Test drive Chevrolet Niva Off-Road

The photographer makes loud indiscriminate sounds – he throws it on the seat in the next bend. He is not easy: at first he almost fell out of the trunk, and now we are looking for a place for a dynamic frame off-road. At us on test Chevrolet Niva Off-Road.

AvtoVAZ will develop a motor for the new Chevrolet Niva

Hold on, photographer, anything that does not kill makes us stronger! But let’s throw off a little and we’ll sort it out. Now the prices for the Niva start from the mark of 585 000 rubles, but we have the maximum equipment for 704 000 rubles, and to be precise, it is called LE +. From the “usual” top version of the Niva (radio, two speakers, two electric windows, heated windshield, electrically adjustable mirrors), it features a snorkel painted in graphite color with wheel discs and a toothier rubber Continental Cross Contact AT measuring 215/65 R16. Right now, this rubber raises piles of dust on the motocross track near Togliatti. Niva, wailing by the engine and transmission, is screwed into the turn, slightly “gives a corner” and takes me away from the photographer who remained on the bend in the embrace of a dust cloud. Indeed, not the easiest shooting day, but the staff should get what it takes.

Datsun will build a crossover based on the new Chevrolet Niva

Yes, Vladimir, you know, what feelings are driving me behind the wheel of this car, now I would have sworn a little less after me. After all, I remember perfectly how in 2010, I traveled 7,000 kilometers through the Southern Urals, Altai and Baikal region as part of the run “For Treasures of Russia on Chevrolet Niva”. As the road turned into an impassable road for hundreds of kilometers, and two of our Niva were the only machines that allowed to keep 80 km / h, while all the others were trudging along the broken gravel at a snail’s speed …

Loving in Russian: repair and maintenance of Chevrolet Niva

The suspension became denser thanks to the new gas-filled racks, and the seats are more comfortable – they now have a stiffer, less-loaded frame, a more successful profile, good lateral support and adjustable lumbar support.

On the most recent serial copies are more convenient to use the child seat fixtures Isofix, three-point belt of the rear middle passenger (on our Niva it is still belt) and the indicator of an unfastened driver’s belt, triggered after a set speed of 15 km / h. On our machine an optional black ceiling adds to the interior of the brutal charm.

We go by the compass: the extreme test drive Chevrolet Niva

Generally speaking, from that memorable year 2010 (as, indeed, several years before it) the machine was constantly upgraded – the improvements were point-like, but now they brought the existing design to an almost ideal state. In its ideology, the car is verified to the smallest detail. “At least 95% of the current defects are from suppliers, we have eliminated almost everything in the assembly,” says Yevgeny Berezin, who at the beginning of the “zero” was a simple fitter on the assembly line, in 2010, shook with me over the bumps of the Urals, and Now he is the quality director of GM-AVTOVAZ.

Niva flies into the slope, and the photographer rounds his eyes – it seems to him that the car will now turn sideways. But the stability reserve remains even when getting out of the car becomes almost impossible, and we get a few more good shots in this material.

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