Tarzan returns? Test Drive all-wheel drive Lada Kalina XXL

Corner of my eye I catch in traffic is very strange car – like an ordinary body Kalina, but “sitting” unusually high. Huge wheels, wide arches, okay kit. There is clearly discern the genes of long-gone in the history of the project Tarzan … In pursuit!

A vtomobil seems too fast for Tarzan. After all, those units built on the Niva four-wheel drive Tarzana, had a staff of 83 horsepower engine (as an option – 75-strong French diesel), and this Kalina as easily moving in the stream that catch it becomes almost impossible task. Finally, we get up at a crossroads, and I manage to pass a business card to the driver, to introduce themselves and to explain what I actually need.

We rolled back to the sidelines, and Alexander willingly talks about his car. He started as an engineer in the engine management vazovskoy design career at AVTOVAZ concluded the chief means of measuring and testing office at the beginning of the “zero” after leaving the company “Lada-Consul” on Tarzan project. That development, has done a lot of noise, unfortunately, has sunk into oblivion, but Alexander remained proud owner of Tarzan-2 in a body “dvenashki”. And when a few years later, in fact the price of scrap metal he “turned up” a new frame of Tarzan, other variants of the new private car, except for the built-tested recipes polnoprivodniki, Alexander was not.

In 2012 was purchased new Kalina first generation, almost “complete stuffing”: to set the leather interior, air conditioning, music, and “buns” in the form of parking sensors and rain sensor is not enough unless the regular navigator, who Kalina then inserted between the speedometer and tachometer. A year later, through the efforts of Alexander and his friends that Kalina has evolved into something that could be called Tarzan-3 – in fact, upon registration of the vehicle as converted very successfully repelled the approval of the type of vehicle, which was in the “classic” Tarzanov.

Why hatchback, station wagon instead? Perhaps the question most frequently asked owner. The answer is simple: a point in the final choice of a body put into the market recently released Nissan Juke, and Kalina XXL has become a kind of response to the Japanese SUV.

Despite the unusual appearance, “Kalina-Tarzan” looks very harmoniously with any angle, not least because of the weather-cloth “under carbon”, who in his spare time made friends of Alexander, young professionals Tolyatti firm “Super-Auto”.


Kalina XXL has off-road arsenal, has worked on “tarzanovskim” templates, but improved and adapted to the requirements of the owner. Part of the legal successor of “Tarzan” project technology is the company ‘Subject + “(here to this day you can order” tarzanovskuyu “frame and by the company professionals to turn your front wheel VAZ in SUV boxed build), in addition, having a weight of their own developments on the subject of tuning wheel-drive cars, so part of the work on the XXL Kalina was held here.

Under bodywork Standard Kalina drove frame on which are mounted the elements of all-wheel drive transmission – one front axle by Lada 4×4 front, and the second, exactly the same, but rotated by 180 degrees, rear. But this, perhaps, 100 percent parallel with Tarzan, as we know, come to an end. In the first place – because of the power unit. At Kalina XXL is not “nivovsky” motor and the “native” of the original engine Kalina, only transformed from a “cross” in the “longitudinal” and somewhat modified.

Generally speaking, the previous car Alexandra, Tarzan-2 in the body of the VAZ-2112, too “experimental” has been set at 90 degrees unwrapped “front-drive” the motor, so that the layout engine compartment XXL Kalina was something to start. However, in the case of the Kalina engine had a maximum forward shift to almost “sticking” to the radiator fan to be placed in the rear part of the cooling pipes.

In the process of refining the car’s engine from 1.6-liter turned into a 1.8-liter with a set of “super-car”, which includes “bezvtykovye” pistons, connecting rods and crankshaft – in 2014, we talked about the details of 1 8-liter engines for the Lada Priora. Thus modified engine produces 123 liters. from. and about 165 Nm instead of “runoff” 98 liters. from. and 145 Nm. With the usual “nivovsky” pyatistupkoy Kalina XXL engine is connected via a special steel spacer – a so-called adapter plate.

Transfer case – is not fully traditional “nivovsky”. Or rather – not fully “shnivovskaya”, bearing in mind the additional third leg. Here it is – an electronically, which also, incidentally, is not a revelation: these “hand-outs” were put on some more Tarzana times “Lada-Consul.” However, the owner of Kalina XXL went further and, in addition to non-traditional Niva transmission control lever in the cabin, sold off all-wheel drive.

Lada Kalina XXL
the cost of work (without accessories):
120 000-150 000

Tried and tested versions and helped here – “Subject +” offers its customers on the Lada 4 × 4 Chevrolet Niva and mechanical disconnection of the front axle ( “Field” becomes rear-wheel drive), cutting the sleeve razdatki half. Using this solution, Alexander realized in his car off the rear axle, giving the opportunity to be Kalina XXL, when you want, front-wheel drive – and not mechanical disconnection and again e. All razdatkoy control functions are implemented through the standard VAZ … electric window lifters.

When it became clear that the engine will develop around 120 hp. . With, the idea to add the speed of the machine – so the gear ratio in the high number of razdatke acquired via a set of gears changed from standard 1.2 to 1.0. Now in fifth gear speed of 120 km / h is typed at 3000 rev / min instead of the previous 3400 rev / min, and the dynamics of the stock is still noticeable.

Another feature razdatki Kalina XXL is that “ponizhaykoy” is included here together with the locking center differential. These functions can be, and “dissolve”, but it is impractical in this car maker does not see – say, once stopped where necessary reduced, and the lock at least not hurt.

Rear anti-roll bar on the principle of Chevrolet Niva is attached to this machine only for the gearbox, and by the suspension of “unbound” – still the standard front suspension Niva, which, as we recall, is used here as the back, enough korotkohodnaya, and it wanted to compensate and the first tests have shown that an even coating suspension spring rates enough for confident cornering normally.

In contrast to the “canonical” Tarzan, the vehicle parking brake is driven by Lucas – he looks favorably compared to previous versions of “hammer” because of resistance to moisture penetration. Some innovations have appeared after the start of the daily operation of the vehicle, which is at the very first, was, in fact, Chassis prototype tests, gradually leading up to the necessary standard.

In particular, three were varied clutch (Luk, VAZ, and finally, Sachs) has not yet found a variant, to ensure a minimum car jerks when starting and switching. And besides, “spare wheel” under the boot floor replaced the toroidal tank – Italian HBO, has made Kalina XXL bitoplivnym car (fuel tank was standard), came shortly after one of the first trips when fuel system is “cut down” low-quality fuel. As it happened at the gas pump famous brand – is another story.

The spare wheel is now replaces Kit – the good, the tires Matador Izzarda dimension 205/70 R15 have increased resistance to lateral cuts. Fuel consumption is low on gasoline – at a moderate riding stable on-board computer displays the figure of 8.6 l / 100 km. A 30-liter gas cylinder lasts for 295 km on the highway while driving at speeds of around 120 km / h – that it is easy to count to be approximately 10 liters / 100 km. These figures – for the front-wheel drive: the summer on a dry surface using his Alexander Kalina XXL as a front-drive car. But the rain and especially with the onset of cold weather the car becomes all-wheel drive.

Not all the work has been completed on the vehicle. In particular, the inclusion of a low number in the transfer case is naughty, but in the near future, said Alexander, this will be eradicated.

In addition it is likely that in the future the machine will be the suspension of the updated Lada 4 × 4, it is VAZ-21214M (now XXL Kalina is still the old, not upgraded suspension), reinforced by the hub of the front wheel (which to date have also become serial for Lada 4 × 4), and the transition will take place on a more powerful grip – instead of the 200 will be a 210-millimeter … But all this requires long-term investments, for which the owner is not yet solved.

Why at the time, Alexander simply bought a Lada 4 × 4 or Chevrolet Niva? Firstly, none of the machines were not such engine (both not now), and secondly, it is not as “packed” kits, which would be present, in particular, heating of the front glass (now Niva such is ). That if we ignore the “Third” Alexander made himself such a machine simply because I could :).

To date, the entire project has managed it in a very attractive amount of the order of 650 000-670 000 with the price of the original Kalina of 375 000, but this is only due to the fact that most of the works of Alexander did with his own hands. When ordering such a project at the company, it is only work, without taking into account all the components will result in a total of about 120 000-150 000.

In general, do you know? Gas equipment, strengthened clutch, longitudinally mounted on the SUV engine from peredneprivodnikov, electronically controlled transfer case, a plug (non-permanent) all-wheel drive … All these things are trying to use at AVTOVAZ and even announced a serial application to a variety of projects related to the modernization of the family Lada 4 × 4 (and not only). But the promises remained promises – or rather, become the undivided estate of small firms and enthusiasts like our Alexander.

Test Drive

But today we can try this exclusive in the case. In the cabin is a regular Kalina – except in a niche under the center console is barely visible small block of mode switching “petrol / gas.” But a little higher for the cover, which in the first generation Kalina hid ashtray is something more interesting – control unit “razdatkoy”.

There are three main buttons: one “request” that excludes accidental switching, and two more ignorant directly disconnecting the rear axle and the locking / “ponizhaykoy”. Alas, “ponizhaykoy” turn and failed, and we are pretty burned up clutch during the assault the next sand dune, but the cross-supply in this “Kalina” is still phenomenal!

Due to the short overhangs and a crazy ride height Kalina XXL confidently climbs on forest ravine, and even urban irregularities appear to her at all insignificant. And yes, the feelings on the go, it resembles the good old Niva (rear disc brakes, by the way, a special weather do not), but that’s an incredible fact – transmission squeal did not hear, and the acceleration dynamics – much better!

Particularly dynamic resulting structure is felt in the front wheel drive version (with all-wheel drive is turned on at the start still want more pick-up), but with increasing speed to the fore cons “Kalinovsky” pedigree – steering wheel, equipped with a full-time electric power, becomes empty and the zero position too “smeared “. But it can save … connecting a back – on the road four-wheel drive gives the car a little more stability.

However, hardly wheel deviates from the zero position considerably – for example, in a fast bend or by passing “ring” – similarities to conventional Kalina hardly stays: rudder poured let “electric”, but it is readable feedback and willingly returns to “zero “. These nuances can see how carefully tuned this car. Perhaps that is why it is almost not perceived as a home-made – more like a pre-production sample. Although this tuning project clearly is, where to develop.

What’s next?

With the onset of winter, we promise to please you with another publication of this car, and this time the meeting will be of a purely practical nature – we we reduce Kalina XXL with one of the orthodox SUV. And maybe add to the company of someone else. In the meantime, you can follow the development of the project – a logbook Kalina XXL is the web under the inconspicuous name “Lada Kalina hatchback 4×4” …

It may be that all-wheel drive cars Lada still remain for a long time “dreams of something bigger.” Still great that sometimes Tarzan returns. Even if it’s in the form of the piece manufactured copies.

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