Terrible anfan, eggplant: test drive Renault Espace Initiale Paris

Do not try to translate “enfant terrible” literally! This is not a “scary child”, but a character who does not restrain himself by generally accepted rules and willy-nilly can put those around him in an embarrassing situation. Often, this character is also devilishly charismatic.
Well, it’s all about our hero. Have you ever seen a premium minivan? That’s the same. And with charisma, and with the delivery of certain inconveniences to people who are not receptive to unusual interior solutions, this car is also in order. Meet the Renault Espace Initiale Paris.

Old-timers remember how in the early 2000s conservative hitherto Renault had made an extravagant attempt to break into the premium segment with a couple of completely crazy models of Vel Satis and Avantime. The outcome of this adventure was understandable, in general, initially. Despite all the obvious advantages of cars and even the fact that Nicolas Sarkozy went to Vel Satis, the buyers were not ready for such a radical rethinking of the image of the prestigious car.

“Well, please, not really, and I wanted to,” the offended French responded and as the next flagship they released the Renault Latitude, which I saw a hundred times in my life, but still can not remember what it looks like. And again, the pendulum swung in the opposite direction. Renault woke from a market knockdown and went to a new round of battle for the “premium pie”.

Cheap SUVs, which we do not have .

By the way, the wen standing in front of me is one of the first representatives of the “luxury” subbrand of Initiale Paris, invented in the image and likeness of the Citroen DS and Ford Vignale.


Times are not the ones to rush into this business with your head – no more unique bodies, or, God forgive, spatial frames, like Avantime. Everything is much simpler: we take the usual Espace of the last generation and maximally “stuff” it, and then add a sonorous name. At the exit – a car with a touch of exclusivity and good added value, costing the company relatively cheap.

The chances of becoming profitable in this model are initially much larger than those of Vel Satis. At least because it’s almost a crossover: the ground clearance is quite “off-road” by European standards of 160 mm.

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