Test drive Infiniti QX70S Icon: sports, but not the one

And now we again met: only now the provocateur car has become even more aggressive and defiant. Why provocateur? Yes, because it’s hard not to violate the high-speed regime, I want to hooligan and burn!

In the company with the QX70S you rush into all the heavy ones – pedal to the floor, music to the whole. I confess I’m a sinner! But otherwise the drive of this Japanese crossover is not understandable. I will say more: 333 “horse” under the hood, a powerful roar engine and rumbling dvuhstolka exhaust system is just made to go to crime. And after the car tried on a suit with the label Icon, it became completely uncompromising.

We understand how the Infiniti Q70 actually changed

Judge for yourself – new massive bumpers got additional air intakes and visually lowered the overall silhouette of the car, making it seem more squat. Discarding the old boots, the “Japanese” pretended to be fresh shoe in the form of spectacular graphite “rollers” of the 21st diameter with swirling knitting needles. And what about a huge fog lamp, located in the middle of the stern, like a formaldehyde fireballs, next to a pre-divertor and a spoiler.

The picture is crowned by the corporate color chameleon, which under the rays of the sun turns from iridescent gray into silvery-asphalt. Despite the fact that the former FX37 has long been bored by everyone, the Icon version will make even the most zealous haters of luxury Nissan.

And what is inside? Strongly bother Asians did not, but their efforts were enough to refresh the finish thanks to decorative glossy inserts, black roof and racks. The salon began to look clearly more solid and expensive. Separate praise deserves a stylish purple line on the deep leather chairs, steering wheel and gearbox handle. Of course, it would not be superfluous to simplify the algorithm of multimedia work, the interface which gives the past century, and at the same time protect the central display from sunlight glare.

Otherwise – without any claims: it’s still the same “Finic” with acceptable ergonomics, perfect planting and good sounding of the audio system (if anyone does not know – for the bass in the answer Bose). Particularly picky will find the inconvenience of the lack of the ability to use electric windows with the ignition off, and also not automatically switched off when parking the head light.

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