. Attempts to go back also failed. Almost three tons of mass deeply muffled the clayey clayey soil, and the tires in it instantly “zamylilis.” All the hope for Crawl Control … But a miracle did not happen – electronics vainly chirped imitation of inter-wheel locks, digging in an SUV even deeper. Well, then, as in the tale of Chukovsky: “Oh, it’s hard work …”. Fifteen minutes of exercises with a shovel plus an all-wheel drive crossover as a tug – and Lexus is again ready to conquer the off-road! But it was already getting dark, and on the second call I did not dare to go.

Of course, for this one case one can not draw any conclusions about the off-road capabilities of this model, but they should not be overestimated. Although there is a case for the buyer of Lexus, who is unlikely to move on it from the asphalt? After all, LX – is primarily an image car, designed to emphasize the status of the owner and his financial well-being.

To doubt the commercial success of the updated LX is not necessary, because the sales level in the luxury segment continues to grow, despite the crisis, and restyling clearly benefited the car, expanding the range of potential customers of the brand. Including due to the appearance of a diesel modification, to which the Japanese make a big bet.

Dmitry Shamonin