Test drive Chery Tiggo 5: all the arguments “for” and “against”

Is it worth buying a new Chinese crossover and who needs it?

Is it worth buying a new Chinese crossover and who needs it?

The first experience of the release of the “Chinese” on the Russian market completely spoiled the reputation of the automobile industry from under heaven. About ten years ago these machines attracted buyers with bright appearance and attractive price, but they were very disappointed with the quality afterwards.

Again, getting the loyalty of the Russian consumer will not be easy. The fact that Chinese cars a priori with shortcomings – a stereotype, already firmly entrenched in the minds of motorists. Whether it is justified or not now, we found out with the updated Chery Tiggo 5.

What can motivate you to choose a Chinese car? The main argument: this is the most capacious crossover in the price category up to a million: length – 4506 mm, width – 1841 mm, height – 1740 mm, wheelbase – 2610 mm. It is much larger than even the Renault Duster. If you look at competitors in terms of size, it will be machines like Kia Sportage, which even in the base version are more expensive than the top Tiggo. “A lot of car” for little money – this is a serious argument in favor of the “Chinese”. The price starts from 972 900 rubles, and for the maximum complete set it is necessary to give 1 169 900 rubles.

First meeting:

At the first “fitting” the crossover makes a pleasant impression – it’s convenient at the wheel, even the lack of steering wheel adjustment is not confusing. Problems with landing can occur only with a very high driver.

The interior is made of not the most expensive materials, but the salon is qualitatively assembled and looks dignified. In the decoration there are eco-leather and “piano” varnish. But the main thing is that no “crickets” or a corrosive chemical smell characteristic of many Chinese cars have been identified.

A new multimedia system with a large touchscreen, which integrates with the smartphone through the Cloudrive system, rushes into the eyes. It does not just translate some of the functions of the smartphone into car multimedia, but completely displays the gadget’s screen on the car display. Everything is accessible, from instant messengers to the Internet.

But integration is not easy. First, only Android is suitable. Secondly, for devices to communicate, you need to find in your smartphone a hidden tab “only for developers” and enable debugging via USB. In my case, it is activated according to the scheme: settings – about the phone – the assembly number. The last one – 5 clicks in a row, and a new tab appears in the settings menu. In addition, to work, you need to connect devices via Bluetooth.

Just in case, the test car was already attached to the already connected Lenovo smartphone. To use the system was even those who have not connected their phone. Interestingly, and buyers who can not, connected gadgets get as a gift?

However, the problems are only one-time with the connection, then everything works like a clock. Responses are not the fastest, but there were no obvious suspensions. We open the usual navigator, we “hammer” the necessary point and it is possible to go.

And how is it in motion?

Under the hood – non-alternative two-liter engine Acteco, known for many Chinese cars. The engine is combined with a variator, as a result the machine types “hundred” in 15 seconds. So overtaking on the road has to be planned in advance, cruising 130-140 crossover holds without problems, but the dynamics leave much to be desired.

By the way, the engine sounds very loud and very specific for the gasoline unit – one day it was necessary to stop the tanker, rushing to splash in the diesel fuel tank. Meanwhile, in China, the Chery Tiggo 5 engine line has a 1.5-liter turbocharged engine that produces 152 horsepower, Russian buyers were deprived of this version.

Soundproofing has become significantly better with respect to the pre-style version. Everywhere, except the engine compartment. Whether it is possible to put a plus for this revision is hard to say. The roar of the engine in the absence of other extraneous sounds becomes even more intrusive. At high speeds, the engine drowns even the music, which, by the way, sounds from the speakers of Pioneer pretty well for their class.

But the suspension is not upset. She did not cause any questions in the pre-styling version, but if the characteristic used to be “normal”, now it can be called good without wryly. The car has become stiffer, just enough so that without loss in comfort, improved handling. At high speeds on the road the car is still a little “floating”, but this is a side effect of soft high-profile winter tires. On the shattered roads near Moscow towns the crossover feels fine. Punch the suspension, jumping on a suburban bumpy, did not work even once.

If we weigh all the pros and cons, there are more advantages, and they are more significant. So why on our roads do not have a lot of inexpensive and very badly made Chinese crossovers? An important factor that does not allow Tiggo 5 to become a full-fledged player on the market is the lack of an all-wheel drive. Although during the test, I managed to pass both the icy undercoat with the track and the snow slope. The ground clearance of 190 millimeters allows us to snap rather rashly, but it’s worth stopping – you need a cable and technique more serious.

Do not feel too confident in this crossover on the streets of the capital among powerful expensive cars. The ideal element for Chery Tiggo 5 is the provincial Russian cities with broken roads, where it will look advantageous against the backdrop of dominance of the domestic car industry and comfortably carry the owner, as well as his big family. To be afraid of the Chinese origin of the machine in the modern world is definitely not worth it. For the last ten years, cars from China have changed a little more than completely.


Row, 4 cylinders,

1971 cm³

Power, l. from. / rev / min.

136 hp at

5750 rpm

Torque, Nm / rev / min.

182 N ∙ m at

4500 rpm



5 stup.

Continuously CVT

Acceleration of 0-100 km / h.

12.4 seconds

15 seconds

Maximum speed, km / h



Drive unit