Test drive BMW X1: Minimize

They grabbed the city on the most accessible crossover of Bavarian origin. A little out of town and miraculously pleased with the front drive BMW.

At first glance at the second generation of the BMW X1, a pleasant feeling arises. Like, well, finally, the most affordable Bavarian SUV became really stylish and fashionable. Here the same artful squint of the rest of the updated models, increased “nostrils” and firm landing, which all modern models of the brand. Do not say that he waited for a change of generations, no – the previous X1 took the standard five years and one restyling. During these five years and 730,000 “X-firsts” sold, marketers and engineers of the company took into account all customer complaints and tried to correct their mistakes. They were enough, but who among us without a sin – it was the first attempt of BMW to create a crossover of a compact segment.

If you squint, look a little more intently and with an intelligent look to rub your chin, it becomes clear how the German companies look at the segment of small parking lots for the city and a small exit beyond it. The new X1 is a moderately glamorous urban way of overcoming distances without unnecessary effort and even with pleasure. In addition, it has a couple of completely modern innovations. And if to be frank to the end, then from the old X1 there is no trace.

The developers have made the novelty a little more compact – the length was reduced by 38 mm. But this is not the main thing. Proportions – that’s where X1 became really crossover. The short wheelbase of the new model is immediately thrown into the eyes – from it it was chopped off as much as 90 mm, which almost completely changed the layout of the cabin and the external proportions of the car. This is not so easy to believe, but now the base of X1 is inferior in length even to the good old “penny” of 20 mm.


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From the former long hood in the style of the same Series remained the average size of the metal layer. The distance from the front door to the front arch was reduced almost twice – the turner from this place moved to the mirror. The luggage compartment now starts inside the wheelbase, not outside it.

The initiator of such perturbations was a new platform – the first front-drive in the history of the brand. But this is not the first car of the company on this trolley – it was a minivan, which is not delivered to our market for reasons of common sense – 2 Series Active Tourer.

Nevertheless, the UKL platform has already been successfully tested on “miniseries”. But in our case its crossover version UKL1 was used. On the “dvoechka” they build just the more compact hatchbacks “Mini”. And soon BMW will release the second generation 1 Series with front-wheel drive on the same trolley.

The first X1 with its internal layout looked more like an elevator hatchback, especially its lumpy for such a size trunk. And this despite the fact that it was built around the chassis of the senior X3. With the change of the skeleton, the most preposterous metamorphosis occurred. Despite the shortened wheelbase and the reduced overall length, the X1 has more room for the rear passengers, and the volume of the trunk has grown to 505 liters. The difference is 85 liters!

In the rear part of the cabin really became more spacious, rear seatback riders will feel an additional 60 mm of free foot space – this is more than a solid increase. The central tunnel also evaporated, which was torture for a man sitting in the center.


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As for the front seats, the driver now knows exactly what is sitting in the crossover. In a small, yes, but still in a crossover – this is signaled unmistakably by landing. Now in the front seat you do not fail, namely you sit down. This is especially appreciated by the female half of motorists, who often prefer maximum visibility and a high fit of the sporting semi-reclining posture.

Looking around in the salon, you can grimace the grimace of Sterlevella De Ville – the former fullness of the interior with architectural reliefs, high reliefs and bas-reliefs gave way to properly arranged accents, which now rule the ball. Recessed once the display of the multimedia system was transferred to the crown of the center console, and management was given to the immovable for today’s Bavarian motors washer, which joystick. This universal control is located on the leather-clad central panel.

In fact, on this delicacy of the cabin exhausted. Further, decorative inserts come into play, diluting the empty interior, which does not even try to look steeper than it actually is. It is really extremely minimalistic, according to the latest fashion, but this trend is elevated to absolute, which makes the interior feel the persistent aroma of asceticism.

Instead of the dashboard because of the steering wheel, the driver looks at her huge demo version with two huge rings. To the tachometer and speedometer, supplemented by displays, there are no complaints, but they are so closely planted that involuntarily there is an impression of some economy. In addition, there was no room left for the coolant temperature indicator. It is clear that many modern drivers do not need this data, but in most BMW models this figure is still present.

The tachometer on the instrument is present solely to show that the motor is equipped with the “start-stop” function, which deafens it during brief stops in traffic jams and traffic lights. It seems like, one liter of the precious Russian fuel, obtained, apparently, from platinum is saved.

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Two words about the engine: in our car there is a two-liter petrol unit B48 from a new series of modular engines. The same “turbo-quater” furiously rumbles under the hood of the Mini Cooper S. It is even put on the “bare” complete sets of the latest generation of BMW Seven for corporate parks in China.

The motor is paired with the already familiar eight-speed Aisin gearbox, which does not cause any questions to its work, demonstrating an excellent algorithm and responding as much as possible to the driver’s requests. It is this box that is used on the mini-cars Mini and BMW. With the gear lever, by the way, there was an embarrassing embarrassment. Apparently, for reasons of economy in the car put an ordinary stick with an indicator on the top, like a Cooper S. People who are accustomed to the stylish non-clamping lever of the BMW, this may seem small.

Thanks to the TwinPower system with two impellers, the engine instantly gains urban speeds. Perhaps he could have been a little quicker if the automatic transmission had not wasted time on the roll call of each of the transmissions all this time. In the rest, according to its driving characteristics, this engine differs little from the old analog. Slightly increased power – now at the disposal of the rider 192 horsepower and 280 Nm of torque.


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The claimed consumption is not much different from the real one, but there is nothing surprising in that X1 eats non-acid 10.8 liters in city driving mode with sharp accelerations both from standing and in motion. Yes, this is different from the claimed 7.6 liters, but the car is not tested in this mode of driving. So we’ll write down the increased expense on “dangerous driving”.

As for direct handling, it is one of the most impressive BMW compact size and, probably, the most provocative premium segment car. And nothing strange in this, after all, he has common genes with the Mini Cooper S – perhaps, more fun and glamorous than this heated hatch can not be found in the whole world. These cars are united by a platform, therefore at Х1 brightly expressed habits of the British German.

Here, and a clear, the most acute taxiing, and screwing in turns, and the lack of understeer – a real scourge of modern compact crossovers. Of course, before the aggressive manner of Cooper S it is far, but the corresponding mannerisms of the last generation of the British to him clearly benefited.

Suspension, by the way, also ennobled. The front MacPherson of the first generation X1 was replaced by a multilever, which radically changed the behavior of the car. Of course, in this role played a shorter wheelbase, but it was the new “bones” that affected the comfort of X1 on trips.

Broken highway Enthusiasts, dug hundreds of times “Click” and persistent Volgograd mocked the car with all his might. Overcoming an infinite number of pits, bumps and asphalt growths of extraterrestrial origin served as a wonderful stress test that clarified both the shortcomings and the advantages of the X1 premium chassis.

Short travel of shock absorbers is more than compensated by their energy intensity. Minor defects and irregularities are not drawn by a rapid pulse on the surface of the seat, but significant holes and dips anywhere from you will not disappear – no one has abolished physics. Steel joints on trestles are overcome without special problems, but on steep ramp congresses weak rearrangements may occur.

In the dynamics of the car is so obedient and predictable that you involuntarily think: “And if I’m driving a sports car?” The whole chip in a smart xDrive all-wheel drive system. And it’s not smart here because it can connect the rear axle as needed – it can also be more budget models of less premium manufacturers. The system really cleverly distributes the moment both between the axles of the car and between the wheels. That is, if a little “bake pancakes”, you can quite illusory throw your legs behind your ears. The trunk lid can really try to catch up with the hood, but all because xDrive can send a moment to the rear axle, and in different ratios. But this is only when the DSC stabilization system is off.

The steering wheel is not so light as to twist it literally with one finger, but it is distinguished by exemplary behavior. Only a little heavy in the long turns, it gives pleasure to its self-sufficiency. It does not have to be tweaked – the car does not suffer from understeer. On sharp bursts of activity, the electric amplifier reacts with lightning speed and error-free, although in places it suffers from scant informativeness and a vapoury near-zero zone. But without the last sin, perhaps, no modern crossover.

The noise isolation of the cabin is only slightly different from that of the Cooper S, but in a positive way. Much better is worn out the rear of the car, but in front it is performed at a fairly high level. The motor is audible, and it’s good. His angry rumbling in the sports mode will bring a lot of pleasure to the decided to grab on X1 on a winding country road.

The only thing that is blurry in the new X1 is his gender identity. Of course, girls who dream of a “big car” and BMW at the same time will be in favor. This is an excellent choice for both a strong independent woman and a worker of a family hearth. In the car it is equally convenient to transport both the child and the cat. The latter will be rather murky from the carrying on the back row. With the transportation of a spoiled spouse or life partner, there should be no problems either – I felt great on the passenger seat with an open window. Infrazvukovaya dolbezhka on the ears began only in the 90-95 km / h.

But not an excellent gender single. Young men who are hungry for a compact premium, in conjunction with what is today called “dangerous driving”, can also look towards this stylish, roomy crossover

And what a panoramic roof!